Guide to Create Eye-Catching Abstract College Logos


September 14, 2021

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Like many other institutions, colleges have logos as parts of their identities. College logos often reflect their philosophies or histories in meaningful visual elements. Logos also serve as identities and sources of pride. The top ranked colleges in the world have recognizable logos that immediately project their reputation.

Some university or college logos have abstract arts, like Ashford University, Elmhurst College, and London Metropolitan University. Used properly, abstract designs can perfectly depict the institutions’ philosophy in a striking way.

How to Create Abstract College Logos

College Logos
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Famous abstract logos usually consist of specially designed forms that do not immediately connect to a product or institution’s ideal. Abstract college logos often give “modern” feel, or presenting creative, out-of-the-box ideas.

If you want to design abstract logos for educational institutions, here are some design guides to follow.

  • Consider Geometric Abstract

Educational institutions offer programs to sharpen the mind and improve knowledge. Geometric abstract provides “strength” while still being in the artistic side. Geometric abstract consists of sharp corners and strong, clear lines. You can derive the design from the college building shape, its name (like the MIT logo), or objects that define its philosophy.

  • Make the Logo Versatile

College logos appear on various objects aside from the building. You will see them on hats, t-shirts, mugs, notepads, letterheads, social media icons and headers, official websites, and many more. Make sure the logo is versatile, displayed on various surfaces without getting distorted or causing misunderstanding and even negative sentiments.

  • Insert Recognizable Elements

If you are unsure about the recognition level, consider adding recognizable visual elements. You probably add shapes like a book, star, torch, or other objects that reflect the college’s philosophy. You can also add elements from the college’s main program, such as trees for forestry and environment or building silhouettes for architecture.

  • Avoid Mimicking Other Logos

Make sure you do your research when creating college logos. After building your concept, check if the logo does not accidentally mimic any existing designs. It will keep the designer and institution from future problems.

  • Don’t Oversimplify Things

We know famous logos like Pepsi, Nike, or Spotify are iconic in their simplicity. However, they have interesting elements that make the logos stand out, from the color combinations to the line details and forms. Avoid making your logo too simple, which will diminish people’s interests and curiosity.

  • Use Combination Design

College logos are used to depict formal institutions. Therefore, you should design the logo with the institution’s name as one. It will improve the recognition level and allow the college to introduce itself formally on various media.


Choosing Colors for College Logos

College Logos
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Colors play important parts in design elements. When creating logos for educational institutions, you want to convey specific meanings and philosophy. Consider learning about the psychology of colors and how they create meanings in people’s mind.

Here are several colors to consider when creating logos for universities or colleges.

  • Dark Blue

Dark blue is a popular color for colleges, which you can see in logos like John Hopkins University and Columbia University. It conveys dependability, trust, logic, and security. Those qualities make dark blue popular as corporate and formal institution logos.

  • Red

Red conveys meanings like power, energy, strength, and fearlessness. It is also a popular color for top-ranked college and university logos, like Stanford and Harvard. This color is quite strong and eye-catching, so make sure you consider the balance when designing logos with it.

  • Yellow

Bright yellow is a color that conveys joy, optimism, creativity, and happiness. It is a stimulating color that perfectly describes the life of the campus. However, bold yellow without any balancing can trigger negativity and hurt the eyes. It is best to combine yellow with a neutral or darker tone, such as dark blue, grey, or black. You can see this from logos like the University of Delaware and the University of Michigan.

  • Green

Green is often considered as a “balance” and “nature” color, creating a sense of hope, prosperity, and growth. While it looks great for a college logo, people can perceive it as bland, dull, and stagnant if you are not careful with the color and line combinations. Try playing with strong lines and interesting details to balance the color out.

Abstract designs are great to create meaningful logos, including for educational institutions. Follow this guide to create meaningful college logos that perfectly encapsulate their spirits.

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