11 Dainty Food Google Slides Templates for Your Next Big Presentation


November 5, 2021

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Do you need to prepare a presentation for your next meeting immediately? The following Google Slides templates recommendations are perfect for those of you who work in the food and beverage industry. They’ll work amazingly to impress your audience with dainty graphic resources.

However, even if you don’t work in the food industry, you can create stunning visual presentations using all the included layouts and resources in these ready-made, impressive Google Slides presentations.

Google Slides Templates
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  • Delicize Food Template for Google Slides

It’s multi-purpose, modern, and charming. This template offers many themes for each business type, from creative design to highly professional, neat, and clean theme design. It has all the standard proposal layouts such as Gallery Slide, Chart Slide, Infographic, and more. It is also fully editable.

  • CAVIAR – Catering & Food Google Slides Template

Whatever your presentation type is; corporate, portfolio, food, catering, business, or custom production, the CAVIAR template design is unique, ultra-modern, and professional. Over 40 slides are available, and each slide is designed carefully with attention to detail. It provides full HD quality and is easy to use.

  • Breakfa Google Slides Presentation

This innovative layout provides you with a variety of creative choices. Breakfa is a professional presentation with an oriental, stylish look to showcase your ideas and portfolio.

This template is the ideal business portfolio presentation for any designer, creator, businessman, lecturer, or student who wants to present their stunning ideas. The content slides are simple to edit and need no additional software. It is entirely customizable and resizable with no quality loss.

  • Fresh – Food Google Slides Template

This template is one of the most astounding Google Slides templates you’ll love to try. The design concept is stunning and fresh, like a mojito on a summer day! You’ll amaze your audiences with a unique and creative feel on every slide. The best part is, it is versatile for every use.

  • Ruoka Creative Food Google Slides Template

Ruoka is an attractive and multi-purpose template that is guaranteed to engage your viewer. It is simple to use and custom to create your own. It comes with 5 Premade Theme Colors, documentation, and up to 600 slides available. You can edit it for any purposes you need; pitch deck, nature, health, etc.

  • Restaurante Google Slides Template

Talking about projects that require formality and seriousness, Restaurante is one of the Google Slides templates you can always count on. The color palette for this presentation combines gray, black, orange, and red with easy-to-use and edit illustrations that make everything look professional. 

  • Salate Presentation Template

This template is suitable for a variety of purposes: artist, design, studio, organization, agency, business, and personal purpose too. You can use most of its minimalist, creative, modern, unique, and professional layouts. It’s based on free and popular fonts and offers great features:

  • Over 30 slides
  • Drag & Drop Object and Image Placeholders
  • Editable Country Maps
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • And more
  1. Food Recipesy Google Slide Template

Recipes can be helpful guides for persons who are unfamiliar with cooking or find it intimidating. However, the monotonous and unclean layout makes it challenging to read long-winded recipes.

Recipesy is one of Google Slides Templates that provide high quality and simplicity. Up to 8 alternative color files are available to match your brand’s colors, makes an excellent presentation for your food business.

  • StreetFood Presentation Templates

StreetFood Google Slides template provides a stunning design that brings a creative feel to every slide. It is super flexible to use for several business purposes. Plus, it contains three file formats for Google Slides, Keynote, and PowerPoint.

  • Yummy Google Slides Template

It is multi-purpose, neat, minimalist, and modern. You can find some yellow here and there to contrast with the clean, white backgrounds. It works very well to show your finest potential to gain your possible investors’ trust. 

  • Burgerking Google Slides Template

You’ll most likely enjoy the elegant look of this template! It is versatile and allows you to modify it to your needs. There are built-in free fonts, timelines, graphs, and other resources to make it even smoother to allow you to design the flawless presentation you want.

Those are some of the best Google Slides templates recommendations for food and beverage. They are multi-purpose, modern, stylish, and work every time to whet everyone’s appetite.

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