5 Ways to Integrate Social Media Elements into Your Website


August 24, 2021

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Social media has become an integral part of people’s lives, and it has become an instinct for them to click on that apps every time they feel bored. Since it has become a habit to go down the rabbit hole of such apps, people become very familiar with their interfaces. Therefore, it is also important to integrate these familiarities into a website design.

Having your business website work together with these social platforms will help you maximize your online presence. When done correctly, it can increase your business’ exposure and, in the long run, help you gain more loyal customers. In this article, we will show you how you can integrate social media elements into your website.

Social Media Elements

  • Integrate a social media feed to your website

Humans are visual creatures. Therefore, familiar and interesting pictures will be able to attract them more than just lines of text. Take advantage of this fact by incorporating an Instagram feed into your website design. You can use a widget to showcase your feed on your website.

Another trick is to put a line of photograph or video so that a section on your website gives a familiar look of an Instagram feed. This type of photos section will boost your website’s credibility and inform your users that you also have a social media platform. 

  • Add share buttons

The share button is important so that your website visitors can share or recommend your content to social media easily with one single click. Since people are now keen on sharing many things they feel related to, providing share buttons will help them share it and therefore help you gain more visitors. 

If you are integrating share options, make sure that it doesn’t require more than three clicks. The simpler the process, the more likely users will share it. You don’t want to lose the chance to share your content just because your sharing option takes too many procedures and clicks.

  • Don’t put too many share buttons

While having share buttons will help your content, littering your website with too many share buttons will harm you more than good. Put the share button on a page that contains compelling information that will be helpful for other people to know it. Adding a share button on your ‘About Us’ page, for example, will not be necessary. 

There are also many social media available today, but you don’t have to put every single one of them on your website page. You can pick some of the most popular ones, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit.

  • Add hashtags

Adding a hashtag is a good way to attain brand recall. Craft a unique hashtag and use it on all of your website and social media platform. This way, users will easily identify your brand and create a fun and trendy image for your brand as well. 

However, just like you shouldn’t put too many share buttons, make sure that you also don’t fill every header or text with a hashtag. Make sure you understand the purpose and the target market first before filling your website page with hashtags.

  • Integrate social logins

Last but not least is to integrate social logins with your website design. This part means enabling login into your website using their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google Accounts. 

There is a big possibility that your users have one of the most social accounts that are saved on their devices. Enabling this feature means they do not need to write their credentials again to log in to your website. They only need to use the same credentials they have for their social, which will increase the conversion rates in the long run.

Building a website is not only about creating the best design. You have to consider creating a smooth user experience to make your users get accustomed to your website faster. Integrating social media elements into your website design can also add value to your website design, as people today have become familiar with these social apps. 

These five tips will help you incorporate these elements seamlessly to clutter your website design and add more value instead. Then, if you need inspiration for a social media elements design, you can always visit this site.

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