Technology Icons: Cool Premium Packs You Should Own


November 9, 2021

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These tech icon packs will benefit you if you are working on a technology-related application or website project! In this collection, we chose 24 tech icon packs, each with a unique style and tech category that make it easier for you to pick the ones which are the best fit for your projects.

You can pick among various unique designs in multiple styles. They are customizable, and many are in vector format, making them ideal for any project size. They are also ideal for various creative projects, suitable for website design and developments, and an excellent option for printed materials or presentations. 

Sumber : Freepik
  • Technology – Icons

This set contains over 20 customizable icons with a modern look. They are straightforward to use. Whether it’s for banners, maps, social media, landing pages, books, infographics, applications, or applications, they’ve got you covered. This pack has an exclusive high quality.

  • PASTELINE Smart Tech Icons

Today, the IoT (Internet of Things) is gaining traction. From smart homes to smart automobiles to smart TVs, no more worry about anything. The term “smart technology” has made everyone’s dreams come true! 

These 88 Smart Tech Icons are designed to inspire you to come up with the following fantastic idea. At the very least, visualizing your business idea or giving a visual to what’s in your thoughts will no longer be a problem. All 88 of these smart tech icons can serve as inspiration for everything from marketing to logos.

  • Avoca Tech Icons

These icons may be beneficial for you who are starting a small, medium, or large business. They’re eye-catching, very detailed, and will look fantastic in your projects. You can confidently utilize them for website or app design and development and printed materials such as flyers, business cards, brochures, and more – the possibilities are almost endless!

  • Future Technology Icons

This set contains 50 futuristic tech icons, including automatic cars, artificial intelligence, Wi-Fi, robots, drone, city icons, and smart homes. They are available in AI, SVG, PNG, and EPS format.

Whether you’re attempting to attract more viewers or simply impress a client, you may be confident that you’ll get the job done. They are customizable and guarantee an excellent pick for your projects.

  • 3D Smart Tech Icons

Automation has made our lives easier; we now can control the home appliances with mobile apps and get our favorite foods delivered by drones. This 3D Smart Tech icon contains 20 high-quality collections in Hi-Resolution PNG format. They are ideal for use on mobile applications, websites, and presentations. You have the option of customizing colors with Sketch and Figma or making alterations with 3D Files.

  • Tech & Electronic Icons Set

Here’s a great collection of tech and electronic icons for you to apply in your next project. It includes up to 32 original icons with the most popular devices. You are free to use all items for personal or commercial purposes. They were all made with love.

  • Devices & Technology Icons

If you work in the device industry, these 75 devices icons are ideal for you! If you want to sell more things or boost conversions, these graphics undoubtedly will assist you in communicating what you want and need to say. You can use these icons in various contexts. Customize them however you want and set them anywhere you need them. The next thing you need to do is wait for the outcome.

  • Solar Tech Icon Pack

It contains 15 illustration icons. They are clean, unique, and can adjust to any of your products, such as infographics, graphic templates, web designs, mobile apps, etc. They’re all attractive. The color scheme is well-chosen and makes them look stylish and modern.

  • Medical Tech Icons

Here’s a fantastic collection of smooth, professional medical icons. These stunning vector graphics are offered in two styles; Outlines and Colorline. It is a high-quality icon collection. For user convenience, a Perfect Pixel Grid also includes in the pack! The vector icons are all based on a 64px grid. This kit contains icons in various file types, including PNG, SVG, AI, snd EPS.

They’re finally here! Add them into your library for easy access to future creative projects. These technology icons sets will also help you to communicate ideas in thousands of various ways that you may not have even considered.

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