404 Pages Expert: Best Practices and How to Design for One


September 22, 2021

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Every one of us has been there. You’re browsing a website when you come upon 404 pages that leave you stuck. Your experience is abruptly shattered, leaving you perplexed and frustrated.

However, some 404 sites do the exact reverse. They may surprise you, make you chuckle, or continue to convey the tale of the brand.

Did you realize that a good 404 page may enhance your site’s conversions and revenue?

It may appear to be an outlandish claim. A well-optimized 404 page, on the other hand, has the potential to convert lost site users into loyal, recurring clients.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the finest 404 error page examples and how to create one.

What is a 404 Page?

404 Pages
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Consider 404 to be effectively a landing page, but one that no one wants to land on. Consider how much more labor goes into a typical landing page than an error page. A well-designed 404 page may have a significant impact on how a user perceives a brand. A poor one is a squandered chance.

The solution, as is customary, is rather obscure and takes us back to the early days of the internet in the 1990s. Despite popular belief that 404 refers to an out-of-date server room or Tim Berners-office, Lee’s it turns out that 400 was an arbitrary term allocated to client failures, including 404: Page not found.

It is essential to understand that 404 errors are not always your fault. A badly duplicated link on someone else’s site may result in an error page that is completely beyond your control.

What Should a 404 Page Include?

404 Pages
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Your page’s design may vary depending on your brand. However, at the very least, incorporate the following components when developing an error page:

An Error Message

You need your user to realize right away that they’ve arrived at an error page.

Link to Your Content

Three or four links to excellent material on your website should help lead lost visitors to something interesting. Make every effort to prevent losing traffic, even if it comes through an error page.

Call to Action

Remember how we mentioned that your 404 pages may potentially be utilized as a landing page? Use landing page logic to add a download or signup button, or a search field.

Do Not Overdo It

When you want to design for 404 pages, always assume that your user’s mood is during its sour mode. Hence, always make your page readable, legible, and easy to navigate. One way to create a seamless 404 pages user experience is by using a neutral color and easy-to-read font so that your user won’t have difficulty in finding their way around.

With over 100 stunning fonts and kinds to choose from for your ideal 404 pages, this selection of high-quality fonts will leave your readers breathless in awe.

3 Brilliant Examples of 404 Pages

404 Pages
Sumber : Klaviya

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite 404 error pages for you to enjoy. All of the above, and more, have been accomplished by these examples, so take a look and be encouraged to think outside the box with your own.


Starbucks, the well-known coffee brand, did a fantastic job with the design of its 404 pages. The page designs explain why readers have arrived at an error page, as well as a few key links to the homepage, contact page, and sitemap. We appreciate the uniqueness. The use of a coffee cup to represent a lost page: subtle branding at its finest!


Some individuals take things far too seriously. Pixar’s 404 page, which includes Sadness from the immensely hit Inside Out (2015), is simple, straightforward, and powerful. However, if this is your normal reaction to obtaining a 404 error, you may need to reconsider your life.


Medium is an excellent example of a fantastic 404 page that does not rely on images or videos to create a pleasant experience. Medium does it with typeface and copy! We appreciate the text’s numerous shades of grey, as well as the fact that the website has a search box to encourage users to continue exploring.

20th Century Studios

This one from 20th Century Studios is another excellent example of creative 404-pages branding. On their website, if you click on a broken link or an archived article, you’ll find a witty message and a still from one of their cult flicks.

They recommend a number of movies from their collection lower down the website, where you can learn more and purchase a copy.

Your 404 error page is a chance to demonstrate your sincerity while sending the user to your website. There was an error, but everything is OK. Treat this page as a landing page, and it may end up assisting in the growth of your brand and the production of conversions. Make it memorable for all the right reasons!

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