Benefits in Using Vector Landscape (with Vector Examples)


September 26, 2021

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Vector character templates are common parts of web designs, but what about vector landscape? Using pre-drawn images is not an unusual option for modern designers. You can download pre-made templates and adjust or modify them based on the design goals.

Nowadays, vector landscape images are available widely as downloadable templates. If you never use them, consider these benefits and cool vector landscape options for your project.


Reasons to Use Vector Landscape Images

Vector Landscape
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Vector landscape images give different impressions than individual characters or symbols. A landscape image is perfect for hero image; a large header image with attractive and bold design. You can choose any landscape that fits the website’s theme, adorning the webpage and giving subtle clues to visitors about what they will find inside.

From the practical point of view, vector images are better because you can easily adjust or modify them. Even professional designers love them because they can save time in creating web designs. Instead of drawing from scratch, you can modify the vector files to match your final design goal.

Vector landscape image also serves as a focal point for a website, regardless of where you put it. Since vector image consists of lines and curves, you can get bold images with fine lines and clear details, a perfect focal point element. These images are great to give your website a strong, unique character.


9 Vector Landscape Images

Vector Landscape
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Here are several great options for vector landscape images you can use in design projects:

  • Happy See You

Happy See You is a vector template with a background landscape image. Colorful and joyful, it depicts children greeting each other happily, with bright, beautiful, simplified rural backgrounds. The AI and EPS files make the images easy to modify with popular design tools, like Illustrator and CorelDraw.

  • Let’s Go to the Next Adventure

Let’s Go to the Next Adventure conveys the excitement and joy of exploring a new path. Depicting children getting ready for outdoor adventures, this vector template has colorful forest sceneries with children exploring a path inside each of them—a perfect template for a family adventure or nature-themed websites.

  • We Love Beach Vacations

Make beach-related designs more cheerful by using We Love Beach Vacations. This vector landscape template showcases children playing on a sunny, bright beach with coconut trees, turquoise sky, and beautiful blue water—a perfect template for a holiday or summer-themed website.

  • We Found the Location

Want to make a friendly, casual website about adventures? Use We Found the Location vector template. This simple but adventurous landscape depicts girl scouts in a treasure hunt, surrounded by beautifully colored forest images. 

  • Jungle House

Jungle House is a beautiful vector illustration depicting a wooden house in a lush, green forest. The small but delightful details like small white flowers, moss, and forest wind “effect” make this vector landscape a beautiful image.

  • Beach House

Similar to Jungle House, Beach House features a cozy house in a beautiful vector landscape. The warm summer beach has beautiful and nice details, like a dock, tracks on the sand, and coconut tree leaves—a perfect image to give your website a warm, sunny air.

  • Winter Landscape

Winter Landscape offers joyful, whimsical images of the coldest season in a year. You get images of simplified landscapes with trees, snow, and cute creatures to make your design more cheerful. This image is perfect for a holiday or winter-themed website, with files that you can adjust and modify with design tools to get the best final looks.

  • Diving in Ocean

Diving in Ocean features colorful, whimsical underwater illustrations, with colorful fish and kids diving. There are also positive messages about saving the ocean, a perfect detail to adorn a website about environmental education. You can modify or adjust the image using Illustrator or CorelDraw, creating your version of the image.

  • Gardening is Fun

Bring joy to your web design using Gardening is Fun, a vector template with a fun, colorful, and whimsical summer garden. The pictures of kids planting flowers, surrounded by interesting details like rope bridge, trees, and flower planters, make this template cheerful. You can easily adjust the files and use them for various website themes, such as flower gardening, summer activities, and families.

Pre-made vector landscape images will make your designs more interesting and attractive. Download the vector landscape templates and use them to improve your web designs easily.

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