7 Creative Styles of Buildings Logos for Professional Use


October 11, 2021

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Establishing a business from the ground requires smart strategies and strong determination. To support those internal aspects, you also need some external representation to give your target audiences a sense of professionalism. Buildings logos are highly useful at this point. With various styles and concepts to combine, you will be ready to introduce your company’s vision and character. Here are some examples to get you inspired!

Buildings Logos
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  • Buildings in Emblems

Being one of the oldest types of logos, emblems never fail to fulfill the needs of brand representation in different fields of industry. When combined with some building icons, you can turn them into a prestigious sign for government agencies or property services. 

To create a professional logo featuring buildings in emblems, you can also include some texts presenting the company’s name or motto. Put them all inside a sharp geometric shape to enhance a powerful sense. 

  • Pictorial Buildings

Also known by the term brandmark, a pictorial logo is an imagery style with lower symbolistic meaning. This style presents the image or icon the way it is, without conveying any hidden meaning or subliminal message. Additionally, it only features one single icon with no addition of texts or wordmark.

Because of this characteristic, buildings logos with a pictorial style are often used as a rebranding strategy for famous companies. As for start-ups, you may want to combine both brandmark and wordmark for a while until the audiences become familiar with your brand. 

  • Building Centerpiece on Logotypes

Although this logo style mainly focuses on typography to signify the company’s name, there’s always space for modification to make it more interesting. You can do this by inserting a building icon—be it a silhouette or a colorful one—to the center of the wordmark. When doing so, make sure you choose the right style of building so that the icon and typography can complement each other perfectly.

  • Abstract Building Logos

Buildings logos with an abstract concept turns out to be a popular choice for modern styles these days. This style is useful for a wide range of professional companies, from architect firms to construction services. When designing an abstract building logo, the main principle is to emphasize the visual representation that will lead to a perspective development of your audiences.

Presenting building icons in an abstract style is useful to showcase the identity of your brand. Your brand logo will appear unique and recognizable to the target market. Besides, it is easier to used for various purposes, including merchandise brands and advertising campaigns.

  • Buildings Inside an Icon

For more creative use of building icons, you can use them alongside another icon to create a new combined logo representing your company’s vision. A great example is shown by a real estate company that places a home inside a heart icon. Such representation subtly signifies a welcoming place that this company offers to its audiences. 

You can also think and do the same to make your building logo look more stand out than usual. There are other common icons to use as your logo frame; each can be selected according to the needs and visions of your brand.

  • Buildings in Lines

When designing buildings logos, there’s no need for you to stick to the strict rule shapes. Instead, you can try designing in lines to achieve a modern look and practical usage. A logo of a skyscraper, for instance, can be presented by using three simple lines featuring one line in the middle, which is slightly higher than the other two lines on the right and left sides.

  • Buildings in Geometrical Shapes

A building design is closely linked to some geometrical shapes. It is a great starter to design a building logo on your own. From 2D building shapes in rectangle or square to a 3D rendering with cubes or bars, you can always make do with the geometrical-inspired concept. The use of its final result is also varied, ranging from a tech company to a law firm stationed in a city office.

That concludes some recommended options of building logos that can be taken into account when starting a new design project. With those examples in mind, you will show off your brand’s personality in different creative styles. Click here to browse more styles of logos for various contexts and purposes.

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