5 Stunning Script Fonts


August 26, 2021

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When it comes to wedding or other party invitations, you need something stunning. This is the same for book covers, posters, albums, T-shirts, and many more. You can go from casual to formal, there are stunning script fonts to make everything come true.

The Stunning Five

Script Fonts
Sumber : AQR Studio

The list may go on and be longer than here. Still, we can start with the first five on the front line. Check them out and be blown away:

  • Amalfi Coast.

The first things that strike out about this font are its modern and magical elements. The calligraphy style is chic. This is why Amalfi Coast is often used as watermarks for wedding pictures and also signature logos.

The features for Amalfi Coast include:

  • Lowercase and uppercase letters.
  • Numerals.
  • Ligatures and punctuations.

What makes Amalfi Coast look even more stunning is when you use the lowercase letters. Why? The beginning and the ending of the letters are swashed, which make them look so handwritten. Even if it is digitalized, you will have to look twice before you realize that it does not start as a handwriting.

The Amalfi Coast formats include:

  • Amalfi Coast (TTF, OTF, and WOFF).
  • Boowie (TTF and OTF).
  • Boowie Italic (TTF and OTF).

For the swashes effect, you will need the Open Type features, like: Adobe (Illustrator CS, Photoshop CC, In Design, and Corel Draw). However, if there are no glyphs panel, then you must install swashes font files.

  • Hello Honey.

Hello Honey looks so stunning with its feminine touches. No wonder, this font is often used for wedding invitations, romantic film posters, and other love-related art projects. The latest updates on its features include initials and uppercase beginning swash. Other already existing features include: lowercase with swashes on its beginning and ending and connecting heart. Now, what could look more romantic than that?

The formats include OTF, TTF, and also WOFF. Hello Honey can be accessed via software programs, like Adobe (Illustrator, In Design, and Photoshop). The good news is, Hello Honey is not only accessible via Open Type, but also other non-Open Type support.

  • Stecanella Script Font.

Here is another stunning font for you to consider. Its unique cursives make Stecanella look perfect for logos, posters, letterheads, labels, and many more. If you want to use this font for your wedding invitations and music posters, that is also possible.

Stecanella has several different features. Ligatures and Stylistic Alternates are two examples. You can access the Open Type ones with Microsoft Word and some of the Adobe programs, like: Illustrator, In Design, and Photoshop Coral Draw X.)

Stecanella Script Font comes in OTF and TTF formats. Other features Stecanella has include multilingual support, PUA Encoded Characters, and the installations are simple.

  • Multiberry Script Font.

Multiberry Script Font is willowy but still readable and clear. Looking almost like manual handwriting, this font is slim and thick on the right parts. If you want to combine this font with other fonts like serif and sans serif, all you get is more whimsical flair.

This elegant script typeface looks perfect on business cards, especially for the fashion industry and media. If you also like thinking out of the bos, you can see that this design also looks good on T-shirts, film or music posters, and many more. The existing features here include:

  • OTF and TTF formats.
  • Uppercase and lowercase characters.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Web font versions in WOFF and EOT.
  • Contextual alternates.


  • Someday Script Font.

Here is another stunning font perfect for wedding invitations and greeting cards. You can see this modern script font which also looks like a neat handwriting. The features Someday Script Font has include:

  • Uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Numbers and punctuations.
  • Ligatures.
  • Multilingual support.

By the way, the lowercase letters have a swash on each the beginning and the ending. There is PUA UNICODE, which gives you a lot of alternate characters. Someday Script Font can be accessed via Microsoft Word and some Adobe programs, like: Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design, and Corel Draw X.

The files for Someday Script Font include: OTF, TTF, and the Web Font. The languages besides English which are supported here include: Albanian, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, Italian, French, and many more.

Where To Go:

Script Fonts
Sumber : AQR Studio

There are still many stunning script fonts to choose out there. These are some of the examples. If you are interested to find out more, check out AQR Studio.

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