7 Outstanding 3D Design Trend That Will Shape 2021


September 6, 2021

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The increased availability of tools that facilitate 3D rendering and effects is altering the way we work. Because of advancements in browser technology, designers may now include fascinating and realistic texture components in their work. All the benefits of 3D design are now more widely available.

3D approaches can be used to enlighten better, whether in an educational or commercial setting. A single three-dimensional image can transmit more visual information about a product or object in less time than a single two-dimensional image.

Wondering what the most-seek-out 3D design trends that will shape 2021 are? Learn more down below! 

3D Typography

3D Design

The introduction of 3D typographic effects has to be one of the nicest things ever happened to text. They’re a fantastic resource that all designers may use to make a word stand out on a page. 3D typography can bring anything to life, from skin to an orange. 

When it comes to producing 3D typography, textural and color trends can also be integrated to support the aesthetic. Textural and colorful phrases speak by themselves as the center point, while you can leave the rest of your site minimalistic so that it won’t look too much. 

Trendy custom fonts and even increasingly trendy gradients may be used to create attractive, functional, and eye-catching effects in 3D typography. It will be a continuing trend in 2021 and beyond.

Emoji Design

3D Design
Sumber : Graphic Mama

Emojis are a type of pictogram that has been popular in recent years, allowing designers to add emotion to statements, websites, and printed media. The site designer’s tone of voice or a little wink after a phrase becomes increasingly common, even becoming a major part of communication. 

Emojis foster engagement, particularly on social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. The same can be said for all your designs; the usage of Emojis elicits a reaction and a response, lightens the atmosphere and expresses the underlying emotions. A bright addition to the gloomy days of 2020!

Optical Illusion Design

3D Design

What do you do when your brain’s image does not function as you believe it should because of a trick of the eye? Turn away, ignore it, or stare at it for a while, trying to figure it out. We already know the answer. If you’re not convinced, take a peek at the highlighted designs below and see how much time you spend gazing at each one!

Voxel Art Design

3D Design
Sumber : Youtube

A voxel is a 3D cube that is the 2D equivalent of a pixel. It may be found in various video games, including Minecraft, and has an instantly identifiable look, similar to Lego bricks. It’s easy to understand why this look would skyrocket to the top of the fashion charts in 2021. We’ve spoken about 3D being a key factor, and we’ve projected the usage of shape components to create more intriguing creations; well, Voxel art is a mix of both. It is a very visual method with a bit of childlike simplicity and nostalgic charm while being immensely current.

You simply need to peek through this curated collection of amazing designs to get a sense of what is possible. It’s lively and entertaining, and it’s quite memorable.

Nature-themed Design

3D Design

Organic, softer, natural design patterns have gradually emerged on the periphery of the leading trends for the previous ten years or more. The notion of replicating nature, natural sunlight, gentler, earthy colors and tones, natural gradients in color schemes, flowing lines – oh yes, it is making a comeback.

It corresponds to the trends of minimalism, subdued color palettes, graphics, and color filters aimed to produce natural ambiances, textures incorporating wood, stone, etc.

And nature’s core traits apply to all designs, processes, and business industries. It is a boon for designers because this source of inspiration is a design trend that customers seek in 2021.

Glassmorphism 3D Design

3D Design
Sumber : Hype4

Glassmorphism has already generated a lot of noise towards the end of 2020 (particularly regarding several well-known financial applications), but I expect this trend to continue. You think it’s the same as neuromorphic, don’t you? No, that’s not hip anymore; this effect is based on background blur and gives items a “through the glass” look and feel.

Isometric Design

3D Design

One issue with the complex 3D design is that employing many might slow down a website. The public dislikes long loading times — we are fully aware of this. The isometric design was one of the greatest trends of 2018, and it’s still growing fast this year.

Isometric design is an excellent method to bring dimension to flat designs. It’s a method of conveying more information without generating 3D visuals and surroundings adequately. An isometric map, for example, is a great means of imparting a lot of orientation without slowing down a site too much. Here’s one example of isometric design.

You employ two design dimensions with Isometric, but the user sees three. There are three planes available for displaying statistics and information about a landscape or a product. For many designers and manufacturers, it’s the best of both worlds and a classy style when you don’t want to be flat.

Those are some of the best 3D graphic design trends that will become the showstopper in 2021. Have you found your favorites yet? 

Are you still confused? Check out our design and font inspirations instead.

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