Privacy Policy

Aqr Studio fully understands that the use of your information is crucial to be reviewed and clarified in more detailed rules. For this reason, we have carefully formulated this Privacy Policy to explain how you control the deletion and/or correction of your information and how it will be used. This Privacy Policy has also been contained in our Service system on the site. Aqr Studio is responsible for not using or sharing your information with anyone, except for certain conditions which will be described in this Privacy Policy. However, it should be noted that this Privacy Policy does not apply to all information that Aqr Studio collects from other sources or methods, such as offline filing.


Information We Collect

User-Provided Information: You acknowledge and agree to provide your personal information when registering with our User Account service or selecting the “follow” and “like” option, or link your account to our website or our third-party network. The personal information we mention here will include your personally identifiable information, name, email, and domicile address. Furthermore, Aqr Studio reserves the right to retain all traces of correspondence, particularly when we communicate with you via email, including storing your email address, email messages, and our responses to those communications. We are also allowed to store all messages you send in our Service system. You are obliged to provide us with information used in User Content, which will generally contain public profile information and comments that need to be posted on the Service.

Information we collect via cookies or other methods: Cookies and other supporting technologies will be used by our system to identify your browser.

Information of the log file: Your browser will automatically report its log file information every time you access our website.

Integration of social media platforms: Our Services are integrated into several social media platforms or networks, making it possible to share user information between us and those platforms. In practice, when you reach our Services through a social media plug-in feature, it will provide us with access to certain information from your social media account.


The Way We Make Use of Your Information

To establish, maintain, and operate the functions and features of the Service, we will use your Personal Information, whether it is derived from our collecting efforts or the data you submit. We also emphasize in this Privacy Policy that the use of your Personal Information is intended for (a) conducting the provision of the Service to you and (b) interests related to optimizing the Service, including promotions and offers to users.

You allow us to use your email address (whether linked through our website or third-party services such as social media platforms) for any Service-related notifications. You also grant us to send some notices containing activity information to your email address as part of optimizing the Service, which includes notifications about feature changes in the Service, special offers, and newsletters. Users can choose to discontinue receiving those notices by resetting their account preferences.

Aqr Studio possesses the right to store, archive, and back up your profile information temporarily after you deactivate or stop using the Service. We need to do this for audit, contract enforcement, or performance check purposes (which we will only do on still relevant and obliged profile information. After you deactivate the account, we may also continue to store and use User Content indefinitely, including your communication histories with other users or things posted publicly.

For each invitation you send to a friend through the Service, we have the permission to access your friend’s email information and may automatically assign an invitation to his or her email address. Then, we will keep information about that email address to check the success of the invitation or to help you register your friends. However, we also provide the opportunity to remove your friend’s information from the Service by contacting us via email.

You agree to permit us to use certain information from your profile or User Content for internal purposes such as content personalization, audits of issues with the Service, and security analysis.


The Way We Share Your Personal Information

Personal Information. We firmly state that we will never trade your data with others. We will only share your personal information with third parties if it involves processing payments, providing hosting, administering databases, or implementing Service support. In sharing user’s personal data with third parties, we ensure that the third party will guarantee the confidentiality of your information. We will also strive to protect users’ data by storing it in locations beyond our control, such as on servers we share with our hosting providers (which will be done based on the information protection agreement between Aqr Studio and users).

In the context of business development, we have the authority to sell/buy assets or make business offers. Visitor, user information, and your email address become one of our business assets, which we can transfer in the transaction process. We can share user information while undergoing a merger, divestment, or dissolution process.

Any content or personal information you have posted on the Service, such as your surname or username, will be publicly accessible. That means your information can be found in search engines, whether or not you’re logged into your account. Then, if you decide to delete some data of your personal information on the Service, a copy of it may remain on the archive or cache pages.

