10 Best Graffiti Fonts for Your Commercial Use


November 29, 2021

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Can This Style be Used for Commercial Purposes?

Graffiti Fonts
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Beyond its original purpose of self-expression of certain communities or artists in exposed walls of public spaces, graffiti has also been used for commercial purposes. With highly stylized letters, colorful colors, and aesthetics-laden brushes, this particular form of artistic expression has become popular for uses other than for art expressions.

Take a look at some game titles such as the 2005 Need for Speed: Most Wanted and bands’ album covers like Jellybean’s Wotupski!?! All of them utilize graffiti-style letterings in their covers. Such styles persisted as their most memorable identities. These examples show that this style can be used for commercial uses, after all.

Examples of Fonts

Graffiti Fonts
Sumber : Envato

There are several fonts from this style that you can use for any needs, as seen below:


Slightly inspired from the aforementioned 2005 Need for Speed: Most Wanted title’s style, this font emphasizes the urban style inspired by the use of this style in urban communities. With both uppercase and lowercase letters, this font is suitable if you would like to use the aesthetics of heart-pumping road racing and a sense of formality for commercial uses.


Originally designed by Johan Waldenstrom, a Swedish font designer, this font evokes the spirit of hip hop, trance, and ambient music genres that are his particular passion in music. Along with other fonts that he has designed over the years, this font can be a solid choice if you want to receive inspiration from a renowned font designer.


Do you want some more artistic feel in your commercial plans? Then you can consider using Hosp font for so many uses! You can use this font to make t-shirts, caps, car paints, food packaging, and many other needs. Not to mention, the font’s bold looks can convey a sense of confidence in your products if you want to package your products by using this font.


Compared to other fonts coming from spray brushes, BlowBrush looks more like a result of ink brush than from spray. However, this fact does not diminish its qualities of being bold and readable for any use. Moreover, the font’s clear edges still maintain the free-flowing aesthetic seen in other fonts, making it a solid choice for commercial purposes.


Clear edges and linings, readability, and solid colors in the Watch font make this font a strong contender for fonts that you’d like to use for commercial products. When you use this font in posters, magazine titles, flyers, and many more, you can expect people to be still able to read it clearly without losing its artistic edges.


Originally designed in Bulgaria in 2014 to commemorate the Bulgarian national holiday celebrating the national alphabet, this font combines the artistic style seen in other fonts and the legibility for the public. While originally only designed in Cyrillic, this font is now present in the Latin alphabet, thus widening its potential of use around the world.

Philly Sans

Designed by Kosal Sen, a Philadelphian typeface designer, this font emphasizes solid edges and linings that make it highly readable despite being just as artistic as the other examples in this article. Licensed as a free font, you can feel free to use Philly Sans font for many uses and having your audience understand the lettering designs that you put in your commercial products.

Knight Brush

This font looks like a combination of a person’s signature handwriting style and the aesthetics of fonts in this article. Because of that, Knight Brush font is a good choice for maintaining legibility. However, before using this font for commercial products, you should contact its original designer to credit them for their hard work in making this font.

Don Graffiti

Being old-school does not mean that it gets old so fast. Instead, some fonts like Don Graffiti are timeless and authentic because of their design. As an old-school urban-styled font, the font presents itself as a clean-looking font that suits the audience who want to enjoy the evergreen style of your commercial products.

Baling Ink

Do you want something expressive for your commercial uses? Then, the Baling Ink font is a solid choice to make your commercial products eye-catching and mesmerizing to look at. This font evokes the urban aesthetics distinctively present among its contemporaries aiming to impress the modern audience.


Now, we have seen so many graffiti fonts that we can use freely or with the permission of their original designers for commercial products. Do you happen to be looking for graphic elements that can enhance your business and projects? We at Envato Elements are ready to help you with our comprehensive catalog here. Contact us for more info!

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