Ding Bats Font 101: Everything You Need to Know and More


November 14, 2021

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Have you ever downloaded a font, but it turns out to be different than the usual alphabetical ones? Instead of having the basic roman alphabets, you have a set of symbols, ornaments, or glyphs arranged as if it’s a font. In the digital world, this is called ding bats font, and it has myriad uses that help contemporary designers and alike decorate and embellish their creative projects.

Whether you just started knowing ding bats font or wanted to know more about this unique digital trinket, here’s a how-to guide to understand ding bats font better and the options you may choose if you decide to start using one.

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Ding Bats Font
Sumber : iFonts

What is a Ding Bats Font?

A ding bat is an ornament, a glyph used in typesetting to create box frames, dinkus, or section dividers. Dingbat symbols have been used as signatures and to arrange sections of writing.

A ding bats typeface is a font in the computer industry that combines symbols and shapes in the areas allocated for alphabetical or numeric letters.

Previously, printers kept their decorations in distinct types of cases. Ornaments were separated by size so that a printer could readily identify, for instance, a 14 point dingbat to match 14 point text. They might also be handcrafted and carved in wood or stamped in the lead, the traditional material for producing movable type.

Digitized dingbats are complete typefaces. However, some may be generated by entering alphanumeric sequences. Unicode is a standardized code that may display a broad range of commonly used symbols, such as the degree sign on a temperature measurement or the Euro symbol when discussing European money.

Ding bats have become increasingly popular, especially with the rise of emoji in the design industry. Ding bats help both users to navigate a website or a visual better. In exchange, due to its expansive nature, designers won’t have to download multiple photos or typefaces because they can have it all in one ding bats font set. As a result, having a ding bats font is time and cost-effective. The font also comes in multiple styles such as pictograms, decorations, ornaments, and many more to make it better.

What Can You Do with a Ding Bats Font?

Dingbats are available in a range of forms and sizes. For example, ding bats with floral ornaments and motifs are often called fleurons. Other ding bats font may come in geometric, mathematical, animals, or even natural shapes drawn from real-life objects. Ding bats are often used to serve a symbolic function. For example, a person smiling can indicate happiness. Some also use pointing finger ding bats to indicate the highlight of a particular passage of a text. Even mathematicians back in the day used ding bats to represent mathematic equations.

Ding bats are pretty versatile in terms of their usage. You can use it to decorate your digital poster or visual design easily. Or, when you want to put in extra effort, you can also print the ornaments, cut them based on their shape, and stick them to your Christmas, Valentine, or any gift for your special ones as a pretty decoration.

Types of Ding Bats Font

Are you looking forward to using ding bats font in your design? Here are some of the most popular ding bats types to get you started.

Bullet List

Dingbat fonts are often used to make bullets. They are a fantastic way to enhance the look and feel of your course design. Wingding fonts are included with most Windows systems and are an excellent place to start.


A pictogram, also known as a pictograph, is a type of graphic that conveys meaning by its visual similarity to a physical object. It is often used in road signs, posters, badges, and logos and is usually reduced to its most basic components.


Dingbat fonts are great for creating navigation buttons and other user interface components. Ding bats font such as an arrow or other fonts that indicate direction are created specifically for this purpose.

Now that you know the basics of ding bats font, you might want to stay aware of the ding bats that exist all around you. From the stop signs to emoji you use in your phone, ding bats are everywhere, and now it’s time for you to use it as well in your design. Use this guide as a starting point, and good luck!

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