9 Most Popular Animal Logos for Your Wild Design


October 10, 2021

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Different animals produce different emotions. Pets such as cats and dogs easily attract people with their cuteness, while wild creatures like crocodiles and lions create the impression of strength and courage. When you understand the psychology of animal representation, you can use it to grab people’s attention to your brand association. Here are some great examples of animal logos to consider. 

Animal Logos
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  • Birds

What’s the similarity between Twitter, Nestle, and NBC? If you notice, those companies use the same animal for their logos: birds. Regardless of the style and choice of colors, birds are popular as an animal logo. There’s some belief going around that using birds as brand logos signifies the companies’ ability to spread their wings widely and soar into popularity. 

  • Lion

If you are a fan of the legendary cartoon Tom and Jerry, you must be familiar with the logo of its production house, Metro Goldwyn Mayer. For decades, MGM has appointed lion as its brand logo, turning it out to be one of the most basic features that people identify with. Rich in courageous symbolism, a lion representing the King of the Jungle is an excellent choice for any brand aiming to be the King of the industry. 

  • Elephant

Elephants are known for their strong ability to remember everything, making them a popular option to represent companies that want to make a long-lasting impression. The logos of Animal Planet and Evernote are some examples of animal logos featuring an elephant as the main logo. They suggest that elephant logo design can be used for various brands, from educational documentaries to note-taking apps. 

  • Crocodile

Despite their wild nature, crocodiles are listed among common animals for brand logos. Like most other animal-based logos, the style of crocodiles can be easily adjusted to suit the needs of your logo design. You can go with its cuter version like the one you’ll find on the Crocs logo or present the whole image of a wild crocodile-like they did in the well-known fashion brand Lacoste. 

  • Bull

From beverage companies to the automotive industry, bulls representing strength and bravery are chosen as famous examples of animal logos. They give you many chances to use different colors, depending on what you want to achieve with the bulls’ characteristics. To use the right shades for a logo featuring bulls, you can take color psychology into account and adjust it to the main objective of your brand. 

  • Butterflies

Butterflies are closely linked to the process of metamorphosis—which becomes one of the reasons why these colorful insects are often chosen to represent a brand logo. A case in point is Microsoft’s browser homepage, MSN. This network company uses a butterfly as its logo to signify a transformation in the digital world.

  • Horse

Don’t forget about horses when you are talking about animal logos. Useful and versatile, horses are what you need to represent a brand with a strong personality. You’ll understand the reason when looking at some examples of popular logos using this animal, such as the renowned fashion brand Ralph Lauren or Ferrari’s prominent sports car. 

  • Bats

A DC superhero, Batman, and a private company of white rum, Bacardi, are not related somehow. However, they have something in common when it comes to logo selection. Both of them use bats as the main feature. Their tiny ears and wide flaps identify mysterious and iconic bats. Because bats have natural black shades, they can be easily combined with various colors for a backdrop; this is definitely a plus for design. 

  • Unicorn

Are you looking for a way to unleash more imagination? Consider using unicorns in your logo design. Not many companies use this imaginary horse-like creature as their logo. Therefore, it is your time to step up and develop a creative portrayal of a unicorn in the form of brand representation. Whether you combine it with colorful shades or use its unique silhouette in black, the possibility of using unicorns for a brand logo is endless.  

Those are some popular options of animal logos that will give you a sprinkle of inspiration for designing a brand logo on your own. Besides choosing the right animal to represent your brand, you should also consider the proper concept of how to design it. In this case, you can learn from other companies’ success stories when featuring an animal as their logo or click here to find more ideas of logo design in various themes. 

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