7 Cool Fonts for Branding in 2021: Everything You Need to Know About Typeface


October 22, 2021

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While it’s generally known that typography has a crucial impact on the overall feel of a design, it’s not necessarily always well thought out. Sure, you can create a cool design that catches everyone’s eyes, but when it doesn’t have adequate typography to support the content, it’ll come out as illegible and unreadable, which will impact the overall look and turn off potential customers.

When it comes to typography, it doesn’t only about the type or size of a font, but it also comprises the feel, psychology behind certain styles, warm or cool tone, contrast, whitespace, and everything that supports your design. No matter how trivial or simple it may look, a little error can impact your design on a macro level.

To nail typography for your brand, a typeface should be consistent and true to a brand’s identity. The right typography will enable your brand to exude a distinct personality, be it cool, romantic, simple, trendy, or aggressive.  By improving your typography, you can fully express the uniqueness of your brand, and it will help you to be remembered and recognized by both your existing audience and the potential ones.

Here, we will delve into everything you need to know about typeface and how it plays a big role in branding, as well as 9 examples of cool logo fonts that will definitely catch everyone’s attention!

Getting the Basics: Typeface vs Font

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Exactly how do a typeface and a font differ one from the other, then? A whole typeface is nothing more than a collection of font blocks. Typefaces come in a variety of sizes and weights, allowing users to be as creative as they want to. The most well-known typeface is Helvetica, for instance. In addition to 10 points Helvetica, 12 points Helvetica, 14 points Helvetica Bold, and 16 points Helvetica Italic typefaces, Helvetica is available in a variety of sizes and weights.

Have a hard time deciding between the two? Let’s use an analogy to illustrate our point. Just like an album of music, think of fonts as songs. Neither the single nor the album contain music sung by a different artist, although both do feature the same singer. Although each song is distinct, the differences combine to create an album that is all of its own. To represent the song here, you can use the album’s typeface and font.

You will be more cautious when using either term in daily conversation now that you grasp the distinction between typeface and font.

What is Branding?

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In the commercial and marketing realms, branding is critical for keeping your company alive and relevant. That is why it is crucial to understand and be familiar with key branding words, as well as why they are important, especially if you aim to be a great marketer one day.

People create mental images or notions of a company’s products, services, and activities when they think about it both practically and emotionally. As an example, wearing an LV purse lends an air of power due to the brand’s rarity. There is a biological or emotional response when someone sees a specific brand’s logo or essential images.

This is why branding is the act of continuously imprinting a distinct, positive image of a company and its goods in the minds of customers via the use of numerous components such as a logo, poster, and many others throughout the marketing and communication process.

For reasons other than gaining reputation, branding techniques are continuously being created. Businesses may use branding to establish their brand and build their customers’ trust in them.

One essential part of a branding hierarchy is typeface and font because it is the thing that conveys messages and delivers emotions to the readers, which is why picking the right typeface is important to get your cool branding across.

Why is Typeface Important for Branding?

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Typography is an important component of a brand’s identity, even if you don’t realize it.

Typography is used extensively in a brand’s logo, packaging, communications, papers, website, and social media graphics.

Choosing the right cool logo typefaces may make or destroy a logo. In addition to telling your brand’s narrative, the proper typography may make your logo more memorable everywhere it appears. The incorrect typeface, on the other hand, may mean problems. For this reason, you should take your time while picking the appropriate typeface for your brand.

Here are some reasons that will make you realize how cool typeface will ultimately impact your branding.

Typography Defines How Your Audience Perceives You

Typographic influences have a significant impact on customer perception. The way individuals interact with social media has changed dramatically as a result of advances in technology, which has led to an increase in the usage of displays and responsive technologies to consume information.

Typography Conveys Meaning

Similar to how color or visual representation conveys a message to customers, typography expresses the tone and values of your business. Your brand and business will be represented differently in each area of the typeface.

Typography Defines Experiences

The way people view your brand depends on the language they use. If a consumer sees an advertisement on television, visits your website, or reads the name of your product, they’ve had an experience. In order to create a cool brand image, it is necessary to give clients a positive experience through your products or services.

Typography Creates Brand Recognition

As a significant component of your visual identity, typography and typefaces have a direct impact on how your audience perceives and remembers you. Disney, for example, has designed and trademarked its own distinct typeface in order to make it a part of its identity. Think about your own company and ask yourself whether your brand’s typography is recognizable and memorable.

How to Choose the Right Typeface for Your Brand

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First, let’s examine the features of a good brand font.

You’ll be extending your brand’s identity across numerous media with these important typographic qualities.

Prior to implementing typography, it’s important to be aware of how fonts are selected.

Understand Your Brand’s Personality

An important part of brand identification is its personality, which also helps to increase brand recognition. The qualities that your consumers associate with you and remember you for.

In the same way that other brand components must match your brand’s personality, typefaces and typography must do the same. The cool personality of your brand may be defined in specific terms, but if not, take the time to think about how you want your business viewed. It’s important for everyone in your team, from the brand owners to the managers to the decision-makers, to think about the many sorts of brands and their common features.

