11 Best Free PowerPoint Templates for Educational Presentations


August 21, 2021

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Making educational presentations requires attention to the materials and slide designs. Luckily, many PowerPoint templates now offer the perfect themes for educational materials. They combine professional features with attractive design elements to grab your audience’s full attention.

Features Educational PowerPoint Templates Must Have

PowerPoint Templates

Online education or training programs are rising in demand or trainers must pay attention to the presentation designs. An ideal educational template must have professional color schemes, clear data visualizations, attractive visual designs like placeholders and illustrations, and various alternative for bullet points.

An educational template must also be able to accommodate various types of media. Photos, videos, illustrations, social media clips, and audio can be effective in grabbing attention. You can also apply modern design trends like neon or pastel colors to attract attention.

List of Free Educational PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint Templates

Here are several educational templates you can download for your presentation, class, or training sessions.

  • Educa

Educa is a perfect template for training and class session. The opening slides have wide layouts with unique picture placeholders for clearer images. It also has handcrafted infographics and various data visualization styles. The combination of light blue color schemes and brightly colored illustrations is perfect for drawing your audience while keeping everything suitable for formal academic or educational sessions.

  • SquareBox

SquareBox is one of the trendiest PowerPoint templates that will surely grab attention in a training session. It has several shades of neon purple as the main color scheme, making it stylish without distracting. SquareBox also has various styles of infographics, charts, diagrams, and bullet point alternatives. Its 150+ slides have unique picture placeholders for creative but professional layouts.

  • Bravo

Bravo is a perfect template for a long presentation, especially its 225+ total slides and colorful infographics. Bravo uses bright pastel colors to make the slides more interesting, especially with their infographics and data visualizations. The creative image layouts allow you to create albums with informative texts. 

  • Landing Slide

Many PowerPoint templates for educational purposes use unique shades and illustrations as the main methods to attract audiences. Landing Slide is perfect for a short but compelling educational presentation, with just 50+ slides and bright color schemes. You can resize and reedit all its illustrations and graphics, get creative with slide designs, and create a fun presentation.

  • Vexana

Unique, bright, and creative, Vexana combines pastel color schemes and numerous data visualization styles to make interesting presentation materials. It provides graphics and illustrations to emphasize your points or draw attention to important highlights. Vexana has a light, colorful color schemes, but still offers standard, text-based slides with great contrast.

  • Cave

Cave has a refreshing combination of green and black to make the presentation more interesting in educational sessions. The layouts have unique picture placeholders you can replace with original pictures and illustrations. The charts, diagrams, and infographics are easy to read, and every feature can be edited or resized right on the slides.

  • Amarish

Amarish is one of the professional PowerPoint templates that are also ideal for educational purposes. The hexagonal design, teal color scheme, and professionally handcrafted infographics are perfect for an interesting classroom or training session. The fonts and graphics are legible enough for a large training room or classroom.

  • Chalked

Make your educational presentation more fun with Chalked! This template comes with a fun chalk illustration for creative presentation. The white theme is suitable for a serious session, but the fun visual elements make the slides more interesting. It also comes with numerous infographics, diagrams, charts, and great visual alternatives for bullet points.

  • Creativia

Creativia is perfect for a design or art-related educational presentation. It plays with various pastel and bright shades to make your slides more attractive and has various creative layouts and brightly colored data visualizations. It is a great template for an educational presentation that uses a lot of images.

  •  Planning

Planning is ideal for creating slides for a short educational session. The wide layouts, large images, and simple data visualizations support a practical, straightforward presentation. Use Planning to deliver a simple, practical idea in a short time.

  •  Creative

Attract your audience or students’ attention with Creative, a bright template with a yellow theme. With 120+ slides and wide layouts, this template is perfect for a class session or art-related educational presentation.

Creating an educational presentation requires a combination between good materials, structured explanations, and creative templates. Download these PowerPoint templates to make your presentation more interesting and informative.

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