10 Best-Selling Graphic Templates for Professional Designers in 2021


October 19, 2021

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The appearance of a website design is often the primary determinant for the people to enjoy their visit. However, the “appearance” is coming from aesthetic factors and the layout and user-friendliness of a website. The balanced combination of aesthetic and practical means is the best method to improve the number of visitors.

A website usually functions as a virtual representation of a business. Since people cannot see or judge the overall quality of the business operation as they would if they were dealing with an established company, they will eventually grade your business by its’ website design. This is where the importance of creating a good website design lies.

A well-put-together website shows that a business pays careful attention to every detail and cares about professionalism. It is a symbol that your business is organized, focused, and genuinely severe about serving its customers.

Graphic Templates and the Aesthetics of a Website

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In graphic design, aesthetics is closely related to the visual appeal and cohesiveness of one’s work, in other words. Good design usually incorporates the appropriate use of design elements and principles. Besides that, a good design should communicate the intended mood or feel more than just the general content in the format.

With the support of increasingly advanced technology, such as digital drawing software and 3D renders, as well as the presence of touch devices, such as tablets and smartphones, that aesthetics in web design have evolved very rapidly. Right now, you must always ensure that your plan is fluid or flexible enough to adapt to various screen sizes and electronic devices.

The first impression of the visitors of your website is significant. This impression usually comes from the design of the website itself. A good plan will generate a “positive mood” about the product or service you offer. 

10 Best-Selling Templates for Professional Designers

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Professional designers are always requested to fulfill their client’s needs when designing, whether for developing websites, apps, or even 3D renders for some special projects. It is common for them to use ready-to-use graphic templates with customizable visual elements to ease their task.

That being said, looking at how extensive and diverse the graphic templates selection is today, you may feel overwhelmed while searching for the best template for your current project, especially if you don’t have much experience in using these templates.

For your reference, here are some of the best-selling templates among the designers:

  • Dentist – Banner & Landing Page

The dental business has become more popular than ever. If you or your client happens to run a dental clinic or any business related to that subject, in particular, a Dentist’s theme is the best one to pick. This theme is suitable for a dental-niched banner and landing page.

The template uses a light-colored banner and background with light-blue and white shade to dominate the overall nuance. This graphic is suitable for both websites for educational purposes or websites for selling products or services.

  • Fancy Dinner – Banner & Landing Page

Fancy Dinner is a graphic template for an elegant yet colorful food-service industry website. The template mainly uses the blue color that pairs well with any food business that tries to show a sleek image without looking super fancy or ridiculously expensive.

All of the template elements are editable. Therefore, you can freely customize this template according to your liking or combine it with other vectors to create a new, fresh graphic template for 3D renders or other purposes.

  • Yoga – Banner & Landing Page

Peace and tranquility are two things that must be conveyed to the visitor of Yoga or a well-being-themed website. If you are trying to create a website with a similar niche, Yoga may be one of the best selections to pick out there. 

This template uses 2D graphics with sunset nuance that encourage peace of mind and the tranquility of nature. Aside from the popping color, this template is also fast to load and responsive, making it a perfect choice for developing something more compact, like an app or mobile-focused website.

  • Cat – Banner & Landing Page

Who does not like cats? These cute, furry creature has become one of the best subjects for pet industry for a long time. If you are developing a website centered around that industry, this graphic template must be considered your primary choice.

Using soft purple as its primary color scheme, the template looks cute and vibrant – tempting the visitor to spend more time on your site. The template is also responsive, making it a good choice for developing an app or create 3D renders.

  • Farms – Banner & Landing Page

This particular theme suits the green-based business best. If you are developing a website for modern farmers or anything correlated to natural goods, this template is the natural choice that will come in handy during the design process.

Using green and white as the primary color, the template looks both refreshing and minimalistic. Thus, create a very professional appearance that still fits the general “farm” picture you are trying to depict.

  • Art Museum – Banner & Landing Page

If you are looking for an artsy graphic template with modern nuance, the Art Museum has everything you are looking for. The stunning yet straightforward theme represents the general atmosphere of the contemporary museum – artistic and well-put-together.

 While the template itself is pretty artsy, you can use it for any site since the studio creator provides the raw files you need to customize or modify the theme according to your needs.

  • Electrical – Banner & Landing Page

This bold-looking template has one of the most stunning appearances for display. The use of deep blue as the main background complements the artistic design of the visual elements within the template.

As the name suggests, the template fits best for businesses or professionals in the electrical field. While the concept itself tends to be very specific, you can also use it for other themes, such as constructions or reparation services.