Understand the Magic of Typeface Psychology

Except that typefaces and typography each have their own personalities. As a result, you’ll also need to be familiar with them.

Understanding font psychology is the ability to recognize that each typeface has its own distinct characteristics. Fonts are categorized into Serif, Sans Serif, and Script. It’s not uncommon to see Sans Serif fonts used in the current design. When it comes to companies that exude modernity while maintaining a feeling of purity

Pick the Typeface that Matches Your Personality

Knowing the different font categories is easier now that you’ve determined your brand’s identity. Choosing the right typeface for your needs is the next step.

If you’re going to mix two different sorts of fonts, you’ll need to keep in mind that each typeface category has its own variations.

Ensure Its Availability and Flexibility

To make it easier for other users to reproduce your typography and cool font choices, you’ll need to create a system that aligns them in a logical order in the brand book.

In your complete brand style guide, you should provide examples of font hierarchies that are both obvious and relevant.

It’s important that your font treatment be both consistent and simple. A major font, secondary font, and a typeface that complements the primary font and supports your typographic system should make up the two or three fonts you pick.

Consider Budget and License

After completing the previous four stages, the only thing left to do is to find and license a typeface for your brand.

A number of font libraries, such as Google Typefaces, make their fonts available for free. However, despite their convenience, these libraries have a restricted selection of typefaces.

License fonts for a more professional approach to brand typography, but you must be aware of the specific costs and licensing fees before doing so.

5 Brands That Did It Right with Their Fonts

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Looking at examples of successful businesses that owe a large part of their success to typography helps put the usage of typefaces in branding into context. Let’s take a closer look at these five notables.


Print media giant Vogue is one of the world’s leading periodicals. The Bodoni typeface was created by mixing a lot of thickness in order to experiment with thick and thin components combined into a single font. As a consequence, the magazine takes on a more glamorous and dramatic aspect as a result. Definitely a cool match for your branding!

The New Yorker

The almost 100-year-old magazine features one of the most recognizable typefaces in journalism and print media. NY Irvin’s clean typeface is basic and only somewhat odd, adding originality and luring readers into absorbing its similarly distinctive content.


Custom, the proprietary typeface used by a brand. Because of the brand’s quick recognition, Uber’s transportation services have become a global phenomenon.


As a result of the Bauhaus movement’s cohabitation of individualism with mass manufacturing, the Futura typeface is geometric and contemporary. FedEx’s emblem is easily identifiable because of its sans-serif typeface.


Netflix appears to be a fan of the color red, which dominates its design. For those that set the pace in home entertainment, this must be a standout option. To make their envelopes more noticeable in the mail, the firm utilized red instead of purple. The color red also gives the impression that the firm is authoritative, energetic, joyful, and in love with its customers.

N-logo will eventually be synonymous with movies, much as Apple’s famous logo is.

7 Cool Logo Fonts for Branding in 2021

Cool Fonts
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Now that you know the importance of cool fonts in your branding, here are 7 of the best fonts that you can use for your headline.


You may use this gorgeous serif font for headers, posters, social media design, and merchandise in your branding initiatives. For a gorgeous and cool typeface that shines out, the premium Nocturne font from Envato Elements is a great choice. Script fonts make headers stand out, and this one does.


Spillages is a sleek and strong font. Beautiful and lively, this cool font from Envato Elements was inspired by river flow lines.

To give your branding endeavors a professional and attractive look, use the Spillages font on marketing collaterals and business cards.


Although this typeface is one of the edgiest and fashionable of the bunch, it does not come across as unprofessional in any way at all. For any unique branding ideas, Chunky is meant to be visible from a distance and in tiny sizes. There are many ways to engage your audience, and this is one of the best!


Featuring artsy elements, Bigbass is a cool typeface that is perfect for tasks that require a touch of refinement. Additionally, it features special characters, as well as a sans serif font variation—ideal for funky projects or for when you want to make a statement with your decor.


It doesn’t get much more primitive than this. Raster typeface will transport you back to the Victorian period. Multiple innovative features and font varieties are available, yet the traditional aspects of this typeface make it difficult to replicate.


Baguette is a contemporary script typeface suitable for a cool font. Don’t be fooled by the gentle curves and rounded corners. There is a sense of freedom and unlimited energy in the air, which will remind you of the outside world. You must be free to use this font.

Make a statement with Baguette as the title on your poster, magazine, social media postings, or graphic shirt by adding it to your collection.


Why not admire Novanille’s bold, courageous, and current style? When it comes to branding, this stylish typeface has an uncanny knack for slipping into people’s hearts.

Novanille font and royal hues such as turquoise, gold, or silver can be used with a thin-style marker to grab everyone’s attention. In the mood for a little experimentation? Make a poster, graphics, or shirts using it.

Now that you know the essential knowledge to utilize typeface to support your branding, as well as a range of cool fonts to help you start. Check these tips out and grow your brand with the right typography in hand!

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