7 Creative Design Templates to Print Professional Newsletter


October 27, 2021

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Professional newsletter has various functions, from promoting business profiles to announcing new products or events. An ideal design must simultaneously attract and inform, following standard design while having attractive design elements. Designing an ideal newsletter is not an easy feat, especially if you plan to grow your business and print a lot of newsletter sheets.

Luckily, there are design templates you can use to create original newsletters. Downloading these pre-made templates allows you to focus on the content. Here are several professional templates to create newsletters even without design skills.

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  • Green Newslet Newsletter

Green Newslet Newsletter gives a professional look for a business description or event/product announcement. The layout has a 3 mm bleed size, giving ample size for images and texts to appear together in a neat fashion. The green color scheme is ideal for various themes, from finance to environmental issues. 

The wide header image provides instant attraction. All the 10 pages are fully customizable, and you can insert multiple images on one page without sacrificing texts. It comes with downloadable font files, ensuring that you have the right fonts for a readable newsletter.

  • Lilac Newsletter

Lilac Newsletter has a frontpage design layout that resembles an actual newspaper, giving it a unique touch to the newsletter, yet remains formal. The header text allows extra space for the company logo, giving it a more exclusive touch. Neutral color palette makes it perfect for any type of business or institution.

Lilac Newsletter has 10 customizable pages, with a format that accommodates multiple text columns and various image locations. Each page has A4 size with 3mm bleed on each page side. It comes with default fonts for better legibility.

  • Medical Newsletter

Newsletters for health and medical topics must have designs that emit reliability and trust. Medical Newsletter offers a perfect design for such topics, which you are free to adjust for other topics too. The little square for the title and logo allows extra space for the header image and important texts. 

Coming with 10 A4-sized pages, Medical Newsletter allows creative layouts for multiple image placements, including side-by-side comparison pictures. The highlight boxes come in three shades, allowing you to emphasize important points or summaries. Each page also allows you to create multiple text columns.

  • Monday Newsletter

Make your announcement or new product description more memorable with Monday Newsletter. The black and gold color palette, along with two-font main title, make the newsletter look important and newsworthy. The highlight boxes have gold tones, and the A4 pages have multiple columns for more dynamic layouts.

Monday Newsletter offers 10 customizable pages, each with black-and-white HD images that can be replaced. The template comes with font files to make your newsletter readable. Each page has 3 mm bleed for maximum text and image spaces.

  • Marketing Newsletter

Marketing Newsletter is ideal for promoting products in a formal way. The soft grey tone and text-only header make it ideal for promoting products or services that require a high level of trust, such as legal, finance, and any new product launch.

Each A4 page has 3 mm bleed and customizable layouts. You can create multiple text columns and paragraphs, complete with HD images. It comes with several font files to better distinguish multiple body texts and pages.

  • Digital Bulletin Newsletter

Make your bulletin or event coverage more interesting with Digital Bulletin Newsletter. The front page provides a header with large font and layout for multiple highlights and images, instantly attract attention. The neutral color palette keeps readers from getting distracted while reading your info.

The newsletter template offers 10 A4 pages with 33 mm bleed, plus default font files. Fully customizable, each page has a layout for multiple columns, page texts, and highlights.

  • Peachis Newsletter

Induce warmth and modernity into your newsletter using the Peachis template. The header is contained in a square, and the pages have a neat, clean design for various professional purposes. It also includes multiple image layouts to create interesting pages.

Peachis Newsletter template comes with 10 customizable A4 pages. Each page has an organized style with options to create multiple text columns. You can pack as much information as possible while keeping the newsletter professional and easy to read.

Designing a newsletter requires good planning for the best, professional result. Download one of these newsletter templates and make your business announcement, description, or coverage more interesting without losing credibility.

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