Using Human Logos in Design: 5 Basic Ideas for Beginners


November 19, 2021

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Logo is another form of identity, whether it is used by personal brands, companies, or organizations. With logos, you can easily explain what you do and who you are in the simplest possible way. Interestingly, the effect of good logos will last longer than you think, especially when you settle on particular images, such as human logos or other specific objects.

Regardless of the styles, featuring the images of human beings in any form is a great idea to make your logos stand out. Your target audiences will feel more connected to your brands while assuming that your logo is easier to remember. However, keep in mind that using humans as the focal point of your logos requires a number of design considerations. You can learn and find out more about that here. 

Human Logos
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When to Use Human Logos

Human logos have a special place in the library of logo templates. They are highly versatile and can be used for various occasions. While serving as the first contact point with the audiences, logos that represent different styles of human beings have a way to connect with them. As a result, your target audiences tend to be more open to anything you want to offer.  

From different points of view, the images of humans in logos are also regarded as a fit-for-purpose option. If you use them to represent brands, companies, or organizations with specific purposes, your goal can be easily achieved. It is considered a beneficial factor, especially when your target is set in the interest of the public.

Logos featuring human images can be used for different purposes, but here are some general parties that can benefit more from them:

  • Educational Institution
  • Community Center
  • Human Resource Organization
  • Non-Profit Organization
  • Health Products
  • Media Agency or Company
  • Public-Centered Business

If you are looking for a way to represent those parties in a simple yet effective logo, featuring the images of humans is definitely a wise decision. 

Beginner Tips to Design Human Logos 

The versatility and easy connection of human logos make them easy to create by anyone, even beginners. However, designing logos featuring human images for the first time would be safer to follow some basic tips and ideas below.

  • Be Visually Present

When you get into design, you should understand that a logo is all about visuals. After all, it mainly deals with the pictorial representation of specific brands or companies. Therefore, the first thing to do is make sure that the human images you use in the logo are visually presentable. The images should be selected with the best consideration so that when people look at them, they will be easily reminded of your brands. 

  • Rely on Uniqueness

To ensure that your logo builds up a good impression, you should always rely on uniqueness. Among the main benefits of using human images for logos is that you can easily combine them in various colors, shapes, and typefaces. That way, you have more opportunities to achieve a unique design that is different from clichéd elements. 

  • Pick the Right Color Schemes

Human logos can create personal effects and convey deeper messages when used along with the right color schemes. Human silhouette in red, for instance, is loaded with power and passion. Meanwhile, more calming colors like different shades of blue are good to represent peace and intelligence. The choice of colors can be set according to the vision of brands or companies.

  • Avoid Literal Meaning

In some cases, using abstract shapes of human images is better than presenting the individual as a whole. Take an example of a human logo for a wellness center. Although it seems interesting to feature the images of fresh and healthy people in a logo, such a step might spoil the principles of simplicity. A better example is using the abstract version of humans combined with minimized shapes or symbols. 

  • Ensure the Symmetry

Symmetry is an essential element in a logo, especially when you feature images of humans. For one thing, a human logo with a balanced and symmetrical proportion will be more enjoyable to see. Additionally, it can do a better job in delivering the objectives of your brands or companies.

Now that you’ve acquired some basic ideas to design human logos, you can use them as a way to spice up your brand. Logos featuring humans are considered an excellent way to represent the identity of your brand and engage more connection with your target audiences. If you need more ideas regarding logo design and more, click here to find what you are looking for.

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