Design Psychology: Tips to Make Your Food Logos Stand Out


October 12, 2021

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Serving as the face and centerpiece of your food brand, food logos should be designed with important elements in mind. They are your visual tool in developing an effective branding and marketing strategy. Therefore, you need to process the designing stage carefully by looking at the most recommended concepts.

Because foods have a strong psychological connection with people, it’s only fair to include some psychological principles when you aim to design an outstanding food logo. Here are some great tips to follow!

Food Logos
Sumber : Envato
  • Get a Clear Understanding of Your Food Products

In line with the marketing rules, you should always sell products you trust. Therefore, a great way to start is to have a clear understanding of your food products. First things first, make a list of answers regarding what your food is about, who are the people you want to reach, and where the best target market is.

Answering those questions helps you visualize a clear image of how your food logo will look like. Once you’ve found the ground concept, you can proceed with the next step while focusing on the special features of your food.

  • Brainstorm and Research

As soon as you enter the stages of food logos creation, you need to make a mental note of the best logo image representing your food business. Do some research and take some time to brainstorm the concept of your food logo before getting deeper into the creation.

Get inspired by looking at various examples of famous food brands and make meaning of how their logos are presented. While doing so, you can take the important things into account to make it easier in envisioning your final logo.

  • Decide on the Right Shape

When designing a logo, one of the essential elements to think about is the shape. Different shapes create different effects and impressions for other people, so you need to carefully decide which shape will be the most suitable representation for your food brands. 

If you already have the concept of what, why, and where at the previous stages, your next steps from here won’t be difficult. All you have to do is weigh up some available popular options of shapes for logos and consider their psychological effects on people.

Let’s take an example from three of the most popular logo shapes: circle, square, and oval. In terms of target genders, circle logos are considered more appealing for women, while the square has a stronger connection with male audiences. Meanwhile, an oval logo is more neutral while producing a sense of reliability and accountability. Of course, you can also browse through several other options of shapes available on the market.

  • Pay Attention to the Typography

When it comes to food logos, typography is not only about choosing the right fonts and letters. It is as important as choosing the basic shape of your logo. Selecting the right typography style will positively influence the target market you want to reach. 

That being said, you must come up with the idea of using effective typography. If possible, opt for shorter options of letters rather than longer ones. You can also consider the psychological concept of typography. For instance, use cursive letters if your target audiences are mostly women, bold typography for men, or sharp and clear typeface for gender-neutral targets.

  • Choose the Colors Carefully

Another important feature in the world of food logos design is the colors. They have significant effects on a logo, which will be much more when discussing a logo of food products. For this reason, color selection must be made carefully by taking different angles into account.

The Black and white combination is simple and sophisticated, but it doesn’t represent an appealing food logo. Instead, you can use some vibrant, brighter shades that will strengthen the whole design and make your logo more recognizable by anyone. Red, yellow, and orange are highly recommended in this case. From a psychological perspective, those colors are believed to have a strong effect on growing appetite. 

With those tips in mind, designing food logos will become a fun experience for your business milestone. Remember to always include the five principles of logo design by keeping it simple, memorable, timeless, versatile, and appropriate for your business target. Browse here to get more inspiration for a logo design for your brand!

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