20 PowerPoint Template to Create Professional Business Presentation


August 14, 2021

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Despite facing competitions from the likes of Google Slides and Keynote, PowerPoint is still a “default” option for many to conduct presentations. PowerPoint template designs are also growing in varieties to support specific presentation themes. However, if you want to nail a flawless professional presentation, you must choose the right templates.

What Makes Effective Business PowerPoint Template?

PowerPoint Templates

There are about 30 million PowerPoint presentations created daily, so thematic PowerPoint templates with specific characteristics are common. Here are several point features that make effective templates for business presentation:

  • Clear and Simple Data Visualizations

Business presentations require data visualizations like graphs and charts. Business templates offer features to create clear data visualizations that are easy to digest. They should come in compelling color schemes, high-definition images, and readable fonts or numbers to avoid misunderstanding.

  • Legible, Consistent Fonts

Business presentation requires clarity, which is supported by proper fonts. They must be legible and consistent throughout your slides. Serif families, for example, are rising in popularity regarding presentation trends. Using too many fonts, especially if they are hard to read, will take the positive points from any business presentation.

  • Creative Image Layouts

Business slides that focus on images, such as in art and design, can use creative layouts to showcase the content. Business templates with creative layouts display images or illustrations in more exciting ways without ruining the message and clarity. Plus, creative layouts can intrigue the audience, allowing them to invest their time in your presentation.

  • Comfortable Color Schemes

Business presentations must use comfortable color schemes with a clear contrast between the background and the fonts. Uncomfortable color clashes or lack of contrast can strain the eyesight and reduce the importance of the message. It will also make your audience miss essential information because of the distracting or uncomfortable color schemes.

Luckily, professional templates usually have comfortable color schemes and combinations. You can choose the right template based on your presentation goal. Some color schemes are suitable for almost all formal presentations, while others are perfect for something more creative like art projects, photography, music, and animation.

  • Texts as Guidelines

Many people treat PowerPoint slides like book pages, filling them with texts and shoving all the information into the audience’s eyes. It is not only efficient but also uncomfortable for the eyes. In a proper business presentation, these slides should only work as guidelines. It is your task as a presenter to deliberate each point based on these pointers.

List of PowerPoint Template Recommendations

PowerPoint Templates

Choosing professional templates is a surefire way to apply business-related features in your presentation easily. Here are several recommendations for professional PowerPoint templates with business-related features:

  • Sami

Sleek and professional, Sami offers an industrial grey color scheme for business templates. Offering five color scheme variations and 30 slides per templates, Sami is perfect for standard business presentations. It offers colorful, diverse shapes of graphics, charts, and diagrams, with editing and resizing tools. The color schemes also consist of neutral and muted tones, perfect for all presentation topics.

Main features include a drag-and-drop image, section breaks, more than 150 slides, and handcrafted infographics. Image slides offer gallery and portfolio styles.

  • Creativia

Need a presentation template for creative projects? Creativia should be your choice. This image-based template allows users to combine illustrations, slideshows, photo galleries, and data visualizations. The bright pastel color schemes make sure that the presentation is interesting, especially in the art and design industries. Creativia comes with about 150 slides and five color schemes.

Main features include drag-and-drop function, section breaks, editable and resizable elements, including the graphics, charts, and images. Handcrafter infographics make the presentation more compelling.

  • PenMarker

PenMarker combines a unique image layout with texts and bullet points. Available with dark and red color schemes over a white background, PenMarker immediately attracts attention and helps audiences to focus on your presentation. The unique image layout makes every slide pop, and there is a drag-and-drop feature for easier image transfer.

Main features include creative layouts, social media icons, and handcrafter infographics. The color schemes are applied to the graphs, charts, and diagrams to make them look more attractive. There are 150+ slides, with 30 slides for each template schemes.

  • Educa

Are you looking for the perfect PowerPoint template for your training session? Educa is a great template for educational purposes, with a wide layout and five color scheme options to better attract the audience. The slides come with colorful graphs, charts, and diagrams, complete with handcrafter infographics, perfect for explaining various concepts.

Main features include a drag-and-drop function for images, 150+ slides, and editable, resizable visual elements. The layouts make it easy to present topics using various media types.

  • Company Slide

Company Slide is a perfect template for delivering interesting pitches for marketing or creative projects. It offers multiple creative layout designs with attractive color schemes for an unforgettable presentation. The bright color schemes are suitable for art, photography, literature, and design fields. 

Main features include image placeholders that come in various shapes and layout styles. There are 150+ slides, divided into five schemes with 30 slides each and a drag-and-drop function for images.

  • Mango

Sometimes, you want a PowerPoint template that focuses on the images for most parts. Mango is a template with a wide, image-based layout, perfect to showcase photography or design projects. Mango also has gallery-style slides and individual image slide with space for accompanying text. It offers bright color schemes for graphs, charts, and diagrams.

Mango offers five color schemes with similar fresh looks. Each scheme offers 30 slides with creative layouts, a drag-and-drop image function, and resizable, editable images.

  • Rockstar

Popping and eye-catching, Rockstar attracts the eyes while keeping its professional look. The sharp, geometric shapes and dark-themed color schemes are perfect for various presentations, from musical project to new business launch. There are gallery-style slides, charts and diagrams, and text columns for varieties of explanations.

Rockstar has five main color schemes, 150+ slides, and various unique image placeholders as its main features. You can replace the default pictures with any images to support your presentation. The editable, resizable functions allow you to create compelling illustrations.

