5 Decorative Fonts You Can Incorporate in Your Designs


December 19, 2021

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Using a font that stands out could be one of the ways to elevate your whole design, hence why decorative fonts gained popularity in recent years. Not only could it make your design pop more, but its uniqueness could also spark some more personality and quirks into the design. 

What Is Decorative Font?

Decorative Fonts
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Also known as display type, decorative fonts usually feature unique and exaggerated swishes and details as it is meant to look artistic compared to other types of fonts. Some even hand-drawn or have been digitally manipulated to add more character to them. 

Often placed in a logo or as a focal point of a design, this type of font is used to grab people’s attention. This explains why this font is often used in sizes with bold colors. Remember that this type of font isn’t meant for body text because it is meant to be decorative, as the name itself suggests.

Since each font has its own distinct personality attached to it, choosing the right font with the right value could make your design appear more polished and original.

Best Decorative Fonts

Decorative Fonts
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The choice for this type of font has significantly grown over time as there are no creative boundaries to it, unlike serif or sans font. Amongst many of them, we have curated five fonts that might be perfect for you.


If you’re looking for a script font that still manages to look clean and modern, Hypologic could be the perfect font for you. As it has a crisp finish, this display type is perfect for any design project ranging from logo design to product branding. Moreover, the clean line of the font makes the typeface very versatile. You can go either vintage, modern, or even futuristic using Hypologic font.


If you’d like to use a font that gives off an impression of modernism and sophistication, Freeline might be the suitable one for you. The lines and squares that are incorporated beautifully into this font manage to make the font look stylish. Freeline is perfect for any brand associated with sophistication or luxury, such as a tech company or a high fashion brand. 

Metropolis 1920

Inspired from the 20’s art deco style, Metropolis 1920 is the perfect typeface for you’d if you want your design to look classic and timeless. The design might look simple compared to other fonts, yet its intricacy would remind you of an elite party in the Gatsby era. Incorporate this font with black and gold, and then your design will look chic and elegant.


The minimalist art movement forces artists to go above and beyond with their work. One of the results is a font that utilizes negative space. Olegos is one of the display fonts that play around with shapes and negative space. The style of this font could expand the shape of each word, making the font look bold and important. 

When designing using this font, you could play around with colors and contrast to add depth to your design. If you want your brand to stand out while still giving off a minimalistic vibe, you can opt to use this font in your designs.


Rounded fonts might run the risk of looking childish and silly. However, combining the round shape with a straight, bold line might give the opposite effect. Take a look at how the Current font manages to achieve that perfectly. With the right combination of round shapes and straight lines, this font can pull off looking bold without necessarily appearing intimidating. The round shape softens the strong look of the font, making it perfect for brands that are youthful and hip.

All and all, decorative fonts can fit various types of styles with unique quirks. They can also work perfectly with simpler fonts such as serif or sans type. These five fonts are just a few of many examples of how a font can enhance the value of a brand. If you’re looking for more exquisite premium decorative fonts that fit your liking, go ahead and check out the amazing work of AQR Studio.

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