7 Tips to Create Badge Stickers That Stand Out


October 13, 2021

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Many people think of stickers as ridiculous things that teens and children put on their phones and laptops. Why should they be used in advertising? Because Generation Z children are maturing and becoming active consumers of the badge sticker design. Not only that, but it’s a type of viral word-of-mouth marketing that most individuals under the age of 35 are vulnerable to.

Great looking branded stickers are an awesomely adaptable method to acquire brand exposure and make your message stay, whether you want them for your product packaging or a trade show booth, your clients’ computers, or just about anyplace they feel like sticking them. Give your imagination a boost with these fun and inspiring sticker design ideas, and then go to work making your own.

Badge Stickers
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Keep Your Message Simple

If you believe a sticker can tell the world everything about your brand, think again! You could make a brochure for it. Stickers, no matter how large, cannot be aesthetically complicated. You don’t have time to read the bumper sticker because you only see it for a few seconds.

Whether you’re making your own stickers or hiring a professional graphic designer, make the concept you want to express on it as basic as possible.

Play with Shapes

When it comes to design stickers, the most frequent shapes are a square or a circle. It works quite well in many situations. These stickers, for example, are both entertaining and professional.

Do you want to increase the number of people who see your brand? Choose a non-traditional shape! It will not cost you anything and may benefit the design. This is especially useful if your brand’s colors aren’t extremely vibrant.

Follow Your Brand’s Palette

Sticker designs for entertainment may be any color from the palette. Business cards, on the other hand, must be consistent with your brand. The problem is that not all stickers will have your company’s name on them, so they must build a strong association.

Emphasis on Readability

Avoiding text is your best chance in sticker design. Ideally, your sticker should convey a message without the need for words. If you’ve decided to incorporate text in your stickers, make it quite large. Making the entire sticker pack a capitalized text sticker pack is a wonderful idea.

However, if you do need words, make sure to pick a font that is both readable and representative of your brand. 

Wondering which font to pick? With over 100 beautiful fonts and kinds to choose from for your amazing stickers, this collection of high-quality fonts will leave your audience breathless in awe. You may also choose graphics to add to your badge stickers here.

Use Funny Characters

We all like cartoons, even if we don’t watch them as much as we used to. Stickers with funny characters on them are merely visually appealing and engaging. They’re also visually appealing, and you can’t help but notice them in order to figure out what they’re up to.

If you have the budget to play with your brand and messaging, comedic characters are your best friends.

Print in CMYK

When you engage a competent graphic designer to develop an online sticker design for you, this goes without saying. If you’re doing it yourself, keep in mind that the color space should be converted from RGB to CMYK. The vast majority of printing companies will categorically refuse to print in RGB. To save time, use CMYK from the start.

Set the Bleed Area and Resolution

Don’t sure how large you want your stickers to be? It is preferable to create them in high quality ahead of time. If you build a raster sticker design for a 2” by 2” print and then want it 3” x 3”, it will look terrible. Before you manufacture stickers online, create your ideas in high resolution so that they will appear fantastic in any print format.

On the other hand, the space surrounding your sticker that continues over the trim edges is referred to as bleed. This ensures that the full picture gets cut out of the sticker. If you don’t set it up correctly, the manufacturer may crop a section of the image.

Whether you design a sticker yourself or hire a professional, these 7 killer tips are essential for your success.

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