11 Themed Vector Characters to Adorn Your Website


September 25, 2021

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Adding unique vector characters to your website designs is a way to make your product more interesting. Vector characters will make the websites more attractive and even help to emphasize various points in the content. However, you must make sure the characters are related to your website’s theme.


Benefits of Vector Characters

Vector Characters
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A vector character can be a part of hero image, defined as a prominent, (usually) large banner or header image. It sets the tone of the website and gives visitors expectations about what they will find when browsing. The image is also perfect for igniting curiosities, especially if your goal is to attract as many new visitors as possible.

The most straightforward benefit of a vector image is informing the readers. You can use themed images to emphasize or illustrate an explanation. Nowadays, you can download various vector images that have specific themes to match your website content.

Image is also an important part in modern design trend. Even informative, “serious” texts can get benefits from the right use of vector images. A long wall of text without image breaks will bore readers and even strain the eyes.


13 Vector Character Options

Vector Characters
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Need vector images to use right now? Consider these 13 downloadable themed graphics with vector images for your web design needs.

  • E-Commerce 

E-Commerce Vector Illustration provides dynamic, colorful images that correspond with modern e-commerce trends. It comes with editable vector files like EPS and AI. You can also edit the images using design tools like CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator.

  • Modern Mechanic

Advertise your automotive-themed websites with Modern Mechanic, a package of vector images related to mechanic works. The images emphasize the mechanics and their workplaces, perfect for promoting car-related services. The package comes with AI, PNG, and EPS files, and you can edit the images in this template using Adobe Illustrator.

  • Cycling

Cycling has increasing popularity, so why not using this image template to adorn your website? You can get modern vector files to modify with popular design tools. Cycling Vector Illustration is perfect for themes like health, fitness, and environment.

  • Work from Home

Work from home is an illustration template to reflect the reality of modern life. The images show people working at home using various devices. You can use them to adorn websites with various themes, from lifestyle to business and health. The editable vector files are easy to modify with popular design tools.

  • Music Art

Reflect the colorful world of music by using Music Art Vector Illustration. This template gives you modern, colorful, and fun music-related images. The files come in AI, PNG, and EPS formats, easy to modify for your need. A perfect template for website themes like entertainment, branding, and education.

  • Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder Vector Illustration was created to increase awareness. The files consist of thoughtfully designed images created to reflect the reality of this condition. You can use this template for websites with themes like psychology, psychiatry, and mental health awareness. 

  • Medic Crew

Medic Crew Vector Illustration answers the need for relevant images in today’s health trend. Modern and versatile, the files in this template are perfect for websites and apps such as health information, medical services, and other similar topics. The files come in AI, PNG, and EPS for easier edit with design tools.

  • Children Playing

Cheerful and colorful, Children Playing Vector Illustration is perfect for various website themes, such as kid’s health, parenting, kid’s psychology, education, and product or service branding. This template comes with not only editable EPS and AI files but also JPG.

  • Wedding Couple

Are you looking for cute, stylish, and modern illustrations of couples? Wedding Couple Vector Illustration is your choice. This template is perfect for websites that discuss anything related to love and marriage. You can also use it for branding purposes, such as promoting special products or services for an anniversary.

  •  World Literacy Day

Promote books and literacy by using the World Literacy Day vector template. These files will make any book lover happy, and you can easily adjust them with any final looks you aim in web design.

  •  Teamwork

Teamwork Vector Illustration reflects the importance of collaboration. The images are perfect to illustrate working together, which you can apply for any content topics, from office work and business to organization and education.

Vector images can make your website more interesting in simple ways. Download vector illustration templates now for easier design and make any website more attractive for new or repeat visitors.

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