Best Banner Ads and Why They Work


December 10, 2021

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Some marketers believe that banners ads are no longer relevant. However, proficient digital marketers who are experts at taking advantage might disagree with that point. Even some spend a lot on this programmatic advertisement. Why so?

It’s because with employing HTML5-based graphics and have more targeting possibilities than it was before, digital banner advertisements work exceptionally well. Indeed, that could only be possible if one knows how to properly design a banner ad. Thus, in this writing, we will look at the best banner ad samples and elaborate on why they are effective.


Banner Ads
Sumber : Minews

As you are well aware, Microsoft is a giant company. They understand that when releasing a brand a new product, it’s preferable to utilize a marketing strategy targeting a specific segment of their target market.

There’s a valuable lesson to be learned from the release of their new product, the Azure suite. It was aimed towards programmers and developers. It’s impossible to pique the interest of non-programmers. 

That’s totally okay because, in the first place, they aren’t the intended market. However, what makes banner ads such as those of Microsoft Azure successful is that the ads speak the language of a programmer.

That is what makes it such a powerful message; it only appeals to certain people who truly comprehend what the ad is trying to communicate.


Banner Ads
Sumber : Apple

Since 2007, Apple has sold over 1.3 billion mobile devices. With the increasing market saturation, it was imperative for the company to maintain awareness with the launching of the brand new iPhone 13.

The display ad campaigns of this giant tech company are the epitome of the phrase “less is more.” The product-launch ads of this company can be deemed adequately distinct, simple, and identifiable, thanks to its investment in high-quality images.

When designing banner ads, there is no preferred idea than including a quality product image. Such an approach helps you in amplifying your message while also ensuring that your call-to-action is not overlooked.


Banner Ads
Sumber : Smart Money Mom

The following banner ad sample that earns the title the best banner advertisement is Wikibuy. In case you don’t know, Wikibuy is a company that provides assistance in making online shopping much more affordable.

As you can tell from the side-by-side banners, they come with a price comparison web browser extension that automatically checks online stores for the best bargains. 

The best thing about Wikibuy’s side-by-side banner is that this ad presents the fundamental value proposition of the company through a specific product. Suppose it’s just like other banner ads that merely stated that they make online shopping less expensive. In that case, it won’t generate nearly the same impact.

Another lesson that anyone can learn from Wikibuy’s banner ad is how the digital marketers are adhering to the fundamental copywriting concept of “showing, not telling.” The ad shows how switching can save a customer a lot of money.  


Banner Ads
Sumber : Dribbble

Apparently, Wikibuy is not the only company using a side-by-side banner for its digital marketing strategy. Ridge, a corporation running in a wallet production, uses the same banner ad tactic. 

Of course, it’s not without a reason why many savvy marketers have been on it for years. This banner is a straightforward, simple, and brutally apparent advertising method that can help marketers communicate the actual value of the product or service they have to offer.

Ridge’s marketing team wants to convey how your bulky wallet is no longer in fashion. If you’re going to stay ahead of the curve, there’s no choice but to replace it with a slimmer and sleeker one.

Consider whether this copy might be ideal for replacing side-by-side comparison banner ads. If it’s yes, then the latter is your best bet.

Liberty Mutual

Banner Ads
Sumber : Youtube

Finally, the best banner ad winner comes from an insurance company based in the US, Liberty Mutual. Their copy and value proposition are what makes their ad successful: We’ll perform the job while you save your money.

The inclusion of a particular number, which is $782, is another thing that makes their banner ad exceptional. If the marketers simply use the phrase “You could save your money,” it would not lead to any prospects.

People who see that specific number will automatically recall everything they might be capable of doing with that amount. To put it another way, the addition of a particular number is what makes the Liberty Mutual ad memorable.

Final Verdict

Display ads have become a contentious subject among professional digital marketers. However, whether you like it or not, these banner advertisements are still very much alive in 2021, as you can clearly see from the samples listed above.

Everyone requires sources of creative inspiration from time to time so let the examples of these banner ads incite you. That way, you can get started on planning your upcoming clickable digital campaign.

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