Vector Characters: Various Creation Kits to Suit Your Needs


November 1, 2021

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Character illustration can spice up any web or print designs you are working on for personal or commercial projects. Mix-and-match creation kits containing vector images can be one of the perfect options to start with. You can have fun while creating your characters—people, animals, scenes, avatars, etc.—that will be suitable for any occasion or need.  

You will find in this article a few examples of vector creation sets in varying character themes. However, before that, let’s discuss a little about vector graphics.  

Vector Graphic – Characters 

Vector Characters
Sumber : Unblast

As the name implies vector character is characters in the forms of vector images. What is a vector image anyway?

In graphic design, vector images come from the mixture of points and lines in mathematical formulas. Unlike the raster image counterparts, vectors are not grids of pixels. Instead, they are comprising of paths with start and end points. 

Along the way, there are more points, lines, curves, and angles. They can be squares, triangles, and curvy or even polygon shapes that depict particular image objects, even simple to complex character drawings.  

In vector art, the designers add the lines or points with numerous attributes (e.g., thickness, colors, fill colors, etc.). Moreover, vector images are not resolution-dependent; thus, they are scalable. Therefore, they are impeccable even for big-scale printed products as well as many business platforms. 

Vector Character Creation Kits

Vector Characters
Sumber : Kind PNG

The creation kits for vector characters have gained popularity after Pablo Stanley introduced his free illustration collections for personal and commercial uses. After that, vector people are everywhere in TV ads, websites, etc.  

In addition to vector people, nowadays, you can find character-based creation sets in vector animals, scenes, avatars, monsters, avatars, and more. Also, they are available in countless themes, making it easier for users to find the best ones that suit their needs. Not to mention many of them are freebies.

Let’s check out some creative and attractive vector character creation kits.

#1 – Vector Characters Builder

This creation kit offers over 50 creative elements of scalable vector characters in editable objects. You can easily use the collection to make animated avatars or people in just a few clicks. 

The scalable elements include male and female body types, facial features, hairstyles, clothes, shoes, and accessories. They are available in EPS and AI file formats as the kit is compatible with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.  Common file extensions are also available.

You can go to Envato to get them. 

#2 – Isometric Characters Constructor Kit

Designed by Sentavio, this kit is a huge vector collection in EPS files comprising of characters (male and female) in a workplace theme. This library provides body parts (interchangeable heads, legs, arms, etc.), hairstyles, poses, and clothes. 

In addition to different postures and gestures, the set also put workplace-themed or office objects (briefcases, laptops, iPads, chairs, etc.) as an addition. Compatible with Adobe Illustrator, this kit will be greatly suitable for making presentations, graphs, brochures, flyers, or posters. 

#3 – 3D Illustration Characters

This 3D character kit offers more than 70 objects you can interact with, such as designer girl, teacher, tool guy, and more. Those characters are available in countless colors with over 30 postures, such as a girl riding a scooter, a sitting guy with a laptop, a girl holding an iPad, etc. 

The set is compatible with Figma and Cinema 4D in FIG, PNG, and C4D file formats. 

#4 – Monster Character Creation Kit

Who does not love monster illustrations? This kit provides a pack of 100% vector monster characters (premade)20 body shapes, 120+ body parts, and accessories. The given tutorial will help you easily edit them by applying or combining patterns. 

There are AI (for all CS versions) and high-resolution EPS (PNG and JPG) file types. This Adobe Illustrator-compatible set provides well-organized and layered files for easier application and navigation. The chance is millions that you can create your own characters, logos, icons, tee designs, smiley faces, and more. 

#5 – Animals – Vector Illustration Library Kit

Brought by panoplystore, this kit provides a large vector library in animal theme. You will find uniquely refreshing, stylish, and modern character design. All of them are fully vector and customizable.  

They are compatible with Photoshop, Sketch, Figma, and Adobe Xd in dimensions of 1000(w) × 1000(h) px. They are available in FIG, PNG, PSD, SKETCH, and SVG file types. The set even includes files in transparent PNG.  

The presence of emotional touch (human, animal, or other characters) in graphic materials helps the viewers or audiences to relate to any content or product better. Therefore, you can use fun illustrations if you want to enrich your webs, apps, presentations, marketing materials, or other projects. Using vector character creation kits can be very helpful.

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