5 Most Likeable Serif Fonts in 2021


August 27, 2021

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To many people, popular things have something to do with familiarity. In this case, classic and traditional styles tend to be the most memorable and likeable ones. Because of its sense of timelessness, plenty of serif fonts are still trending this year of 2021.

The Most Likeable Five

Serif Fonts
Sumber : AQR Studio

This one-piece alone will not be enough to cover all of them. That is why we only focus on the top five (5) on this list below:

  • Gorgeous Serif Font.

Just like its namesake, this font is gorgeous-looking. Since this list is about classic and traditional styles, a clean slate of background is enough. However, you can make it look more modern by adding some fun scripts. The mixture will make a gorgeous combination of the past and the present.

The formats for Gorgeous Serif Font include OTF and TTF. Downloading this will not be a hassle since the process is instant. You can also get free updates.

  • Storystone Serif Font.

At first glance, there are only two words to describe this font: beautiful and elegant. Just like Gorgeous Serif Font, you do not need any complicated designs. A minimalist design will do since the focus will be on the message.

Its simplicity is enough to tell stories to the world. With Storystone Serif Font, you get to explore more designs and styles without a hassle. This font is perfect for many things: logos, T-shirts, wedding invitations, greeting cards, business cards, quotes, Instagram memes, and many more.

  • Perugia Serif Font.

Would you like to add some more bright colours to your design? Are you looking for a much thicker font? Perugia makes these things happen yet still looks classic and elegant.

For starters, its bold and curvy style makes this font stand out. It still looks willowy and full without appearing so chunky and rigid. There are uppercase and lowercase options here. The format is in OTF, and it consists of multi-languages. You can have this in other languages besides English, like Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

Another addition is the web version of this font.

  • Westlake Serif Font.

For something more professional and businesslike, Westlake Serif Font is the choice. It is simple but much thicker than Perugia Serif Font. Many have chosen this for their project branding so that you can choose this for the same reason.

However, you can also choose this font for other options, from business cards to the covers of your books.

Westlake Serif Font can be accessed in these formats:

  • OTF.
  • TTF.
  • WOFF.

Not only these formats, but these are the features you can also get from using Westlake Serif Font:

  • Standard Ligatures.
  • Numerals and Punctuations.
  • Swashes.
  • Multilingual Support.
  • Stylistic Sets.
  • PUA Encoded.

Yes, there are also web fonts for this. You can have Westlake in any size.

  • Brandson Serif Font.

Here is another font that can give you a professional and more businesslike appearance. There are three things to describe best Brandson Serif Font: bold in letters, gorgeous in an overall appearance, and elegant in style. Brandson has got the whole package.

With Brandson Serif Font, your project will look outstanding. You can have it small or large – and this font will look equally amazing. It is the same case whether you prefer it in lowercase, uppercase, or a combination of both.

What are the most suitable projects with this font? Besides business cards, you can use Brandson Serif Font as a display. For examples: headings, logos, and film posters. An additional touch of class in it comes from Bastia’s clean lines and smooth cursives.

It is not difficult to spot some popular and most likeable serif fonts, especially in 2021. There are many options you can consider. Its simplicity and versatility also help you to reduce the hassles of choosing the right colours and cursive styles. A clean slate and a minimum text are the basic ingredients before having Brandson Serif Font on.

Where To Go:

Serif Fonts
Sumber : AQR Studio

Are you still looking for the right font to help you with your company branding project? Eager to have a more professional-looking business card to share around? Are you working on your company blog or corporate website? There are plenty of options for serif fonts.

If you are still looking for more references, check out some of the samples from AQR Studio. Let’s search for the one for you.

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