5 World’s Most Famous Company Logo and Their Philosophy


June 30, 2021

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These days, logos are the center of our lives. We are surrounded by brands, from the apparel we wear to the phones that we carry to the food we eat. Some logos, letters, or visual representations are fundamental, while others are far more complex and memorable. However, one thing you cannot overlook is the significance of a logo in conveying the spirit of your company to the spectator.

Markets and trends are always changing, but some aspects of a logo, like a font, layout, patterns, and color, significantly influence how people perceive it. Understanding how the major brands properly do it could help you enhance your brand and connect with your target audience.

What makes a logo successful? From the eyes of an audience, great logos are instantly recognized, represent a brand’s message, and stand out from their competitors. They instill trust while seeming ageless and competent. Effective logos may also be used in any size and location. All of this and more are accomplished by the five world’s most famous ten logos below.


Company Logo

Target created its distinctive brand logo for the first time in 1962. Initially, it featured the organization’s name visible in the transparent three white and three red circles. The corporation launched a successful advertisement depicting the goal emblem as an earring for a lady only seven years later.

What better way to depict the name “Target” than with a target? Doesn’t that make sense? Yes, it’s simple. However, the inspiration behind the design is far deeper.

The iconic brand emblem is distinguished by its heavy use of the color red and its stunning elegance. Many of the logos we’ll discuss have been checked for a long time due to their wonderful minimalistic style.

In business, the color red represents passion, significance, and focus. White is associated with purity, virtue, and health. When we investigate the company’s ideology, we discover that the colors utilized in its logo design exactly reflect the corporation’s vision and mission.


Company Logo

The world’s most renowned logo! Well, it wasn’t as clean when it was initially created; in fact, Apple’s initial logo in 1976 looked nothing like the design we know today. The Apple logo was originally a totally condensed literal apple. Later, from 1977 through 1998, Apple employed its first color display machine, which featured a rainbow-colored logo.

What about the crunch?

Some argue that it stands for “byte” for megabyte. Others see it as a metaphor for the knowledge users gain from utilizing Apple’s goods. In any case, we think it’s a great approach to add interest to a basic design.


Company Logo

Google created its initial renowned business logo in 1998 to represent the firm’s name using a basic typeface. Until 2009, when the organization altered the lettering’s hues and tints. In 2014, Google changed the logo spacing. In 2015, the firm re-launched its logo, using a more vibrant and saturated fresh and modern updated typeface to create the now-famous logo!

Google, like Apple, wants to highlight how handy it is for individuals who know and love the company. Because Google has selected a wordmark as their logo, color is essential. Google wanted the logo to resemble fundamental colors.


Company Logo

In 1886, Coca-Cola debuted its initial black-and-white logo. The design has altered over time, but the traditional, scriptwriting has essentially stayed the same. By 1958, the brand’s distinctive red and white colors were formally included in the emblem.

Coca-iconic Cola’s brand logo design embodies traditional Americana, both of which are associated. The cursive and stylish script is absolutely unique and personifies the brand’s trendy category. When we think of old America, we think of the Coca-Cola logo, which offers the brand both generational and sentimental appeal.


Company Logo

We’ve all heard of the Nike “Swoosh,” but few are aware of the tale behind its creation. Carolyn Davidson, a graphic design student, created the logo and sold it to Nike co-founder Phil Knight for $35 in 1971. Definitely, a worthwhile investment that lasts a lifetime!

The “Swoosh” is also a logo that represents a statement of power and confidence. What a powerful logo for a powerful brand!

Those are some of the world’s most famous company logos and the story behind them. Want to create a memorable logo of your own? Find out the inspiration here!

It’s your first time making a logo? Learn how to create one using Adobe InDesign or create a mood board.

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