Best Websites to Get Online Photo Templates


December 21, 2021

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Keeping your pictures in your phone gallery alone might feel a little too boring. Sometimes you want to create a stunning photo collage that could sum up the good ‘ol time. Hiring a professional designer might feel a little too much for personal matters like this. This is where online photo templates could play a part. You’d be able to design your photos as your heart may wish while still managing to create an exquisite design. 

Designers nowadays have spread out in many websites, showcasing their talent by sharing their crafts; one of them is photo templates that you can use for yourself. We know that it might feel a little bit overwhelming to surf through the internet to find the right template for you. Worry not! We have curated popular websites to visit if you want to get the best online photo templates

Envato Elements

Photo Templates
Sumber : Envato

Founded in 2006, Envato Elements is one of the most popular creative resource platforms that provide digital assets such as stock photos, fonts, and many other digital creative crafts, including photo templates. You can access millions of creative assets provided by thousands of artists and designers. As it is one of the biggest creative platforms, you’d be able to find many high-quality creative designs. 

Moreover, Envato itself just released a design tool website named Placeit. You can easily edit and design your picture in Placeit using the template you found in Envato Elements.

However, this huge pool of templates can only be accessed if you subscribe to Envato, which costs around $16.5 per month.


Photo Templates
Sumber : Brankas Pedia

Adobe Stock is another creative resource website with over 80 million royalty-free digital creative crafts ranging from stock photos to visual animation. As it is part of Adobe Inc., you can access the resources while using one of Adobe’s programs, such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Premiere Pro. Many professionals highly recommend the website itself as each of the creative pieces is high-quality. 

However, Adobe Stock has a higher price point compared to Envato Elements—a monthly subscription would cost you around $29.99.


Photo Templates
Sumber : Freepik

Freepik is a perfect creative resource for designers as it provides a heaping amount of photos, vector images, and illustrations. Unlike the two websites mentioned before, you can still access the contents without having to subscribe firsthand. 

However, Freepik limits the access to download the free item to around three items per day for unregistered members and ten items per day for registered members. To extend this limitation to 100 items per day, you can purchase a premium membership which costs $ 8.11 per month.


Photo Templates
Sumber : Canva

Unlike the other three websites mentioned above, Canva is mostly known as a graphic design tool website rather than a digital creative platform. Yet, Canva provides many creative resources such as photo templates and fonts to stock pictures. Moreover, they also have other unique tools such as color palette generators and GIF makers. 

Canva is considered more beginner-friendly than other websites as it would immediately direct you to different types of template categories. Once you browse through their collection, you can edit your pictures, add elements, or even animate the design to a GIF. You don’t need prior designing experience as the tool provided are easy to use. Moreover, the website is available in the form of a mobile application for both IOS and Android. This would allow you to edit your picture using the photo templates while you’re on the go.

To access the library of templates, you have to sign up to the website first without paying any monthly subscription. However, there are some templates and elements that paid members can only use. Canva offers many paid plans for users. The cheapest plan would cost around $12.99 per month.

With the websites suggested above, you don’t have to worry about not having any designing experience. You could simply browse through the website and pick the template that fits your liking. If you’re interested in getting photo templates that are exquisite and original, check out the work of AQR studio.

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