10 Best Cool Fonts for Making An Eye-catching Poster


November 30, 2021

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Cool Equals Eye-catching

Cool Fonts
Sumber : Envato

People are naturally attracted to things that look cool, and that’s a fact. That is why when some people try to make posters, they have to use interesting colors, fonts, and styles to make the posters appealing to the masses. Moreover, learning how to combine these aspects will educate you to make attractive posters that can be used for different purposes as well.

Since there is no singular standard to make casual or formal-looking posters, you should learn how to be flexible in using different colors and fonts to see if the combinations work. Even more important is how should you make the posters eye-catching.

The Fonts

Cool Fonts
Sumber : Creative Market

Since the themes used on posters are limitless, in this article, we’d like to share our handpicked choices of cool fonts for your poster designs!

Devant Horgen

The first font that we’d like to share is the Devant Horgen font. Coming from the Devant font family, this decorative font is a popular choice for creative posters, websites, and banner designers who look for a modern and professional-looking font.

The reason this font is popular is because of its sleek and clean looks that make the font look professional and appealing without coming off as overly formal.


Brush letter designs usually have this particular charm of coming off as casual and aesthetic-looking. For these qualities, brush letter designs such as Blephyca is popular for the modern audience who are naturally interested in aesthetic-looking designs.

With both uppercase and lowercase letters, Blephyca is popular for posters and flyers designed by hip-looking persons and places.


For the longest time, serif fonts are notable for their readability and reliability. Because of that, serif fonts such as Morish are renowned for their trustworthiness and elegance that makes serif fonts an enduring choice for poster and website designers.

A well-tuned balance between readability and aesthetics in Morish, not to mention its vintage origins, makes this font a must-try for you if you want to add some vintage feels to your professional poster.


Sometimes, having minimal looks is exactly what you need to properly convey your message. Equinox, for instance, is a font that emphasizes simplicity to make it readable and identifiable to the audience.

However, its modern and clean looks have won many users who have used this font to create modern and sleek-looking posters with a touch of sci-fi aesthetics with this particular font.


Rather similar to serif fonts, sans serif fonts are notable for their readability, albeit with their simpler designs. If serif fonts are usually seen as more formal and detailed, sans serif fonts such as Gilmer emphasize simplicity to reinforce their readability.

Although looking simple, Gilmer’s geometric looks and sharp edges make it a popular choice for magazines, event posters, and branding designers who look for fonts that can attract the modern audience. 


Do you want some well-proven font style for your poster? Then, Lavanderia can be a suitable choice for your needs when you’re in need of a font that can provide some style and classic appeal.

Apart from its classic style, the Lavanderia font also emphasizes a feel of modernity and fun, which makes this font perfect if you aim to design posters that are not too formal and yet still illustrates a sense of professionalism.


There are times when you are demanded to design professional and heavy-looking posters. However, the posters should also be readable and eye-catching at the same time. If that happens, Obrazec font can be your life savior.

Its industrial and all-caps design is suitable if you want to evoke a sense of strength and determination in your posters. Despite looking heavier than other fonts in this article, it is still a solid choice for many kinds of posters.


It is not rare to find newly established food and beverages joints that use fresh and fun-looking fonts to illustrate their spirit in serving their customers. In this regard, Lemonade font is a popular choice of font that you might have seen before.

A great combination of vintage feels and the sense of creativity and fun makes the font instantly recognizable to the modern audience who are naturally interested in fresh-looking posters.


Rounded fonts can be easy to look at and use. For these reasons, Reef fonts can be a solid choice if you want some simplicity and casualness in your poster designs while still retaining attractiveness at the same time.

Moreover, the font can also be used in almost any circumstances which makes it versatile for any purposes of poster designs.


Do you need some quirky and fun-looking font to appeal to the younger kids? If so, Originals font is a solid font choice to make the children interested in your poster because of its children-friendly aesthetics.

Combine the font with simple-looking icons, and you have a reliable poster that appeals to children who prefers bright and fun-looking poster.


With these choices of fonts, we hope that you can put these cool fonts to good use for your poster designs. If you still want to look for more fonts that you can use, visit Envato Elements now to see their choice of well-designed fonts for everyone!

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