5 Tips to Create Eye-Catching Poster Design


August 10, 2021

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A poster is one of the oldest and most used marketing materials. It is effective and can easily draw your audiences’ attention as long as designed carefully and thoughtfully. A carefully crafted poster is not only pleasing to the eye but will increase the conversion rate.

That is true that there is no one true method on how to create this advertisement material. However, there are tips you can follow to create an eye-catching poster design. Here are some of them:

Poster Design

  • Use a poster template

If you don’t have the budget to hire a professional designer, you can always try t build your poster from scratch. Don’t have design experience? Don’t worry; there are a lot of poster design templates available online that you can use as a foundation for your design.

To make your job easier, make sure to find a template that fits your vision and goals. It would be best also to consider the right dimensions that suit the location where you’re going to post the poster. Don’t worry if the template you want doesn’t have the element you need because you can always edit and tweak them to fit your needs.

  • Choose a relevant colour scheme

The next thing to consider is the colour scheme that the template has. It is one of the elements in poster design that people going to notice first. If your brand has strict colour scheme requirements, you need to follow that brand colours. However, if it doesn’t have certain requirements, you can play with colour as you like.

Although you can use any colour palette you want, make sure that you understand each colour’s meanings and emotions. When you understand the theory of colour, you can pick the right palette for your design. 

  • Adding call-to-action

The purpose of poster design is not only about getting attention from your audience. You want them to act on it to increase the conversion rate, and this is why you need to add a call-to-action on your poster. 

A call-to-action should be very clear and stand out to be easier for your audience to follow. It is also simple enough to follow because a complicated CTA may scare your potential customers away. Put it at the bottom of the poster so that your audience can read the information before actually taking action. 

  • Use different fonts to organize different information

Poster Design

Fonts selection also has a big impact on the layout and looks of your poster design. If you’re creating a standard poster, you can utilize different fonts to convey information. For a standard event poster, for example, you can use the following order of information.

  • Name of your event

This part should use the largest font in the poster since it is the part that will attract attention and adding context to the poster. 

  • Date and time, event location

If the reader interested in the title or name of the event, they can move to the next information, which is the date and time. Use brighter colour so that this information wouldn’t be easily overlooked.

  • Short event description or tagline

A short description or tagline will add more context to the poster. You can italicize this part to show a different section of information.

  • Call-to-Action

Once all the important information is written, don’t forget to add the CTA at the bottom. It can be in the form of a clickable button or a simple hyperlink. For this part, you will need to use bold font and colour so that it is easier to see.

  • Company or organization’s name

Last but not least is writing the name of the company or organization. 

  • Adding icons

Finally, don’t forget to add icons to emphasize points or, in some instances, to replace text. Icons are also great to illustrate ideas, and it is great to attract attention too. If you want to incorporate icons into your design, make sure it has a consistent style and use it sparingly. If you use them to replace text, make sure that the icons are not ambiguous.

Building your poster design can be challenging, especially if you don’t have much experience in designing. However, the 5 tips above will help you create an effective and eye-catching poster that can increase your conversion rate. Take your time and design your poster thoughtfully!

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