Graphic Designer 101: Tips to Start Your Own Design Gig


September 17, 2021

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Have you always been creative? A profession in graphic design allows you to flex your muscles. And, as a freelancer, you’ll be able to work with a diverse range of customers, which means no two days will be the same.

Unfortunately, beginning a freelancing job may elicit a broad range of feelings, ranging from scary to powerful. While it may not be the simplest career route, operating your graphic design firm can provide you with a sense of pleasure and achievement, knowing that every cent you make was earned through your own hard work and abilities.

We’ve created a list of the most important things to bear in mind while becoming your own boss to assist you on your road to self-employment. Say welcome to the comprehensive checklist for becoming a freelance graphic designer!

What Graphic Designers Actually Do?

Graphic Designer
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Graphic designers create visual thoughts and ideas. You might work on major projects like an advertising campaign or rebranding for a large corporation, all the way down to product packaging, magazines, pamphlets, and brochures.

When working on a project, graphic designers use pictures, art, and typography, and they arrange these components using computer programs such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.

Graphic designers may be found working in-house for companies. They might also work at a creative agency, which many firms hire to handle the majority of their marketing and advertising.

However, many graphic designers work as independent contractors. As a freelancer, you get to be your own boss, pick your customers, and establish your own daily prices.

Do You Need to Have a Degree?

Graphic Designer
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There are several paths into graphic design—you may go to university, college, or work as an apprentice before turning self-employed. Many clients will also seek experience, so you should create a portfolio that showcases your creative abilities. You may even create your own website to host all of your work.

5 Foolproof Steps to Realize Your Graphic Designer Dream

Graphic Designer
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Most freelancers start with graphic design as a side hustle, but with patience, business planning, and a strong work ethic, you can build up enough business to make it a long-term job.

Here are five straightforward steps to get you started.

Build a Strong Portfolio

If you intend to bring in clients on your own, you must have a solid portfolio. While it may be tempting to include everything you’ve done recently in your portfolio, resist the urge. Include only projects and samples that are outstanding examples of the type of freelancing work you wish to undertake. To sell your work to potential clients, use your portfolio as a showcase.

Establish Yourself Online

To succeed as a freelance graphic designer, you must have a strong personal and professional brand. Purchase a domain, set up an email address, and develop an online presence as a graphic artist. Consider if you want to conduct freelance work under your name or develop a business name while you’re working on your brand.

Start Taking Clients

Once you’ve completed your website and online profiles, it’s time to start looking for employment! The first few applications you send may be a little nerve-racking, but keep in mind that you have nothing to lose!

Starting small is a smart idea. The initial clients and projects may need more time or effort than you anticipated. You want to allow yourself plenty of time to be effective, from meetings to revisions to determining exactly what a customer requires.

Nurture Networks

Spend some time intentionally networking and putting yourself out there. Attend meetings and networking events in your area if the majority of your business is local.

Other networks may include contacts at agencies or organizations, contacts at design conferences, or specific clients who give you a lot of gigs.

Find a Niche Market

While having a variety of customers and tasks is beneficial, certain freelancers might profit from specialization. Do you work in a field where there is a high demand but a scarcity of individuals to satisfy it? 

Specialization may be the key. However, That doesn’t imply you can’t change over time. Market and client requirements shift. Maintain control of your business. Evaluate on a regular basis to ensure that you are doing what is ideal.

You may work as a freelance graphic designer. It’s more than a pipe dream, and in a global gig economy, you can carve yourself a career in the creative sector all by yourself.

If freelance graphic design is something you’re interested in, this strategy can help you get started.

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