Why Google Slides Perfect for Presentation? (with Google Slides Templates Recommendations)


August 23, 2021

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PowerPoint has long become a default option to assist presentation, but Google Slides offers many benefits for a flawless presentation. Simple use, easy collaboration, and numerous options of Google Slides templates allow you to get creative and professional. 

Here is everything you know about the benefits of Google Slides, complete with template recommendations.

Google Slides Templates as Presentation Solutions

Google Slides Templates

Since its creation in 2006, Google Slides has been slowly showing its perks over “default” option like PowerPoint. According to Google Trends, interests toward Google Slides are slowly rising, especially since remote work and online collaboration became more common in workspaces.

Google Slides offers benefits PowerPoint does not have, but with similar convenience for a flawless presentation. Here are some examples:

  • Dynamic Templates

Google Slides templates are available in various layouts, such as vector, tile, portrait, landscape, fluid, and fixed. The variations allow you to emphasize important points. These templates are also available for various purposes, such as for business, educational, and artsy presentations.

Templates are also available in specific themes. You can now find templates for restaurant, food, design, fashion, and animation topics, to name a few.

  • Web-based Program

Unlike PowerPoint, Google Slides is web-based, which means no download and installation necessary. A web-based presentation program is also more practical for online work or project, allowing you to create an impromptu presentation in this increasingly connected world. 

Having a web-based program also means reducing the workload of your device. It also prevents overutilization that makes your device run slower.

  • Instant Cloud Backup

Imagine working on long, well-planned presentation materials, only to have your device crash and destroy your hard work. Google Slides takes care of it with the instant cloud backup feature. You can continue the project even when the device is lost or damaged.

  • Easy Collaboration and Sharing

Google Slides has a feature called co-editing, enabling team members to collab in a project. You can adjust the sharing setting to manage team members that can edit the Google Slides templates together. You can also immediately share the file with other members or store it in connected Google Drive accounts.

Since Google Slides is web-based, you can use it for real-time collaboration. Everyone can work together on a task and shares their opinions, revisions, or ideas. It reduces communication delay and makes your project more efficient.

  • Functional Availability in All Platforms

Google Slides works well on various platforms and devices because it is web-based. You can easily collab or share presentation files with anyone regardless of the OS and devices they use. Google Slides are available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chromebook, Ubuntu, and iPad. 

  • Offline Editing Function

Google Slides gives you an extra perk from its limited offline editing function. If you download its Chrome app, you can perform some editing functions on your slides without internet connection. When the connection is back, all your changes will be automatically synced. Just make sure you properly connect the setting to Google Drive.


Examples of Recommended Google Slides Templates

Google Slides Templates

Choosing the right templates is the key to a good presentation. Combining the right font, image, and color into a consistent theme based on the topic will make your presentation pop. Start by choosing the right templates such as these recommendations:

  • Pizzi

Pizzi is a Google Slide template that combines a modern look and bold but professional color combinations. Designed based on the master slides, Pizzi is ideal for a presentation that requires resizable graphics and diagrams. The Picture Placeholder allows you to drag and drop various design elements like photos and illustrations.

  • Summon

Summon is ideal for business presentations that require wide, image-based layout. It is perfect for displaying tables, graphs, and photos or illustrations with texts. The bold color schemes ensure that everyone pays attention, and each template gives you 30 slides.

  • Autumn

The nature-themed Autumn is perfect for design and art-related presentation topics. Autumn offers five color schemes, slides for portfolio and photo galleries, complete with a drag-and-drop function. 

  • Educa

Educa offers a perfect template for educational presentations, such as school, university, and training sessions or institutions. The lively color schemes are perfect for creating graphics, diagrams, and infographics. The widescreen design gives a perfect view for multiple presentation guests or participants.

Need an efficient, practical, web-based presentation tool? Choose Google Slides as your main presentation tool. The combination of professional features, collaboration tools, and thematic Google Slides templates make it a great addition for your work arsenal.

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