Aqr Studio may partner with third parties to organize special activities or events. If you want to participate in the event and provide your personal information to the third party, you acknowledge giving the third party the authority to use that information. However, we are under no obligation to control the use of your personal information by third parties. Hence, if you do not want your personal information used by third parties, avoid participating in the events or activities.

We have clearly stated not to disclose your personal information to third parties. Nevertheless, we can make exceptions to this policy for:

  • meeting the needs of any legal investigations that we or our affiliates have to undergo, particularly concerning illegal activities or suspicions.
  • taking precautions to protect or defend ourselves against third-party allegations or claims, protecting the integrity of our Service, and assisting government agencies.
  • enforcing legitimate interests, such as detecting fraud in the Service and sharing Personal Information for payment processing purposes.
  • protecting the personal safety, property, and rights of Aqr Studio, users, and others.

Payment Services. Aqr Studio offers transactions via PayPal. The practices will definitely be subject to Paypal’s policy which you can check at

Non-Personal Information. All non-personally identifiable information, including platform type, URLs, referring pages, anonymous users, etc., may be shared with third parties or our affiliates. We do this to help them understand the usage patterns of our Services.

Marketing and targeting. We may work with third parties on marketing and ad targeting. In the process, Cookies will record your links, pages, and visits to our site. We will use this information (if required) with third parties to optimize our marketing and targeting needs.


The Way We Protect Your Personal Information

We emphasize that the integrity and security of your Personal Information are safe in our hands. Accordingly, we always strive to implement technical security measures to protect your Personal Information. However, we cannot guarantee that your information cannot be fully accessed, changed, or disclosed under certain conditions. That is because user privacy settings may be affected by changes in functionality within the Service.

Aqr Studio implements standard measures to protect your security and privacy. One of which is by asking you to create a unique password. You must do that step for identity verification purposes before you access your account. However, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your own password or account information, which you can also use to control the tracks of your communications within the Service.


Compromise of Your Personal Information

Users whose personal information is found to be compromised by others will receive a notification from us. We will carry out the notice as required by law or the policies outlined in this Privacy Policy.


Compromise of Your Personal Information

Users whose personal information is found to be compromised by others will receive a notification from us. We will carry out the notice as required by law or the policies outlined in this Privacy Policy.


Choices We Provide About Your Information

For all users

All Users

  • Decline to Submit Information. Users have the right not to submit Personal Information to the Service, which will prevent them from accessing certain assistance in our system.
  • Update Account Information. Users can reset or update email preferences on their account settings page. You can also correct the information in your account.
  • Unsubscribe from emails. We provide an “unsubscribe” option in every newsletter email we send to you. You can click the option to unsubscribe from the email. In our newsletters, we also give our partners or advertisers permission to include messages.
  • Blocking cookies. You can disable or accept cookies in our Service. That is because some browsers may be configured to do so (restrict, disable, or allow cookies). However, disabling cookies will impact the Service function, which can prevent you from using them optimally.


Privacy for Children

We protect the privacy of young children, so we will not collect Personal Information from anyone under the age of 13. Then, if we discover that the Personal Information of a child under 13 has entered our systems, we will delete it immediately.


Links to Another Website

We emphasize that it is not our responsibility for any practices (content) carried out by websites linked to our Service. You should also note that our Privacy Policy no longer applies if you switch to another website (even if you do it through our Services).


Our Procedure for Notifications

We have a policy of providing notices relating to marketing purposes or legal needs. The notices may be sent in the form of emails, prominent postings on the Service, or hard copies, which are arranged at our sole discretion. Aqr Studio also has full rights in determining the form and method of delivering the notification, which is accompanied by a statement that users can still opt out of the notification in accordance with what has been set out in this Privacy Policy.

Changes in Our Privacy Policy

Aqr Studio has full authority to update its Privacy Policy from time to time. Thus, users are required to review the material periodically, finding any changes in the policy.


Contact Us

Send us your questions regarding our Services and Privacy Policy (if any) through email.