5 Keynote Templates to Spice Up Your Presentation


December 5, 2021

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While there is quite a lot of presentation software available. Such as Prezi, Kingsoft Presentation, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Open Office Impress. Keynote is still one of the best apps out there, especially for mac users. 

After all, for users who are used to utilizing the Apple ecosystem, Keynote is the best application to create slides since it works on almost any Apple device, including iPhone and iPad. It also has multiple useful features for a professional presentation, like dual monitor support, which enables the presenter to display the expression on the screen and while viewing the desktop or notes. The ability to support all QuickTime video formats (including MPEG-2 and DV) in a slideshow.

Moreover, Keynote can export presentation documents to multiple file formats, including PDF, QuickTime, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, HTML, and PowerPoint.

Why Using Keynote Templates?

Keynote Templates
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Keynote is Apple’s flagship presentation application; its functions are pretty similar to Microsoft PowerPoint in Windows. This presentation application provides various conveniences for its users to create unique and attractive presentations, such as dozens of free professional presentation templates and a wide selection of graphics, photos, objects, and transitions.

That being said, most themes and templates provided by the application might not suit your needs or lack those aesthetic elements that you need to keep the audience engaged. In this case, using Keynote templates is the best option you can pick.


5 Best keynote Templates to Use

Keynote Templates
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Today, you can find thousands of 

  • Hexas

A combination of red and white is the best mix you can get to display that professional look on your presentation. Hexas is the template you can use for various purposes, from formal to casual settings. It looks modern and assertive, and intrinsic enough to keep your audience engaged for quite some time.

As the name suggests, these Keynote templates utilize hexagonal shapes to add a bit of creative flair to the slides. You can put images or other media to that shape, making it looks more aesthetic without disturbing its convenience.

  • Montreal

If you are looking for a minimalistic yet modern-looking template for your presentation, Montreal is one of the best to pick out there. Dominated by white, blank background all around, this template is suitable for those of you who will show a lot of text while presenting.

The visual elements are arranged in such a way so the audience can focus on your presentation without being distracted by unnecessary visuals. Moreover, this template leaves a pleasant and relaxing impression that pairs exceptionally well with heavy topics, make it suitable for business presentations or other “serious” occasions.

  • Splasher

Finding engaging Keynote templates without casting aside that minimalistic looks that easy on the eyes is not easy. Splasher is there for you. This template is suitable for keeping your audience’s attention by reducing the number of text blocks in a slide. It is created with the mindset to give comfort to the viewers.

Splasher is suitable for any occasion. That being said, looking at the color tone of this particular template, it might be more appropriate for something that needs a more aesthetic touch, like a presentation about photography, arts, or cinematography.

  • Moreno

This multipurpose presentation template is suitable for both personal dan professional settings. With 150+ total slides on five premade colors, you will never run out of ideas in customizing and adjusting the layout according to your needs.

All elements on the Moreno Keynote template are editable. You can edit the image placement, content, visuals, etc. The transition animation is also set to optimize the overall experience of your audience while viewing the slides.

  • Global

This vibrant-looking template is one of those versatile Keynote templates for multiple uses. Global can help to enhance the quality of your Keynote slides in an instant. The mix of white and Tosca green make your slides look fresher and robust.

All graphics within the template is resizable and editable. It also features an image placeholder to help you optimize the picture placement and handcrafted infographic for better visuals. In addition, the images are also pixel-perfect, making them 100% blurry-free.


In conclusion, spicing up your presentation is relatively easy; all you need to do is picking up the most suitable Keynote templates so that your slide looks better. In the end, while visual elements are not the most prominent deciding factor for a successful presentation, your chance to conduct a killer presentation is going to be higher. 

As a recommendation, you might like to see the Keynote templates created by AQR Studio. Good luck finding the best template to use!

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