  • Beauty and Cosmetics – Banner & Landing Page

This particular graphic template focuses heavily on cosmetics and beauty products. The lavish pink background is designed to attract visitor’s attention in a flash. The feminine design also tops with a splash of yellow color to make it look more vibrant.

Overall, the template is very suitable to the market of female products or create a female-themed blog. The simplicity of this theme is one of the aspects that attract many professional designers to use it.

  • Modern Architecture – Banner & Landing Page

This modern graphic template can also be an excellent inspiration for your 3D renders based on its futuristic looks and fantastic color schemes. The template is quite fascinating since it somehow looks complicated and vibrant at the same time.

The template uses variants of colors, mainly combines white, purple-ish, and soft pink shades. The graphic is well-put, making it both pleasing to the eyes and easy to be navigated and explored.

  • Photography – Capture Your Moments cover

Photography is one of the most used niches out there. Since most people nowadays are always looking at the aesthetic, the theme becomes quite popular in recent years. In addition, many professional photographers use the website as a medium to show their portfolio.

As a professional designer, this theme might be the safest choice for you. Its artistic color combination and robust concept are easy to tweak to satisfy your client’s needs. You can also customize the template elements since the studio will provide editable raw files to you.

How to Pick the Best Graphic Templates

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Right now, you can pick thousands or even millions of graphic templates to be used as the basis of your website design. That being said, picking out the right one for you must be pretty tricky, considering how rich the selection is. 

To help you search for the best graphic templates, here are some factors you need to consider:

Pick a Certain Theme or Niche

Before looking for a theme, make sure you have already understood the niche of your website so that you won’t pick the wrong template that is designed specifically for another article or place. For instance, it will be odd to use a biker-themed template if you run a website about selling used cars.

Choosing an appropriate graphic template will attract the targeted market and encourage visitors to stay for a more extended period. You don’t want any of them to leave just seconds after accessing the website that you created.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly

Everyone is now connected to the internet via mobile device. Therefore, creating a mobile-friendly design that automatically adapts the site’s display on all mobile devices is necessary. This practice will provide a similar experience for all users who visit your website, regardless of the device they were using. 

Make sure to test each page to optimize it and always position yourself from the user’s perspective during the process. Luckily, for a designer, this process is relatively easier than other tasks, such as making 3D renders, since most modern templates were made to be responsive out-of-the-box.

Currently, responsive website themes are prioritized by Google in determining website rankings. This is very important for your SEO optimization. While most website templates are designed with all that principles in mind, you have to do a set of tests to make sure that everything is responsive and mobile-friendly.

Readability First

Readability is the key to whether or not the content on your website is appealing to the visitors. While visual elements are essential to luring in the visitors, words are the ones that keep them in in most cases. Thus, picking a graphic template with good readability is a must.

First, make sure the template provides an appropriate space to put your content. Anything you put on the site, whether it is a slogan/quote, must be displayed clearly without tangled with other visual elements.

The contrast is essential. You have to make sure that the text you are using has contrasting colors so that the background or the overall color scheme of the website. You may not be afraid to play with colors. However, when it comes to text, better play it safe and use the neutral ones. In addition, always make sure that you also use the appropriate text size and font to optimize the overall display of your website.

Make Sure It is Fast

In addition to being responsive and mobile-friendly, you also have to pick a theme that has a good loading speed since it will directly affect the convenience of your site’s visitors. While many factors contribute to the load speed of a website, the graphic template may have the most significant impact since it contains the visual elements that take time to load.

According to Google research, when the loading speed on a website increases from one to three seconds, the chances of a bounce (visitors who will leave soon) will increase by as much as 32 percent. Meanwhile, if the page takes five seconds to load, the probability of a bounce occurring increases by as much as 90%. In other words, if the page on your website doesn’t load quickly and passes the sweet 3 seconds spot, it will significantly increase the chances of users leaving your website.

As a safety precaution, try using a speed checker website, such as PageSpeed ​​Insights by Google, to compare the loading speed between a theme and another. The result could be used as a raw estimation to determine whether the template is fast enough for your liking.

Final Words

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Looking at the article above, we can conclude that you can use a myriad of graphic template selections to polish your website. Aside from that, the template can be used for other purposes, such as creating 3D renders or printing flyers.

Regardless of the use, we recommend you to pick https://aqrstudio.com/ products. Each of the templates created by the studio is optimized and mobile-friendly. They have the best selections for any theme or niche you try to develop, all with competitive prices and offers.

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