9 Zoom Backgrounds Inspiration to Boost Your Virtual Meeting


September 15, 2021

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No one could have guessed how significant Zoom would become in their life when it first arrived on the video chat scene. We now rely on funny zoom backgrounds to enhance the experience. Granted, being separated from people is unpleasant, but we’re out here doing our best to make a bad situation bearable, and these hilarious backgrounds were there to help.

There’s no disputing that the novelty of continually video-chatting with your pals or having a Zoom conference every morning has worn off now that most of us have been social distancing for over a year. However, there are ways to make it more pleasant, and these humorous backdrops are a fantastic place to start. These might be some of your final Zoom calls, so make them count by providing a strong background!

However, before we start with the recommendations, do all of you know how to change your Zoom background? Let’s find out how to transform your bland wallpaper with a fun background with these simple steps.

How to Change Your Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom Backgrounds
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To enable the Virtual Background function for your personal usage, follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Zoom website.
  • Click Settings in the navigation menu.
  • Navigate to the Virtual Background option (under the In Meeting (Advanced) section) on the Meeting tab and ensure that it is activated.
  • Your Virtual Background is set, and you can start having fun!

9 Zoom Background Inspirations

Zoom Backgrounds
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Now that you know how to create a virtual background, you may also up your Zoom wall game with design ideas that are more intriguing than a plain white wall. Continue reading for amazing Zoom wall backdrop ideas that will make your coworkers green with envy!

“This is Fine” Meme

The meme “this is fine” is a wonderful description of our times. The house is on fire, and the dog is sipping his tea. It expresses so many of the feelings we’re all experiencing right now. You no longer need to respond to the inquiry “so, how are you?” since this background tells it all.

Teletubbies’ Sun

Please accept my apologies in advance if the Sun Baby terrified you as a youngster, and this is bringing back memories! Everyone who grew up watching Teletubbies would know this classic image. Who knows, maybe using this image as your Zoom backdrop may raise your spirits as well!

Distracted Boyfriend Meme 

We enjoy a good meme! Take on the role of the preoccupied boyfriend or the other lady. There is no end to the laughter. Perhaps you’ll get two chuckles out of it.

At the end of the day, everyone loves a good laugh.

Queen’s Iconic Pose

You may not be a musician, but that won’t stop you from joining Queen, even if it’s only for a team check-in meeting. Make your coworkers nervous with the band’s eerie floating heads as a bonus.

Sunset View Zoom Background

With this Zoom backdrop template, you may make your virtual meetings reflect your vacation and nature fantasies. It includes a beautiful, high-definition image that you may alter or replace, as well as text to further personalize your backdrop.

The Office Background

Want to hide your cluttered home office, liven up a dull meeting, or distract yourself from the unpredictability of everyday life? Think about utilizing one of these Zoom backdrops.

The talking head backdrop from The Office is a timeless classic. Use it if you’re in a meeting that makes you want to make bemused looks at the camera team.

Scenic Underwater Background

With this basic marine life Zoom backdrop, you can show your appreciation for corals and the undersea environment. Add it to your virtual meetings with friends and family, or even business meetings, to hide your dull or cluttered background.

The Tonight Show Featuring Jimmy Fallon

With The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’s famous set, you can live out your stand-up or talk show fantasies. Are you going to give me a tight five? Engage in a lip-sync battle? Who knows.

Carpool Karaoke

Assume you’re a guest on James Corden’s biggest program! You could even stand in front of Corden and hang out with Justin Bieber! If you’re in the mood, go watch the videos and sing along with every single celebrity.

These are some of the greatest Zoom backdrops you may choose to improve the ambiance of your meeting. These backdrops can help you get the attention and enjoyment you’ve been missing during WFH!

If you’re seeking more graphic ideas, such as presentation templates, images, or fonts, go here.

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