9 Stylish Social Media Templates to Promote Any Businesses


October 29, 2021

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Running a business means having consistent, professional designs for every promotional medium. Social media templates, such as for Facebook and Instagram, are widely available for business owners of any level who want to create an interesting profile. Having consistent design makes customers recognize your brand and creates a higher trust level.

Social media templates are available in various designs and themes. Here are nine great examples to choose from.

Social Media Templates
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  • Healthy Food Social Media Template

Healthy Food is a template to promote food-related businesses, such as catering, restaurant, and meal ingredient packages. The bright green color scheme contrasts nicely with the pictures of healthy food used. The HD fresh food images go well with the background color.

This template comes with editable files, and you can modify the templates with common design tools such as Photoshop. 

  • Entrepreneur Social Media Template

Want to market a successful service offer or product? Perhaps launching your own business course? Entrepreneur Social Media Template is the answer. It comes with bold yet warm color palette. Multiple font colors and sizes help you create outstanding texts.

Entrepreneur Social Media Template offers editable files you can modify with a digital tool like Photoshop. You can insert images such as your products or photos in high resolution.

  • Beverage Social Media Template

Bright and cheery, Beverage Social Media Template is perfect for displaying mouthwatering images of foods and drinks. The pastel tone gives a cheery, inviting background for your promoted images. From restaurant to catering and bar, this template adds value to the visual promotion.

Beverage Social Media Template offers nine styles, all with editable PSD, AI, and EPS files. The high-resolution images look perfect on any social media. 

  • Real Estate Social Media Template

Promoting real estate products is a tough job. Real Estate Social Media Template gives the air of reliability in your social media campaigns. The template has a dark blue theme for a fully professional look. The pages come with spaces to put your logo, contact, and listings.

All the nine pages have layered files, fully editable with a popular digital drawing tool. You can use the high-resolution property images or replace them with your own. The default font files give professional, readable texts.

  • Fashion Festival Social Media Template

Fashion Festival Social Media Template adds a trendy, stylish touch to your campaign. The color palette is bright with strong contrast, attracting the eyes. The template is heavy with images, allowing you to showcase the collections in high-resolution images.

The template comes with six editable styles, all with layered PSD, AI, and EPS files. The default font files are perfect for a trendy, modern fashion campaign.

  • Barbershop Social Media Template

Make your social media campaign looks strong with Barbershop Template. The palette features strong, contrasting colors, with turquoise, dark green, and bursts of red and yellow coming through. They provide a notable, interesting look for your service-focused business.

Barbershop Template comes with nine different styles, allowing you to put information such as service descriptions, operating hours, address, and contact. All pages are editable with a digital tool, and they come with default font files.

  • Cake Bakery Social Media Template

Cake Bakery is a beautiful template with a warm tone, a perfect design for promoting wedding cakes, pastries, bakery shops, and other food products. The palette is perfect for promoting food, with beige, brown, muted yellow, and other warm colors. It comes with script font files to make interesting titles and menu headers.

Cake Bakery offers nine editable pages with high-resolution images. Use them to promote featured products, popular items, and special promotions like discounts.

  • Rugby Course Social Media Template

Taking cues from sports mascots, Rugby Course Template features strong contrast between yellow and dark blue. The bold fonts and rounded images promise an eye-catching social media campaign. You can use it to promote outdoor activities and sport-related products or services.

Get your nine-editable styles with layered AI, EPS, and PSD files. You can add information such as service descriptions, pricing info, and contacts.

  • Florist Social Media Template

Florist Template offers a beautiful combination of green and pink, perfect for promoting garden supply shops, flower arrangements, garden landscaping, plant seeds, and other nature-related businesses. All comes in nine unique styles, with editable files and high-resolution images to promote your campaign.

Choosing the right social media templates can make or break your digital campaign. Download your templates now and create a professional-looking campaign in simple steps.

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