How to Design Restaurant Logos: A Step-by-Step Guide


November 18, 2021

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An excellent restaurant does not rely on the foodservice alone; it is also supported by advertising designs, including the restaurant logos. Logos that are engaging and interesting will create a memorable effect for the customers. Many food enterprises and franchises use this strategy to build brand awareness worldwide. As a result, people can easily recognize the restaurant, even when they never have a taste of the food. 

The following steps can serve as your initial guide to create a powerful logo for your foodservice business.  

Restaurant Logos
Sumber : Design Trends

Step 1: Plan ahead

The first step of your designing journey should be planning ahead—this is applied to restaurant logos and any kind of logo design in general. While making a logo plan for your restaurant, be sure to keep the following aspects into account:

  • Your restaurant’s name
  • The style of the restaurant
  • The food type you offer, including the specials
  • The origin or nationality of your menu
  • Your target customers

Once you settle on the specific answer for each aspect, it will be easier to decide what should come next. At this point, you can also get a rough image of how your logo will look like. 

Step 2: Tell a story

The best restaurant logos are the ones that can tell a story, whether it is about the food, the chef, the owner, or the restaurant as a whole. Think again about how you started your restaurant, what’s its background, what’s the story behind each food you create or the way it serves, and so on. 

For instance, if you want to create a logo for a family restaurant, you have to design every element in a warm and friendly way. With this concept in mind, you will be able to choose the colors, icons, even graphics, and font accordingly. 

Step 3: Icon, symbol, or graphic—decide what you need

As soon as you have the conceptual plan of your restaurant logos, the next thing to decide is the focal point of a logo which usually comes in the form of visual representation. Depending on your needs, the visual point can be an icon, symbol, or graphics that once again tell the story of your eatery business.

If you are the type of person who likes to follow the crowd, you can start with some popular restaurant-related images. In general, they revolve around the chef symbols (the apron and hat), the kitchen utensils (spatula, stove, saucepan), or the tableware (spoon and fork, dish, knife, or glass). Meanwhile, if you are looking for more unique graphics, it would be better to consult with professional designers who can customize the graphics of your choice.

Step 4: Choose the right colors

Another important element to think about is the color scheme. The right choice of colors will influence how the customers see and remember your logo. To enhance the impression of food business like a restaurant, you need to avoid too bright shades. Instead, opt for natural colors that are often associated with food, such as brown and yellow in various shades, muted red, and some soft hues like green and blue. 

When you combine several colors at once, make sure you find the balanced portion for each. It’s best to find the color combination which is relevant to each other; this can be done by considering the range of color wheels. 

Step 5: Use the proper font

Most of the time, restaurant logos should be accompanied by the proper typography. It means that you have to choose the right font to achieve the main goal of your logo. Font selection is as important as choosing the color combination. Therefore, you need to take several things into account before settling on a particular typeface.

The first aspect to consider is the font’s readability level. It should be readable at any size, from the small to the larger version. You should also make sure that the font style perfectly matches the icon or graphic of your restaurant. Last but not least, it is important to choose a simple font and avoid any unnecessary detail, such as cursive or excessive strokes. In this case, handwritten fonts are not recommended. 

Once you’ve completed all those steps, you still need to review the final version of your restaurant logos before launching them to the public. If you find any inconsistency like the unmatched color scheme, improper font, and whatnot, don’t hesitate to revise and restart from the step you need to fix. Alternatively, you can visit this website to find many groundbreaking ideas that can help you get started in logo design and more.

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