Trendy Illustrations Styles You Need to Know


December 22, 2021

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As the year ends, discussions about upcoming trends have emerged. The year 2022 promises a bright beginning with a new set of illustration trends while the current trend might still be strong. The great thing about art, including illustrations, is that it constantly evolves, yet there would always be room for each type of niche. 

This article will discuss the trendy illustration styles, some of them which are considered to be timeless. 

Designs and Illustrations: The Difference

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Many think that design and illustrations are interchangeable terms. However, these two are vastly different despite often being found coinciding side by side. 

Design, in a way, is a way of telling a story through composing sets of elements consisting of images, typography, and color. Meanwhile, illustration focuses more on producing an image, not necessarily the concept or idea that should be relayed to. It is usually a supportive element of other mediums. For instance, a children’s book needs colorful illustrations to complement the storytelling.

However, since the world of design and illustration is considerably competitive, it’s no wonder if an artist has the skill of both designing and illustrating.

Trendy Illustration Styles

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Contrary to popular belief, flat illustrations are still very much on-trend. It is even considered to be timeless and classic. With just a few colors, this style could show an incredible depth that sparks joy and brightness. Malika Favre is one of the well-known illustrators that use this style with all of her works. She’s known for her wittiness in utilizing limited numbers on color to create a powerful message through her works.

Flat doesn’t equal dullness. You can still go bold using bright colors or soften the whole illustration by utilizing pastel shades. The flat style still manages to deliver a story and emotion that is just as powerful as any other illustration style.

Vintage & Retro Illustration

Retro illustration overall is a style in which the style from the past is recreated or reinterpreted by the artist. Nostalgia is the key element of this style. Typically, this type of work, satiric interpretation about the stark contrast of the society of the past with the present day. 

Nowadays, the retro-futuristic art style has become a trend. The general concept of such style comes from combining past vintage style with the modern futuristic art style.

Odd Proportion

In recent years, diversity has become the discourse that many people talk about. This translates to the creative world in the form of odd bodies style. 

The concept of the said style comes down from the idea that people have different body proportions with different skin tones and features. The imagery in this style consists of exaggeration of body shape and proportions accompanied by flowy lines. 

This style is different from caricature as odd bodies focus on the irregularity of shapes rather than a bigger, exaggerated version of something.

Line Illustration

The concept of minimalism in the art could be seen in line illustration. Applying the rule of “less is more,” artists who use this style utilize simple lines to convey a message. Often, they apply the usage of negative space to add depth and emotion to their work. 

This type of style typically heavily revolves around the culture of minimalism, namely being in tune with the balance of nature. This notion could be seen in how the craft itself requires a very little amount of color. As a result, producing such art is less wasteful and leaves a small amount of carbon print. Hence why line style or minimalism art, in general, is considered to be eco-friendlier than any other illustration style.

These are the few amongst many illustrations that might be a trend this year. Bear in mind that some styles might be combined, creating a new style later on. As after all, art knows no boundaries.

Is there any particular illustration style you like? Perhaps you want to have some of the trending illustration work? If you’re interested in obtaining stunning digital illustrations for yourself, go ahead and check out AQR Studio’s crafts.

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