Understanding the Meaning of Shapes in Objects Logos


November 17, 2021

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Objects logos are formed by lines and shapes; each conveys a different meaning, so you can use them to promote different types of brands or industries. It is essential to understand the meaning and symbolism of shapes before featuring them in your logos. Pay attention to the use and meaning behind each shape below to help you get started.

Objects Logos
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  • Circular Objects

Objects in circular shapes are widely popular in logo design, as you can find in a great number of famous brands or organizations. They have universal meaning, just like the shape of the world itself. Without certain points and edges, designing logos with circular objects tend to give you more freedom than many other shapes. This is probably one of the main reasons why this shape of the object is more popular than others. 

The meaning of circular objects might be different from one another. From one perspective, they can convey the message of strength and protection. They are also associated with unity and continuity. Among the abundant messages portrayed by objects in a circle, the most interesting one is probably their closeness to femininity. For this reason, logos featuring circular or oval objects are often used in brands whose main target is female audiences.  

  • Triangular Objects

When it comes to the shapes of objects logos, triangles are considered less popular than circles. It doesn’t mean that they are less appealing as well. In fact, you can put triangles on top of the list if your goal is to create something unique and different. 

Although triangular objects come in fewer options, you can always make do with them by modifying their original shapes. While doing so, you will find that objects in triangles are actually more versatile than you think; they can be used on various occasions, from brand emblems to logos for the food and beverage business. Triangles mostly express the meaning of motion, hierarchy, and dynamic power. 

  • Rectangular or Square Objects

Another popular shape in objects logos is square or rectangle. Objects guarded in four-sided shapes usually portray professional and proportional messages. At first glance, people will associate these objects to some entities which ensure safety and security, such as a house, a vault, or a safe. 

These types of objects are widely used in media advertisements because they want to gain trust and assurance from the audiences. They also associate square and rectangular objects with television, one of the most popular icons in the media industry. Other than that, logos featuring these objects can also be used to represent many brands and industries, as long as you feature other elements—like colors or fonts—with a similar philosophy.  

  • Objects with Vertical or Horizontal Lines

Before there is a shape, there was a line. Thus, it won’t be fair to discuss objects logos featuring shapes without including the lines as the root of them. Linear design in logos creates an immediate impression of simplicity and originality. However, its further meaning will vary, depending on the types of lines featured in your logo. 

Vertical lines, for instance, are closely linked to strong and sophisticated entities. Objects featuring these lines will appear slimmer in your logos, making them a perfect choice to represent brands in the creative industries. Meanwhile, horizontal lines portray a peaceful message, mainly used by industries or companies that focus on building the customers’ reliability. 

  • Objects in Their Organic Shapes

Organic shapes, such as trees and flowers, naturally come as a whimsical objects to be the center of your logos. They can feature different lines, shapes, even free-form and hand-drawn effects to grab the attention of your target audiences. Because of these features, objects in organic shapes often contain elements of surprise that can make your logos look more interesting.

These types of objects create warm, welcoming effects when you put them in logos. Therefore, they make an excellent choice to represent brands that promote health and wellness. Some other variations of organic objects can also be used in the logos of food industries.

Understanding the meaning of shapes in objects logos will help you determine the best shape to represent your brand. With the right choice of shapes and objects, your logos will hit the mark properly and grab more attention from your target audiences. You can also click here to find other inspirational ideas for your design.

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