  • Planning

Businesspeople who prefer minimalistic design can choose Planning. Neat, clean, and straightforward, Planning makes your presentation shine in its simplicity. The watermark-style background illustration makes each slide pop without distraction. The handcrafted infographics, charts, and diagrams come in start color contrasts for a more distinctive look.

As a minimalistic theme, Planning has 120+ total slides, with five color schemes and 25 slides for each. It has a drag-and-drop function, unique image placeholders, and slide breaks to make sure you have a compelling business presentation.

  • Irina

Fresh, bold, and creative, Irina offers multiple slide layouts and designs for a compelling presentation. The design is both sharp and professional, with editable and resizable graphic elements. Unique layouts and slide templates make Irina perfect for presentation in design, fashion, photography, and other creative projects.

Irina offers unique placeholders for your photos, headshots, or design works. With five original color schemes and 150+ slides, you have a great tool for an interesting business presentation.

  •  Milley

Milley is a PowerPoint template that combines creativity and simplicity. The creative layouts make your presentation more interesting without distracting. The unique images, icons, and infographics help you explain your points more interestingly. Milley has monochromatic color schemes for an elegant presentation that looks professional but still interesting.

Milley has 150+ slides and five main color schemes. With unique picture placeholders and drag-and-drop function, you can create creative slides quickly and easily.

  •  Hilo

Hilo is a sport-themed template perfect for presentations about workout programs, physical health, health products, and other related business projects. Hilo offers multiple creative layouts for compelling presentation, with dynamic graphics, charts, and diagrams to better describe your points. The color schemes ensure an interesting presentation without being too distracting.

Hilo has picture placeholders and gallery layouts to create informative slides and infographics. Five original color schemes, 150+ slides, and editing/resizing functions make the presentation more attractive.

  •  Autoz

Autoz offers a stylish automotive-themed PowerPoint template for projects like car design, mechanic workshop, automotive product, new shop opening, and many more. The neat, straightforward design is peppered with bright color schemes for a modern look. The gallery, column, album, grid, and other creative layouts are available to make your presentation more attractive.

As a minimalistic template, Autoz comes with handcrafted infographics, resize/edit function, drag-and-drop function, and high-definition charts and diagrams. Perfect for creating unique presentation materials.

  •  Nikahin

Nikahin took its inspiration from elegant, beautiful prewedding and wedding albums. The elegant handwriting-style font and color schemes make it a perfect template for wedding planning and photography projects. The layouts also have spaces for beautiful albums, slides, illustrated texts, and diagrams.

Nikahin offers five color schemes with 150+ slides. The muted brown theme allows you to get creative with various photos and illustrations. The slides also come with hexagonal and flower-themed picture placeholders for beautiful, memorable layouts.

  •  Miscellaneous 

Bright and bold, Miscellaneous offers an attractive combination of daring color schemes and strong texts. This template is perfect for projects like photography, art, and design. The yellow color scheme, monochromatic images, and art-related illustrations are perfect for airing professionalism while still looking fun.

Miscellaneous offers 150+ slides with five original color schemes. The square elements on its galleries create strong impressions for your audience. The drag-and-drop function also allows you to arrange images in bold, sharp-looking placeholders.

  • SquareBox

SquareBox boasts a bright neon color scheme and professional design. It is a perfect PowerPoint template for projects related to social media, digital content, startup, communication, and other creative endeavors. The purple gradient scheme makes sure that no one skips your presentation. All are available within five original color schemes and 150+ slides.

The main features of SquareBox combine professional minimalism and bold design elements. Square-based placeholder shapes create a restrained look that is ideal for business presentation. However, the neon purple, handcrafted infographics, and legible charts and diagrams make your presentation more eye-catching.

  •  Cave

Simple and fresh, Cave offers an open canvas for all types of professional presentation. The muted tone has bright green and black as the main colors, pointing out the most important parts of your presentation. The creative layouts, grid album, graphs, diagrams, and charts are ideal for presenting any fields, from health products to organic foods.

Main features include five color schemes, 150+ slides, and a drag-and-drop function for your images and illustrations. Picture placeholders come in several unique styles (along with the more “standard” ones) to keep the presentation interesting from the beginning.

  • Makeit

Makeit is a simple, fresh, blue-themed PowerPoint template, ideal for various presentation topics. It has various creative charts, diagrams, and graphics for easier data visualizations. The fresh, modern look is ideal for presentations about technology, automotive, design, education, property, and many more.

Makeit’s main features include beautiful, creative infographic designs, grid album slides, and restrained but modern picture placeholder shapes. They make the presentation interesting without being overwhelming.

  • Waterloo

Unleash your creative side with Waterloo, a colorful presentation template with watercolor effects and pastel tones to make your session unforgettable. This colorful template still looks professional with creative image layouts, modern but digestible data visualizations, and unique illustrations to make important points in your presentation.

  • Important Dates

Looking for bold templates with creative layouts you can easily modify? Important Dates is your answer. Combining bold texts and bright color schemes, Important Dates is perfect for advertising, marketing, and event promotion. The opening slides have several types of layouts to maximize your presentation. The graphs and charts come in bold colors that will attract attention.

  • Diminished

Diminished offers a dark-themed PowerPoint template that still looks professional. Inspired by musical notes and piano keys, the Diminished theme has contrasting black and yellow elements to improve an otherwise standard business template. It is a perfect template for professional yet dynamic presentation material.

Business PowerPoint slides need to have comfortable visuals and color schemes, legible fonts, creative layouts, and data visualizations to support any professional presentation. Choose from one of these PowerPoint templates to get all of them and start composing your flawless business presentation.

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