7 Crucial Tips on Choosing the Best Powerpoint Templates


November 6, 2021

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It is either you wow your audience with an appealing or appalling presentation. Think twice before coupling your captivating text with predictable, dull, and uninspiring graphics and design. Choosing one over hundreds of PowerPoint templates design matches for your message can be challenging.

Keep in mind, great content and outstanding design make a successful presentation. If you are eager to optimize its impact and make a lasting impression on your viewer, check out these crucial, essential qualities to consider when choosing the ideal PowerPoint template for your presentation. 

Powerpoint Templates
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  • The Audience

Define your target market. Are your audience professionals accustomed to formal and detailed presentations? Are they average citizens with varied backgrounds looking for a simple and easy-to-understand presentation? Or are they young entrepreneurs expecting to see a presentation that is anything but boring?

The answers can impact everything: the topic, the language, or even the color palette you use. You’ll need a template that visually matches your goals. It is best to start with the one that will make it easier for your audience to understand the content.

  • The Flexibility

The most critical part in choosing PowerPoint templates could be finding one with enough flexibility to be helpful. The ability to alter text, color, typography, and other elements and the flexibility of style is the critical differentiator between many free and premium presentation templates. 

Look for styles that are adaptable, such as adjustable graphics, charts, colors, and font. If you’d like to download a graphics-heavy choice, seek one that includes vector shapes that you can modify as needed.

  • Simplicity At It Best

Skip the template with the overwhelmed transition or animation effects, as they can be annoying and distracting. In fact, those effects do nothing to your actual presentation. Keep everything simple; focus on your messages. There’s no necessity to impress the audience with special effects. If you are uncertain, opt for simple PowerPoint templates that would not distract from your presentation.

  • Opt for Several Slide Types

Typically, deck templates include several types of slides for various types of content. What kind of slide suits your needs best? We recommend that you select a template that has the following options for the best results:

  • Image and video slides.
  • Main content sections’ header slides.
  • Text-only slides.
  • Mixed media slides
  • Agenda slides with a list format.
  • Chart & infographics slides.
  • The Venue

The location has a significant effect on the style you adopt. What is the size of the room? Is it dark or well-lit? Adjust the presentation to the venue. If you intend to utilize the PowerPoint templates in various settings, look for one that contains both light and dark versions.

Use light text with dark backgrounds in darker spots. Whereas in brighter, more prominent locations, use dark text with a lighter background. Following this basic rule will make your presentation easier for the audience, allowing them to read and understand slides easily.

  • Fit the Messages

There are various presentation styles, from simple and to the point, focused on business and company, to fun and informal. Whatever you are trying to deliver through your presentation, the template should align with the messages.

Do you use text more, or do you prefer to use images and illustrations as the focus of your presentation design in your presentations? Consider picking a template with slide samples and settings that match the type of content you want to use most frequently. Choosing a sleek, image-heavy design when you don’t have great pictures is not a good fit and causes your presentation to look a little dull.

  • It Matches your Design Style

An excellent PowerPoint template fits your design aesthetic. Do you prefer a high-color template? Or is a white space and clean lines better suited? If you’re unsure where to begin, consider using a PowerPoint template with a similar look and feel to your website design. It helps to ensure visual consistency with your branding.

Use fonts and colors that suit your brand’s design. It can be tricky to see through the various options; begin by opening the file and straightaway adjust the template to meet your brand. If you still like it, the template is then a good fit.


Your presentations communicate a lot about your brand. Finding a good fit will give you the confidence to deliver a great pitch. Try Envato Element today to explore the collection of the best PowerPoint templates.

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