9 Best Restaurant Logos and Inspirations from Famous Brands


October 23, 2021

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You’re driving through town, utterly unaware that you’ve just passed some of the most well-known businesses in the world. They’ve had a significant influence on the lives of most people, and they’ve expanded to virtually every continent. I’m referring especially to well-known eateries and the logos that go with them.

Many of these logos may be found everywhere, reminding you of the delicious meals that have been served at their businesses with the aim of luring you back for more. Most people don’t even notice these logos when they leave their house every day since they’re so prevalent.

You’ll stand out from the crowd with the greatest restaurant logos. In addition to drawing the attention of potential consumers, it may also set the tone for conversations on social media and in gourmet blogs. The design may help your business become even more successful in a number of ways.

Whether you specialize in fine dining or pub cuisine and beer, having a memorable restaurant logo is essential. You’ll find some tasty restaurant logo ideas in this post that are guaranteed to inspire you.

What is a Restaurant Logo?

Restaurant Logos
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In order to identify a restaurant, it is necessary to employ a graphic or text-based logo.

That being said, a logo can be so much more. An eye-catching and memorable graphic should reflect your restaurant’s idea, menu, and general environment. In addition to your menu, the logo will appear on everything from your business cards to your signage and take-out containers, as well as your uniforms, your website, and your social media profiles. 

For most clients, your restaurant’s logo is the first impression they will get of your establishment. As clients increasingly pick restaurants online or through apps, the logo has become even more essential. It represents your brand, your cuisine, and your complete business.

Why Having a Logo is Important for Your Business?

Restaurant Logos
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Restaurant Logos
Sumber : Vecteezy

Here are some reasons why picking the right logo is important for your restaurant business.

Logo Creates a Strong Impression

Getting this properly is a one-shot deal.

It’s important to remember that a company’s logo is its initial introduction to consumers. If it’s well-designed, it may spark the public’s attention and encourage them to discover more about the firm; if it’s not, you’ve just shunned a prospective clientele.

To convey the niche you dominate, use the logo as an initial impression. Your firm’s logo establishes your company as a leader in your field from the get-go.

Logo Builds Your Brand Identity

In a nutshell, good branding is all about telling a tale that will move your target audience’s emotions.

Although a company’s logo is only one part of its brand, it serves as a foundation for its story. There is a story you want to tell, and your logo sets the stage.

Incorporate them into your logo and other branding materials to create a marketable and tangible brand image.

It Creates a Distinction Between You and Competitors

With your company logo, you have the opportunity to show people why yours is best. Perhaps 50 restaurants exist in your area, but only one is devoted to sustainability, and your green, earthy logo reinforces that point.

As a result of using the correct logo or typeface, a well-designed restaurant logo may express anything from the firm’s history to its goal.

To put it another way, your logo serves as a platform to both communicate your beliefs and demonstrate to customers why you’re better than your rivals

Elements of a Restaurant Logo

Restaurant Logos
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In addition to conveying your restaurant’s personality, each hue elicits various feelings. Consider how you would like your consumers to feel about your brand when they see and think of it. 

Having your logo colors match your restaurant’s concept may significantly impact your customers’ food ordering decisions. Examples include the employment of bright colors such as red and yellow in fast food restaurants as opposed to subdued or black-and-white themes in fine dining establishments.


Fonts are the best way to express your restaurant’s identity, whether they’re used in conjunction with a picture or on their own. Sans-serifs, for example, have a more informal appearance, whereas serifs tend to be more professional. Script typefaces also have a handwritten feel to them. 

Many different typefaces are available, from exquisite calligraphic fonts to more relaxed and casual letters. A decorative typeface catches the eye because of its high-style design. Check out some of the best font collections.


Whether your restaurant logo is printed on a sweet or a billboard, it must be readily visible on all surfaces and sizes. A design grid can prevent your logo from being stretched or deformed when you enlarge and/or reduce it.


Your logo needs to stand out from the crowd. When it comes to creating a unique restaurant logo and learning how to differentiate yourself from other restaurants, looking at other businesses’ design decisions is a fantastic resource. An extensive collection of the best restaurant logos has been given at the end of the post as a reference.

3 Qualities Every Great Restaurant Logo Must Have

Restaurant Logos
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With regard to restaurant brand identity and visual representation, the menu’s design serves as a visual cue. A well-designed logo may spark a customer’s interest, which can differentiate between them, giving you a try and scrolling past. Observe the following points to see if your design is up to the task:

It Is Delectable

Restaurant logos can persuade visitors to dine at your restaurant for the first time without them having tasted or seen the cuisine being provided beforehand. Just like you’d want an attractive, friendly, and fascinating profile image for your restaurant.

It Represents Your Brand

If your brand is prominently shown in search results or while buying online, returning consumers will remember their positive experiences and return.

It Tells Your Story

Your restaurant’s emblem should clearly reflect the sort of cuisine you offer, the pricing range, and the whole experience your clients will have when dining at your restaurant. Customers should not expect a nice Italian restaurant when they arrive at a bar.

How Can I Use My Restaurant Logo?

