5 Popular Sans Serif in 2021


August 31, 2021

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What makes sans serif fonts popular? Well, before we go there, let’s get to know this font first:

Surely, we may have seen different types of serifs. There are tapered and blocky types. Then how about ‘sans serif’? Based on the Latin word, ‘sans’ means “without”. It means the font styles are used without serifs.

The Top 5 Popular Choices in 2021

Sans Serif
Sumber : AQR Studio

Still, this does not mean that sans serif does not have a variety. If you check out the samples, there are plenty. However, let’s trim down the list for now. Let’s focus on the top five (5) popular choices of this type of font on this list:

  • Fonseca.

The classic look of this font is born out of the combination between art deco and typography poster look. Typography posters started becoming a trend in the 20th century. With this, every letter is capitalized. The geometric shape is simple and straight. The letterforms are modernized.

Of course, the retro-look makes Fonseca look much better for something serious and sophisticated. For example, travel contents, art and history projects, newspaper headlines, classic concert posters, company logos, magazines, branding projects, and many more.

The features in Fonseca includes 345 glyphs, stylistic alternates for letter E and O, special ligatures, and multilingual support. The special ligatures include: LA LE LI LO LU.

Fonseca can be accessed in .otf files, from thin, light, regular, medium, bold, extra bold, black, and extra black. You can even have some of these types in oblique formats.

  • Carter Layered.

Here is another retro-look from sans serif fonts. Carter Layered will remind you of old film posters, even when they are not always in black and white. If you are a huge fan of something classic and timeless, Carter Layered is definitely your choice.

There are four (4) options of Carter Layered you can consider:

  • Regular.
  • Shadow.
  • Black Shadow.
  • Drop.

The features also include uppercase and lowercase, numerals and punctuations. You can use Carter Layered for your T-shirts, headlines, posters, signs, logos, and many more. Unfortunately, Carter Layered does not support multi-languages. However, it is open for your request if you need to have some.

  • Zenzero Sans.

Also named Zenzero Grotesk, this font gives off more industrial vibes. With this type of sans serif font, you can do a lot. Words in short texts or long paragraphs will look just as equally beautiful with Zenzero Sans. There are also a whole lot more ligatures and glyphs, including the stylistic alternate ones.

This way, you get to have your control completely in terms of the result.

Zenzero Sans has two Open Type font styles. You can either choose the regular or the round one. Thankfully, Zenzero Sans also has multilingual support. There are plenty of languages besides English here, include Albanian, German, Catalan, Welsh, Croatian, Turkish, Czech, Swedish, Danish, Spanish, Dutch, Slovenian, Estonian, and many more.

  • Cheddar Gothic Font Family.

The name will probably remind you of cheese, but this has nothing to do with the brand. It starts as a hand-drawn, 8-style typeface family. There are 92 matching catchword and icon glyphs here.

Cheddar Gothic is also qualified to be a popular font because of its flexible use. You can have this font on your T-shirts, posters, stamps, social media campaign memes, and even websites.

Its versatility can be seen in the features you choose. For example, using lowercase will get you a classic look, while the uppercase adds up bits of uniqueness. With the spacing condensed and the display platform large, there is plenty of room for Cheddar Gothic Font Family to get your message across.

  • Bergen Text.

Bergen Text is the little sibling of Bergen Sans. At first glance, it is easy and quick to spot its perfect legibility and how adorable it looks. It is also an all-time favourite since it is sleek, simple, and very much readable. You can have Bergen Text in Extended Latin, Greek, or even Cyrillic (characters for Bulgarian language) with six font choices.

Where To Go:

Sans Serif
Sumber : AQR Studio

These are not the only sans serif fonts that you can choose. There still plenty of other options there. With more options and depending on your project, you have plenty of cool alternatives to inspire you.

So, what are your sans serif font options for starters? If you still need more references, let’s check out AQR studio before you make up your mind.

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