7 Simple Technology Icons Ideas to Use


September 10, 2021

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For designers, building an app, website, or software is only half the battle. On the other half, they must deal with some smaller yet essential elements. Among them is designing the icon representing the apps or websites when they are delivered to users. The same case also occurs to technology icons. When you are designing a digital product related to technology, the icon should also symbolize the field perfectly.

Some Ideas to Design Technology Icons

Technology Icons
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Choosing the right icons for tech-related products might be tricky for some designers because there are many ways to represent this field in small icons. If you are still wandering through some ideas, here are some simple options to consider.

  • Wired Boxes

A notable function of technology is creating a more effective connection in different aspects; one of them is in the field of marketplace or digital marketing. If you are working on a project related to this sector, an icon consisting of wired or connected boxes can be used as an alternative. It signifies that technology and business work hand in hand to deliver packages of stuff needed by customers.

  • Graphs, Charts, or Diagrams

Whether it is a pie chart or block graph, various types of charts, graphs, or diagrams can be used to combine technology icons with data analytics. The styles are varied, from black-and-white vectors to mixed pictures in bold colors. One thing for sure, this type of icon ideas is considered easy to modify and customize according to the concept of your digital products.

  • Gadgets

There’s no better way to represent technology in an icon than using everyday objects that people use all the time. Choose gadgets—smartphones, smartwatch, or laptop—to represent the icon of your tech product. It is sometimes regarded as common starters, but it doesn’t necessarily stop you from creating groundbreaking ideas with more customized developments.

  • Robots

Simple but effective, robots are another excellent representation to be used as technology icons. This figure doesn’t always need to be pictured in full features. Take the android robot, for example. This popular icon features a different kind of robot in a unique style. Despite this, it turns to be a memorable icon that symbolized the common technology of this century.

  • Tech Buttons

Numerous buttons are linked to the world of technology. Some cases in point include play, pause, as well as on-off buttons. Most of them have been used for a long time, making them common and classic at the same time. Starting from the ideas, you can modify the look of those buttons and turn them into new, modern-looking icons for today’s technology.

  • Connected Dots

In addition to connected lines or boxes, connected dots are categorized into design trends of icons for tech products. The possibility to work with this ground idea is limitless. Not only you can use different numbers of dots, but you can also connect them with different media, from wires to lines that make them look like the parts of a chip.

  • Light Bulbs

Last but not least, a popular item you can use for technology icons is a light bulb. It may not have a direct association with the purpose of technology. However, this versatile icon can represent the essence of it. Just like technology, light bulbs make people turn innovative ideas into something that will benefit them in various life aspects. 

How to Properly Design the Icons

Technology Icons
Sumber : AQR Studio

When it comes to technology icons, several design principles should be applied to create the most suitable representation for your digital products, be it an app, software, or website. Here are the basic principles that should always be taken into account:

  • Take note of the icon scalability.
  • Create an icon that is easy to recognize and remember.
  • Be consistent with one single theme or style.
  • Find the uniqueness in every icon combination.
  • Avoid using words as the main icon.

Now that you’ve reached the end of this article, we hope you found the ideas and inspiration you are looking for. Designing technology icons for an app or software can be tricky if you haven’t got the right way to start. Fortunately, you’ll have a ground rule to develop into something more exciting with some ideas presented above. Find out other design ideas here or here for your next wonderful project!

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