5 Decorative Vectors for Your Website Theme


September 12, 2021

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The clean and sleek design is trendy since it almost always looks good combined with various other types of design. It creates a modern and high-class look which are commonly sought after in a business website design. However, decorative patterns can look beautiful if you know how to create them and combine them with the right illustrations and images.

In this article, we will help you build beautiful decorative vectors to enhance the overall look of your website theme. Although drawing decorative pattern usually takes a long time to craft, it will not be the case with the help of current design technologies. With the appropriate program, you can craft a complicated art just in a matter of a few minutes or hours.

Here are five decorative vectors that you can use as a template or get you some inspiration to craft your own.

  • Spring Flowers Seamless – Pattern

Decorative Vectors

The floral pattern is very commonly used because it is not only pretty but also colourful. Just as its name suggests, this type of design is perfect for spring-themed website design. While too many patterns that cover the whole space of the screen may be distracting, you can always adjust it by reducing the contrast to make it appear like soft shadows in the background.

Another trick to add pattern to your website is by adding them around your website’s frame or outer lines. This way, your website layout will not be too crowded by a lot of design. 

  • Year Of The Ox Vol3 – Pattern 

Decorative Vectors

If we are talking about flowers and leaves in the previous sample, this time, you can try using animal illustrations as a pattern. The red Ox on a yellow in this sample is a perfect theme for Chinese New Year Decoration, which is the Year of Ox.

You can also create your animal pattern for different theme use, for example, the pattern of various animals for a website that specifically educates people about animals, and so on. 

  • Retro Gaming Controller Pattern

Decorative Vectors

Gaming has also become a popular topic of discussion in the past few years. To enhance this topic’s fun and playful vibes, you add a gaming pattern to your website design. A gaming controller is the perfect decorative vectors for this purpose, especially the retro gaming controller, which enhances your website’s classic and stylish look. 

Aside from gaming controllers, you can also use various gaming characters if your website specifically talks about gaming characters. Don’t worry about having a hard time editing the decorative vectors because they will be easily customized to your needs in Adobe Illustrator. 

  • Fresh Lemon – Seamless Pattern

Decorative Vectors

Another pretty pattern you can incorporate into a website design is fruit. In this sample, you can see how lemon patterns give you bright and fresh vibes. This type of fruit and pineapple, watermelon, and coconut are perfect to create summer and tropical style. These fruit combination patterns will make a great website design for a beach party-themed landing page.

To avoid a colour clash or to make the bright yellow lemon easier on the eyes, you can combine this with a cooler colour pallet such as dark blue, just like how this sample is showing you. 

  • Cute Animals – Seamless Pattern

Decorative Vector
Sumber : AQR Studio

Last but not least is cute decorative vectors which will make a good pattern for anything baby related. Parenting or kids website will be more attractive and age-appropriate with this type of decoration. The soft colour pallet, such as white and baby blue, is also perfect to make them easier on the eyes, which becomes more important if your target audience is little children.

Five samples above show you how decorative vectors can be cute and interesting for a website design or other purposes. All you need to do is adjust them, whether size-wise or contrast-wise, to become less overwhelming and become harmonious instead. 

For more decorative vectors, you can always go to the link here and find the most suitable pattern for your design needs. It will not only perfect for a website design, but you can also use it for other various purposes, from printing a gift paper or printing it on a piece of fabric. The possibility is endless!

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