Best Icons Maker Software Recommendation for PC with Stunning Results


November 8, 2021

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Icons. They are small but impact almost anything to a user: assist, engage, clarify, confuse, encourage, simplify, support, disorient, and so on. It’s not a secret that the importance of icons is mentioned in numerous resources; they can be clarifying, interactive, decorating, and entertaining. 

You may easily find various websites with myriad icon packs options to download anytime. However, it is also great to design your own icons using third-party tools. Get you inspired; these are our worth notes of the best software for creating icons for your Windows 10.

Adobe Illustrator

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It is the go-to icon creator tool for PCs. Adobe Illustrator can transform a simple design into memorable icons for any digital business or festive project easily and intuitively.

The best feature of this icon creator software is that it is a vector-based design program. It means you can turn your designs into a reality since it easily scales down for tiny screens and can extend as large as billboard sizes. When you plan to give the final touches, you may choose various styles, effects, and individual characters to keep your icons looking crisp and attractive.

Despite all the countless options available, Adobe Illustrator has a very intuitive interface and is relatively simple to use. It is truly designed for both newbies and professionals. All you need to do is trust your designing skills and let your creativity run wild.


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IcoFX is one of the most excellent all-in-one icon creation programs for Windows systems from XP to 10. It is an icon builder software that offers many tools and settings found in full-fledged image editors.

You can use the tool to alter and extract icons for both Macintosh OS X and Windows. It is a paid premium application with a 30-day free trial. IcoFX provides all of the great features you’ll ever need to create excellent icons from scratch.

IcoFX comes with over 30 tools for editing icons, including selection, brush and pencil, gradient, shape, text, eraser, and retouching options. The application integrates layer-based editing, color correction tools, and more than 40 effects for image processing.

You can now easily customize icons in Windows folders. In addition, you can use this technology to convert numerous picture formats directly to ICO files with extract icons and dimensions up to 1024 x 1024. It is a fantastic program for creating icons. You can use it for regular photo editing as well.

Softorbits Icon Maker

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When it comes to designing smaller-in-size icons or other UI elements, few tools come close to Softorbits. The toolset contains just about everything you can need to create a new icon and generate an icon from photographs in batch.

In addition, if you wish to create several icons with the same style, the program’s bulk mode comes in handy. Furthermore, Softorbits simplifies the icon generation process by including a tool that efficiently converts images into icons by reducing their size.

Due to the apparent range of editing options available, the icons you design will look highly original. Blurring,  sharpening, contrast, changing colors, transparency, brightness, adding perspective, and other effects are among the features.

Junior Icon Editor

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You can use it to create icons from existing images or scratch. Although it lacks the variety of settings and features included in IcoFX, it is an alternative lightweight freeware that can be run on most Windows platforms.

It provides drawing tools such as a pen, line, shape, brush, airbrush, eraser, flood fill, color selection, text, and arc for creating new icons. The software doesn’t provide many image-editing features, but it does include choices for shifting, zooming, rotating, and flipping images.

This tool can create icons with 16 x 16, 32 x 32, and 48 x 48 color depths. You can also use it to design icons for the Linux, iOS, Android platforms, and Windows Mobile.


Those are four notable Windows icon makers’ software with a great selection of editing tools and options for creating creative shortcut icons and modifying current icon sets. They are graphics editors too that you can use to create custom cursors or other graphic content. It’s also worth noting that you can get custom icons through web applications like Free Icon Maker and X-Icon Editor.

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