Restaurant Logos
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Signage, cards, and products may all include your best restaurant’s brand. There are a few areas where your restaurant logo can be shown, but we’ll focus on the three most significant.

Digital Presence

On all of your owned digital platforms, your logo should appear. To get started, create a website and social media pages for you. This is how you convert online diners into site traffic and offline customers into online audiences.

Menus, Packaging, and Other Collaterals

Be sure to take advantage of any chance to promote your brand. In a Starbucks or McDonald’s, you’ll note that everything is branded, from silverware and straws to sugar packs and napkins, all the way down to the bags that contain the meal itself.

Because such branding might be expensive, it may not be as important for smaller businesses. However, with the development of meal delivery services like DoorDash, branded packaging has become more essential than ever before again. The branding on the delivery boxes may be the only thing your consumers remember about their meal if they buy online.

Corporate and Employer Branding

Last but not least, a good logo sticks with you, even if you broaden your business. Fast-food chains like Starbucks have expanded their product lines to include items that can be purchased at the grocery store. The logo acts as a means of attracting loyal clients to the new product via the use of recognizable imagery.

9 Best Restaurant Logos from Famous Brand and Why

Restaurant Logos
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Our greatest restaurant logos have been compiled into a list to help you design the trendiest logo in history.


Unsurprising, however, that one of the world’s most popular restaurants would also feature one of the most well-known logos among restaurants. Founded on the principle of providing consumers with fresh cuisine in a quick and convenient manner, SubWay has become wildly popular.

“S” and “Y” are connected by an arrow. Due to the fact SubWay still enjoys providing fast service, these arrows have been kept.


It’s impossible to talk about the most well-known restaurant logos without including McDonald’s. There are now approximately 40,000+ McDonald’s outlets in 130+ different countries. Besides being one of the most well-known trademarks on the planet, the McDonald’s logo has a fascinating backstory, from its birth to its current status as a world-beating brand.

The Golden Arches were created by Richard and Maurice McDonald in 1952 and have become a symbol of McDonald’s ever since. San Bernardino, California restaurant owners desired a design that would be both eye-catching and functional. They were seeking a new logo that would keep up with the times and move away from their old design, which was considered obsolete. There’s an “M” in the world now as a result of it.


The world’s most famous café comes in second on our list. As one of the first big firms to utilize a contemporary style, its logo is clean and straightforward.

Starbucks began searching for a logo in 1971 and wanted to capture the nautical traditions of early coffee dealers. They found a 16th-century Norse woodcut of a two-tailed mermaid with the company’s original name, Starbucks Coffee, Tea, and Spice, ringed around it.


Without pizza, where would we be? And that’s not even including pizza delivery. Domino’s logo is one of the best, most well-known restaurant logos out there; therefore, we had to put it on our list. They presently operate in 85 different nations and are steadily expanding by continually coming up with fresh ideas for success. They currently operate in 85 different countries.

Pizza chain Domino’s, founded more than 50 years ago in Michigan’s small town of Caledonia, has a unique red and blue logo that sticks out and gets people’s attention, but it has also seen numerous modifications.

Burger King

As a result of their flame-grilled method and the fact that they create each burger to order every time, Burger King is also included on the list. Red and yellow are prominent colors in Burger King’s emblem, just as they are in many other fast food businesses, such as McDonald’s.

Burger King is also on the list because of their flame-grilled technique and how they prepare each burger to order every time. Burger King employs a lot of red and yellow, just like many other fast food business logos, such as McDonald’s.


As America’s favorite fast-food restaurant, Chick-fil-a is on its way to global dominance. They also have a long and intriguing history of logos, with many variants. Utilizing a chicken head emblem as the first “C” of Chick-fil-a, they began using it in 1970. As a result, the chicken head picture was removed from their emblem and replaced with text.


Colonel Sanders, the renowned mascot of the fried chicken business, adorns their emblem with a broad grin. Since its founding in 1952, its logo has undergone a lot of modifications, but Colonel Sanders has always been present.

Taco Bell

A Tex-Mex restaurant based in Irvine, California, Taco Bell provides a wide range of Tex-Mex cuisine items, such as tacos, burrito-style burritos, nachos, and more. With a variety of designs and hues, the logo has evolved over time.

Dunkin’ Donuts

People have relied on Dunkin for years to obtain their daily cup of coffee, and its logo makes sure that everyone knows that by putting “America Runs on Dunkin” across the bottom of the image. As well as a cup of coffee, the logo serves to position their brand as the finest way to start a person’s day.

To get to where it is today, the logo has undergone a number of important modifications throughout the years. It’s easy to see that they’ve experimented with many different logos throughout the years, as seen by the image below. A mascot named Dunkie was also utilized in the 1950s.


Wendy, the mascot of the burger company established by Dave Thomas in 1969, has seen several modifications throughout the years. However, compared to its 1970s and 1980s originals, its 2013 design has a more modern vibe and a simpler appearance.

With some restaurant logo ideas in hand, it’s time to get creative. Download the best restaurant font and start thinking of ideas for your very own stunning restaurant logo today!

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