Tips to Nail Keynote Presentation (and Recommended Premium Keynote Templates)


August 22, 2021

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If you are an Apple user looking for an ideal presentation tool, Keynote is the easiest option. It offers useful features, from intuitive design tools to numerous Keynote templates. Thanks to the rising need for remote work and video conference, Apple has added new features, including a video presentation tool and instant outlining tool.

Keynote might offer numerous perks for presentation, but you must know the proper way to utilize it. This guide will help you to nail your Keynote presentation.

Presentation Tips using Keynote and Keynote Templates

Keynote Templates

Keynote may have great features to support the presentation, but make sure to use presentation strategies like these:

  • Put Emphasis on Images

The newest presentation trends emphasize images like photos, illustrations, artworks, and infographics to convey the points and attract attention. However, make sure the images are relevant to the presentation content. You can use Keynote templates with image-based layouts or create doodles with Apple Pen and Scribble.

  • Create Structured Presentation Flow

The presentation should not be stiff, but it does not mean you can avoid structure. Make sure your presentation starts with a common problem before starting to get more specific, ending with a conclusion. Each slide must convey outlines of your talk, without putting all information in it. You must practice the presentation and cut down the unnecessary parts until you get a polished final product.

  • Be Consistent with Fonts

Using consistent fonts is the key to a successful presentation because it keeps your audience from getting distracted. Professional Keynote templates have default fonts that support the design types, usually with high readability and legibility levels like Serif families. Make sure to stick with these fonts from the first to the last slides.

You can make an exception with fonts for the opening slides. Attract your audience’s attention and create the right “atmosphere” with thematic fonts. These fonts are great for attractive opening slides, from elegant, artsy fonts to pop culture themes.

  • Make Interesting, Easily Digestible Graphs

Professional presentations often require graphs for reliability. Keynote allows you to create dynamic, bold, but easily digestible graphs and charts. Many professional Keynote templates offer a wide range of graphs and charts, from pies to columns and donuts. Your graphs and charts must present important information without confusing the audience.

  • Utilize Multiple Media

Multimedia elements make your presentation more attractive. Depending on the materials, videos and audios can make your explanation more engaging. Keynote makes inserting multimedia easier because you are not required to download files. The feature helps you to add audiovisual elements by inserting links instead of downloading and presenting files.

  • Review Your Presentation with Others

Allow others to review your presentation and slides to give you an honest assessment. You can do this by sharing the slides with your team members or partners. Luckily, Keynote has remote collab features that you can adjust to include certain team members or coworkers to review your presentation materials.

Examples of Keynote Templates

Keynote Templates

Choosing the right template is another key to a successful presentation. These templates help you create compelling graphics, choose the right color schemes, arrange your slides, and share your materials. 

Here are several Keynote templates with helpful features to create a perfect presentation.

  • Motion

Motion is a perfect theme for presentations about creative or design-related businesses. Available in five bold yet professional color schemes, Motion allows you to create slides with illustrations and social media galleries. There are features to create various types of charts and diagrams with dynamic elements.

  • Hexas

Hexas offers unique hexagonal design theme to create compelling infographics, diagrams, and workflows. Available in five bold colors to attract the audience’s attention, Hexas is perfect for describing procedural projects. You can easily drag and drop illustrations or use icon and image library to create compelling slides.

  • Vlog

Vlog is an image-based template with a wide layout, a perfect theme for multimedia presentation. You can insert photos, graphics, animated clips, and videos to assist the presentation. Vlog also offers handcrafted infographics with resizing option for graphics and diagrams.

  • Clotera

Clotera is a perfect template for creative projects, such as fashion, photography, and design. It features unique image layouts that suit your artistic soul. Diagrams and charts are available in widely diverse designs, perfect for describing everything from marketing prospects to pricing schemes.

Keynote is a great tool for Apple users who want to nail their presentations. However, make sure you follow proper presentation tips and use professional Keynote templates to make your materials more interesting.

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