5 All-Time Favourite Handwriting Fonts


January 17, 2022

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Regular handwriting comes in different cursives, fonts, and sizes. It has inspired many digital designers to create plenty of unique handwriting fonts. There is a sense of timelessness when you get to combine something old-fashioned with more modern styles.

The Top 5 For All-Time Favourites

Handwriting Fonts
Source : AQR Studio

Are you looking for all-time favourite handwriting fonts? You can start with these five (5) examples below.

  • Delich Handwritten Script Font.

Delich is the top pick for all-time favourites on this list. The calligraphy style makes it look elegant. Many often use this font for their greeting cards, wedding invitations, Instagram quotes, and many more.

Your design will look even more authentic because Delich Handwritten Script Font has many OpenType features, like stylistic alternates, swashes, ligatures, and many more. The letters look flawless, elegant, and still readable.

  • Redpaws Unique Handwriting Font.

Are you looking for something bright and colourful – with a touch of femininity on the font? Redpaws Unique Handwriting Font is the answer. At first glance, the result is soft, full of pastel shades, and you can even get a bonus. Redpaws Extra offers you some natural graphics to beautify the design. For example, leaves.

There are two (2) groups of features you can get from using Redpaws Unique Handwriting Font:

  • Redpaws.

The regular Redpaws consists of OTF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2.

  • Redpaws Extra.

Redpaws Extra also consists of OTF, TTF, WOFF, and also WOFF2.

  • Adorable Handwritten Script Font YH.

The next one is Adorable Handwritten Script Font YH. Just like its namesake, this font makes an adorable design. The cursive is readable, unique, and also timeless. You can almost use this for all kinds of projects—for example, e-zine site, social media campaign, wedding invitations, and many more.

Its versatility makes Adorable Handwritten Script Font YH a great recommendation for many projects. The font types include TTF and OTF. Last but not least, this font also supports multi-languages. It looks good in many languages, as long as they are written in Latin letters.

  • The Softone – Casual Handwriting Font.

It is easy to find people who love something casual and simple. That is why The Softone is also an all-time favourite, handwriting font. Even during the pre-digital era, this type of font has been a favourite to many people. It is cute and slightly edgy, which makes it timeless and not so old-fashioned.

Even in this day and age, you can see this handwritten font used on branding, greeting cards, wedding invitations and stationery, art projects like crafting and digital memes, and many more. The Softone Casual Handwriting Font offers you these lovely features:

  • Uppercase and lowercase.
  • Punctuations and numerals.
  • Multilingual support.

The format is in OTF. You get to have this font on any size.

  • Southeast Better Handwritten Script Font.

At first glance, there are two words you may use to describe this font: elegant and artistic. This impression shows because it is created with natural brush strokes. The cursive is not too willowy, but the handwritten font still looks flexible. It is a natural script typeface you may want for your book covers or custom T-shirts.

What else can we do with Southeast Better Handwritten Script Font? You may use this font for your wedding invitations and posters, or flyers. You can even use this font for cool merchandises and to add some spices to your fashion taste.

Strokes of brush usually require a much bigger canvas. It also works for Southeast Better Handwritten Script Font. This font looks better on a larger platform, like a display/banner or a poster. The best part of using this font is to contrast its chosen colour with the background colour. For example, black background and white font or black background and bright pink font. 

Southeast Better offers these features too:

  • Lowercase and uppercase characters.
  • Punctuations and numbers.
  • OTF and TTF files.

So, these are the top five (5) of all-time favourite handwriting fonts. You may love them too, but you may also disagree with this list. You may still find a lot more samples and consider them your all-time favourites. After all, everyone has their own acquired taste, especially when it comes to digital art.

Where To Go:

Handwriting Fonts
Sumber : AQR Studio

So, are you up for using some of these fonts? Are you still searching? Check out more on AQR Studio and see what is in their store for you.

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