Card Invites Made Easy: 5 Stunning Templates for Your Wedding Invitation


September 20, 2021

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It’s incredible how many people weddings employ: caterers, vendors, photographers, florists, and even designers may make a good income by focusing largely or entirely on customers arranging their wedding. Card invites are an often-overlooked but equally important component. They are the first impression you will make on your visitors, therefore they must be perfect.

Wedding invitation card design is one of the most cutting-edge disciplines of print design today. Talented designers go above and above to create some very remarkable work. Continue reading to learn about seven outstanding examples of wedding invitation design, as well as essential things to think about before starting your card invites project!

Things to Consider Before Designing Your Card Invites

Card Invites
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It’s tempting to dive in headfirst and place your purchase when you find a design idea you like. However, as with everything else in your life, always do a long consideration before you make your final wedding invitation card design selection. 

Confused about where to start? No worries, here’s a checklist you can refer to avoid the wedding blues.

Choose a Theme for Your Wedding

You probably have a decent sense of your wedding style if you’ve already chosen your location, flowers, cuisine, and décor. Is it contemporary and stylish, or traditional and romantic? Is your wedding more laid-back and informal, or formal and elegant?

Make sure the design of your wedding invitation cards complements the overall theme of your event. When your guests receive the invitation, they should get a sense of the wedding.

Decide on a Color Scheme

You’ll want your wedding invitations and cards to complement the colors you’ve chosen. If your wedding colors are lavender and pink, you should generally avoid gold and black invites.

Furthermore, keep in mind that color selection might have an impact on readability. Pastel typefaces are difficult to read on cream-colored paper. Colorblind people may have difficulty reading red letters on pink paper.

Pick an Elegant Font

As previously said, make sure your font and background color aren’t too close. You should also consider typography.

Certain complex typefaces are difficult to read. Choose a typeface that is both attractive and readable by everyone. Ascertain that all of your visitors will be able to read your invites.

Ran out of typeface inspiration for your card invites? Offering over 100 decorative fonts and typefaces you can choose for your perfect card invites, check out this selection of high-quality fonts that will leave your audience speechless in awe. Here, you can also check out romantic graphics to spruce up your wedding invitations.

5 Enchanting Templates Inspiration for Your Wedding

Card Invites
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Are you looking for ideas for your wedding invitation or card design? Let’s get started!

Grandeur Card Invites for Wedding

This is a full wedding invitation templates inspiration with designs in grand style that are ideal for providing your wedding card designs an exquisite appearance and feel. While the design isn’t strictly for weddings, it can be easily converted into a beautiful card invite with a little editing and addition such as templates for invitations, save the date cards, thank you cards, and RSVP cards!

Masquerade-Themed Invitation

Another common trend is to use a masquerade element as the main design component. These layouts generally feature unusual word forms and elaborate line drawings, as well as a variety of old-style typefaces.

As seen in the preceding example, a mysterious, avant-garde appearance is difficult to beat. There’s just something about it that is irresistibly appealing!

Watercolor Accent Invites

Watercolor designs are appealing because they offer a sense of genuineness to any type of design. A watercolor-inspired design, especially for wedding invitations, makes them appear more distinctive and hand-crafted than other sorts of designs.

Illustration Invitation

Wedding invites are the perfect outlet for your creativity. Brides and grooms frequently appreciate something personalized with a cartoon representation of themselves.

Recipients of these invites will immediately recognize that the couple spent a lot of money on bespoke design rather than simply purchasing a template.

Floral Wedding Invitation

Unlike other floral themes, this wedding invitation design has a fashionable modern style that attracts attention. Flowers alone will not make a wedding perfect. The same may be said about wedding invitations. Incorporating a bouquet of beautiful flowers into the design of your wedding invitations and save the date cards may add a touch of luxury to their appearance and feel.

Whether you’re just surveying for your future wedding or already planning one, these are some of the best wedding card invites that will make your special day even more bespoke. Check out other font and graphic templates for further inspiration.

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