Top 5 Websites to Get One-of-a-Kind Vector Tattoos


December 12, 2021

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Tattoos were once frowned upon by some societies. Today, many are starting to accept and embrace them as a part of the human experience. People have a different purpose as to why they use them. Some use it to convey stories and memorialize certain events. In contrast, others intentionally do it because they regard their bodies as living artworks.

The internet has released a flood of innovation and tattoo ideas throughout the years, particularly in vector graphic formats. If you are aware of where you should search, you will find many of them for free. Here are some of the most significant vector websites to look for tattoo ideas for free.

The Noun Project

Vector Tattoos
Sumber : Youtube

The Noun Project is a design website specifically dedicated to creating a visual language that can be understood by global citizens. Here, graphic designers from all around the world can develop and submit their artworks, including tattoo designs in vector formats.

Over 1,600 high-quality tattoo icons are accessible in PNG or SVG format. The tattoos available here can be regarded unique as they come in small icons with a wide variety of shapes and styles. 

Do you plan to have a tribal tattoo on some part of your body? You will find the design ideas here. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you may utilize the REST API to get access to their remaining icon collection.


Vector Tattoos
Sumber : Dreams Time

While tattoo ideas in pictures are considerably easy to come across, those in digital forms are somewhat difficult to come by.

The stock photo website Dreamstime, on the other hand, provides a wide array of both free and paid templates for tattoo designs. They established a solid reputation as the early player in the industry of microstock, and are now one of the leading companies in the field.

You can search this website for any type of tattoos you have an interest in. Even you can get a pack of boho tattoo arts that are currently in demand among enthusiasts for free. Of course, you will need to pay if you want to obtain access to more quality artwork.


Vector Tattoos
Sumber : Youtube

Every designer knows that VectorStock is one of the most reliable stock agencies to look for vector images, illustrations, icons, and graphics in decent quality. 

As a website dedicated explicitly to vectors, all of the resources here are available for free download. Even some of the most premium graphics come at meager costs without any royalty.

If you require free tattoo arts in vector formats, you simply need to go to the “Free Vectors” section and select what you require on a new web section. When you find what you’re looking for and click a particular image, there will be a bunch of similar objects.

As an example, you look for blackwork tattoos because it’s currently on-trend. Once you click one image, there will be a bunch of similar designs that are recommended for you.


Vector Tattoos
Sumber : Vecteezy

This stock agency takes pride in having one of the most prominent vector graphics on the internet. Vecteezy has an outstanding collection of more than a hundred thousand high-quality pictures in vector formats.

Much like any other stock image agency, the graphics available here can be obtained for free and commercial usage, with the only requirement that the artist should be credited by giving a link to the source whenever the images are being used.

Here, if you type “tattoos” on the search bar, you will find over 24,000 royalty-free graphics that you can use as inspiration for your next tattoo project. The editor feature of this site gives you flexibility in editing the tattoo designs should they don’t fit your preference. 


Vector Tattoos
Sumber : Freepik

This website is probably the most well-known web search engine for copyright-free graphics. You can find thousands of high-quality designs for nearly every type of artwork, including tattoo arts.

As a visitor of this site, you have the flexibility to use the tattoo images for either personal or commercial purposes. If you look for free vector graphics, you will have approximately 3,300 resources to download and modify as per your needs.

Obviously, you need to subscribe to their premium plans if you would like to obtain a more comprehensive collection of tattoo resources.


As a tattoo artist, finding inspiration can sometimes be a daunting task. However, these websites can make everything much simpler for you. Furthermore, you can always find the latest tattoo designs without having to spend a lot.

With just a few clicks, you can obtain any design of tattoos and customize it so that it appears exceptional. Should you require some inspiration for your tattoo business, check out the suggested sources above. 

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