5 Essential Graphics Template for Your Website Project Design


August 18, 2021

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In a world where creative skills have been increasingly appreciated, it can be hard to compete with other creatives when designing a website. It is also important to create great graphics that will look pleasant to the eyes and easy to navigate. Without creating the best design, you might miss many business opportunities that come to your door. 

Graphics template is one of the best tools you can use to help you get some inspiration when building a website design. You only need to find one with themes suitable for your project design and tweak it to suit your taste and purpose. There are plenty of professional templates available online, and you only need to know where to look.

In this article, we have compiled a few graphics template based on the theme. No matter what website niche you’re going to build, find out the perfect theme that will enhance its visual layout. Let’s jump right in and pick the theme that suits your website niche!

Business Themed Template

The business-themed template usually comes with a clean and sleek design. It emphasizes the professional feel to it with the minimalist style and adding a cool infographic and illustrations for a more eye-catching design. Here is some graphics template in a business theme that you can consider for your website design project.

  • Internet Marketing – Banner & Landing Page

Graphics Template

This Internet Marketing – Banner & Landing Page template comes with a bright and vivid colour that will make your landing page pop. This template is an all-in-one template as it already contains a logo, menu, button to click, and various illustrations representing an internet marketing business. Everything is fully editable using Adobe Illustrator, so you can edit and tweak the graphics template how you like it. 

  • Digital Finance Manager – Banner & Landing Page

If you are looking for a business-themed design with a more playful look, then the Digital Finance Manager – Banner & Landing Page template is a good choice for you. All elements, including text and logo, are editable to make it easier for you to edit it to suit your need. This template also includes a ReadMe text that gives you the information needed to edit the logo and the fonts you need to edit it.

  • Internet Marketing – Banner & Landing Page

Illustrations are an important part of designing attractive visuals for your website presentation. Even for a business-themed website that usually looks sleek and clean, appropriate illustrations can enhance your business’s overall look and presentation. For you who wants a professional business look but with a pop of colour and fun illustrations, this Internet Marketing template is a good option to use. 

  • SafeCoin – Banner & Landing Page

Bitcoin has become a trending topic in the past few years. Therefore, it is the right time for you to start building your cryptocurrency-themed website. For this purpose, the SafeCoin template is the right choice for you. The clean design and illustrations which support the theme make this template stands out.  

  • SEO Maximizer – Banner & Landing Page

Last but not least is the SEO Maximizer theme that comes with attractive illustrations. The illustrations perfectly illustrate the internet marketing trends. The clean yet playful design makes this template far from boring and makes it more approachable. Therefore discussing SEO will be more attractive using this design template.

Health Themed Graphics Template

Graphics Template

Health or medical websites have become one of the most visited website niches today. Therefore, building a website around this niche can be a great opportunity to share information and earn income. However, to make your website stand out and different from other health websites, you need to create a different approach. One of which is by providing a different and attractive website layout.  

Here is some graphics template in health or medical theme that can help you gain many more visitors.

  • Dentist – Banner & Landing Page

You can go with this template if you are focusing on dental health. This template even goes with a more specific niche, which is natural dental treatment. The colour selection enhances the natural feel to it, making this template a perfect choice for a health website that focuses on a natural and holistic approach. The editable illustrations, logos and texts also mean that you can edit and tweak the template to suit your needs.

  • Gyms & Sports Club – Banner & Landing Page

For wellness theme, this Gyms & Sport Club graphics template is also the right choice. This template is easily editable and suitable both for banner and landing page. Red and white colour gives this template a dynamic feel, suitable with its theme. Meanwhile, the illustration also enhances the purpose and theme of this template.

  • Foodapp – Banner & Landing Page

Health and wellness cannot be separated from food, so here is a Foodapp template to help you create an attractive food-themed website. When looking for a graphics template, it is important to find one that is easily editable to adjust it to your projects’ need. This template offers such flexibility, which makes it perfect for building a website.

Fashion Themed Template

Graphics Template

Fashion is closely related to art and creativity. Therefore, it is only natural to pick a design theme with such style. However, creating a beautiful and creative design may take a while, and thus, these graphics template will become a saviour for your website design project.

  • Beauty and Cosmetics – Banner & Landing Page

Beauty is part of the fashion industry, and this template here is a great template for your cosmetics and beauty website niche. It offers a simple and clean design yet a beautiful colour palette and illustrations, enhancing the professional and stylish vibe. Edit the text, logo, and images provided to suit your fashion needs.

