5 Best Business Icons Pack for Presentation


September 11, 2021

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What makes business icons perfect for a presentation? For starters, the digital format requires fewer texts and more images. Let some pictures be worth a thousand words plus. These days, the audience value them over mundane written words. The right icons will attract and engage more people in front of you.

Another thing to point out is to reduce the pages of the slides. You may need less than 24 slides for your presentation with the right business icons and infographics. Not only you save time, but you also avoid the attention span going on among your audience.

The Best Packs to Consider:

  • Yellow Pack Presentation Template

Business Icons
Sumber : AQR Studio

Clean and also modern, this template is perfect for either business or personal purposes. Whether you work for a company or as a freelancer seeking clients, the Yellow Pack Presentation Template will help you achieve your goals.

With this template, you get to have these features:

  • 130 pages of slides
  • Free fonts to use
  • 5 colour themes
  • Easy editing
  • Editable and resizable elements
  • Picture dragger and dropper
  • Master-slide-inspired layouts

The main files also include these formats:

  • PPTX Files
  • Read Me Documentation
  • Icon Library

Yellow Pack Presentation Template is one of the most familiar business icons you can use. It is accessible and easy to use.

  • Glory Presentation Business Pack PowerPoint

Just like its namesake, Glory Presentation Pack PowerPoint offers features for your top-notch presentations. This pack includes:

  • 42 files
  • Icons in a pack
  • XML Files, which consist of custom MS Office Theme Colours
  • Help guide file

The main features for this pack include:

  • Over 400 clean, unique, creative, and simple slides. They are also of multi-purposes.
  • Section break slides.
  • Extra 20 Colour Scheme in PPTX Format
  • Info-graphic (handmade)
  • More than 50 XML Files
  • 16:9 aspect ratio of widescreen
  • Unlimited options of theme colours
  • Over 25 section options
  • More than 294 master slide layouts. There are light and dark versions too.

You can find the fonts in Help Guide, which is in PDF format.

  • Pack Go Powerpoint Presentation

If you are looking for flexibility in doing your business presentation, then pack and go. Well, that is the name of this business icon. From personal use to corporate and business presentations, Pack Go Powerpoint Presentation offers impressive styles. The templates are not only clean, creative, unique, and simple. They are also scalable.

Experience the benefits of Pack Go’s flexibility by editing and customizing all the elements that you need. Yes, they are both that easy. The features you can also get from this pack include:

  • Light and dark versions of templates
  • Info file
  • 6 PPTX Files
  • Vector icons, elements, and world maps in files
  • 30 unique slides
  • 16:9 of aspect ratio

Last but not least, you get to use 100% free fonts. To receive more details, go to the PDF Files. You need to install the fonts first before you can access them through PowerPoint File.

  • Green Pack Powerpoint Template

The name may be green, but it does not offer only that colour. With the fifth premade colour variations, Green Pack Powerpoint Template is quite versatile. You get to use this for business presentations and personal purposes. Powerpoint has never felt this efficient because you can do many things with Green Pack in it.

The main files for Green Pack Powerpoint Template include:

  • 5 PPTX Files
  • ReadMe First
  • 5 PPTX Widescreen
  • 5 premade colours.

These are the features that you can get:

  • Over 150 total slides on 5 premade colours.
  • Gallery and portfolio slides
  • 30 slides per template
  • Picture placeholder with drag and drop features
  • Section break slides
  • All resizable and editable graphics
  • 5 colour variations
  • Pixel-perfect illustrations
  • Based on master slides
  • Hand-crafted info-graphic in Powerpoint


  • Business Icons and Timeline Infographics

Business Icons
Sumber : AQR Studio

If you prefer cleaner, less crowded slides with too many icons, this option is probably more for you. The templates are minimalist and modern. The info-graphics are easy to make, including very editable vector images. You will only need not more than five slides to get your audience to understand your info-graphics.

These are some of the best business icons pack for presentation. These options will save you the hassle of using too many slides. With fewer words and more images, you may get your message across right away. Your audience will pay closer attention.

Curious about other designs for business icons? AQR Studio still has plenty for you.

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