  • Male Fashion – Banner & Landing Page

An interesting and visually pleasing landing page will guarantee to make your visitors stay on your website longer. This male fashion graphics template offers beautiful illustrations for the male fashion theme. If you think the illustrations are not representative enough, you can always edit and tweak them easily using Adobe Illustrator. 

This template will help you jumpstart your fashion website design, so you don’t have to spend a long time thinking about what kind of design you want to use. Therefore, you can immediately focus on the content instead of designing.

  • Beauty Elegant – Banner & Landing Page

Do you want a more creative and artistic look for your fashion website design? This Beauty Elegant template is the right choice for you. The abstract and futuristic design emphasize the elegance of the design, just as its name suggests. Use this graphics template to show your enthusiasm and aptitude for beauty and fashion.

  • Beauty is within you – Banner & Landing Page

Last but not least is this stunning template that visualizes physical beauty and mental beauty. It is the right template if you’re using a holistic and wellness approach for your beauty and fashion website theme. It evokes depth and spirituality, which will give your website a unique vibe.

Entertainment Themed Template 

Graphics Template

Even if entertainment is often associated with playful, light and simple vibes, it doesn’t mean that you can use a careless design for this website theme. An Entertainment-themed website still needs a thoughtful design to attract more users and encourage them to stay longer on your website. This graphics template is a good way to start.

  • Home Entertainment – Banner & Landing Page

As the pandemic hits the world, people are forced to stay at home when they don’t have anything urgent. People start to use their time at home as best as they could, including making their stay at home as enjoyable as possible. You can have this home entertainment graphics template for your landing page that discusses entertainment or lifestyle. 

  • Art Museum – Banner & Landing Page

If arts and paintings are more of your style, pick this Art Museum – Banner & Landing Page template. The illustrations offer playful and fun vibes. We know that pink is not for everyone, so don’t worry if you prefer a different colour theme. You can always edit it using Illustrator or CorelDraw.

  • Contemporary Art – Banner & Landing Page

A cleaner and sleeker design for your art-themed website. The colour palette is visually pleasing, and the simple design enhances the artsy and sophisticated look of this graphics template. This template is perfect for a landing page discussing contemporary art, just as its name suggests.

  • Game On – Banner & Landing Page

Game is often associated with playful and fun illustrations. Displaying a console has become a thing that looks too common. Therefore, you will need a little twist to keep it interesting. While this Game On template uses the game console as illustrations, it has a little twist to make the design style attractive. 

Don’t worry about looking to common since you can always edit, tweak and add more elements to personalize your website design. This way, you can keep your website stand out among other game-themed websites.

Technology Themed Template

Graphics Template

Last but not least is the technology-themed template, which is a great source for you looking to build a technology-related website. Futuristic and sophisticated styles are the common template used in this theme. However, colourful illustration can make a technology-themed website feels less rigid and more approachable instead. 

To create an effective website, you will need to use the right imagery or illustrations for your website design. Here are some of the graphics template you can implement on your technology-themed website.

  • Professional IT Service – Banner & Landing Page

This IT graphics template is versatile and easy to edit to suit your taste and needs. The illustrations emphasize the IT service theme, which makes this template suitable for your IT business. The cartoon style makes this template far from boring and rigid.

  • Elektrikal – Banner & Landing Page

Technology cannot be separated from electricity and energy. The serious and professional vibes are perfect for electricity-themed website design. Electrical comes with a unique colour palette that emphasizes professionalism and clean-cut vibes. With an illustration that represents the importance of energy and electricity, this template will be able to deliver your technology and energy-themed website.

  • IT Service – Banner & Landing Page

This graphics template is suitable for your technology-themed websites. It offers a similar feel and style to the Professional IT Service template above. Combined or used alone, this template can be a great jumpstart for your website design. Since this template is versatile and easily editable, you will not have difficulty editing or tweaking the template to suit your needs.

Everything in this template, from the text, illustrations, and even the logo, are easily editable. The fonts are also provided to easily install them and use them to edit the text and logo element in this graphics template

  • Web Design – Banner & Landing Page

Last but not least is the Web Design template that offers a clean and sleek design. The imagery that comes in this template perfectly represents the multi-layers of elements needed in designing a website. This illustration will easily convey the complex layers of the website design process to your visitors. 

You can also add, remove, or edit the elements provided in this template easily using Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw, making this template highly versatile. You can also edit the logo to suit your needs. The fonts used in this template are also provided to install them and tweak them as you like easily. 

Building a website design from scratch can be time-consuming and even downright hard if you don’t have a specific concept yet. However, you can always use graphics template available on various websites to jumpstart your design project or as a source of inspirations. Visit this website to get your desired templates now!

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